Tuesday, November 6, 2018

A Must See By Everyone: Final Parts To Al Jazeera Investigation - The Lobby US/Israel Parts 3 And 4!

Last week I presented the first two parts to an amazing and factual investigation conducted by the Al Jazeera network called "The Lobby US/Israel" that is absolutely a must see by everyone... The evidence presented is so damning to the Jewish freaks that control America, that they are indeed threatening to "yank" the videos to prevent the truth about their control out of the public eye..... So far, these bastards have not pulled those first two parts, and now the Electronic Intifada over at www.electronicintifada.net has the last two parts out...

I want to present those last two parts to this amazing series here for all of my own readers to view... The information is indeed shocking and should be seen by everyone.. I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Here is part 3:

Here is part 4:

NTS Notes:  Again, the Al Jazeera network has been labeled many times as "disinformation"... But this series is outstanding and absolutely factual.... I must therefore applaud their efforts in getting this report out and standing up to the intense scrutiny of the Jewish "elite" for presenting this material..

Again, if you do have the capacity to copy this report for posterity, please do so... I can again guarantee that the Jewish freaks will do everything possible to have it removed for the simple fact that they want to keep the Gentiles in the dark as to the extent of their control of America (and other countries as well>.)

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Adrian Chetwynd said...

NTS, I think you need to stand back and ask yourself why the (((MSM))) is permitting this to be made public.

And as for your Trump worshiping friend Jim Stone, take a look at his latest lie:

"While I was away from the site today I kept thinking . . . . .
It is very obvious the Jewish community is using Hitler as a cover for what they have planned for all of us. They totally plan to genocide us if they can get away with it. Consider this: Several leftist pundits, through wholly owned Jewish media outlets actually had the audacity over the last few days to say whites should be wiped out, and that especially white males should not be allowed to vote. Who else preached this same rhetoric fairly recently? HITLER. Who wants all the guns taken to make it possible? The Jews. Who is behaving like Hitler? The Jews. Who has a history of an enormous previous genocide, of the scale they probably want to pull in the U.S.? The Bolshevik Jews."

Hitler DID NOT ban gun ownership.

Adrian Chetwynd said...

NTS, I don't think that the real Jim Stone is posting such BS. I think that he was taken out about 3 years ago around the time that he said he was very Ill after someone bumped into him.