Sunday, October 7, 2018

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, October 7th, 2018

Sunday, and better late than never, here is my weekend rant...

As I stated earlier in a previous post, I have been extremely busy these last few days visiting my mother as well as taking care of one heck of a lot of personal business... I have also been busy with preparing for the next phase in my nearly never ending home renovations projects which will consume a lot of time between now and Christmas.... I therefore have been having fewer and fewer breaks and I have been entering new articles at this blog at a more sporadic pace....  I do hope that readers do understand and can bear with me for the next while....

OK, Enough of personal hardships.. I will say that it has been absolutely freaking cold up here in Central Canada this last week and yes we had a few days of snow that has left a few centimetres of the white stuff on the ground... I need not remind everyone that this is only the beginning of October and we usually do NOT get the white stuff until at least the end of this month.... The temperatures are continuing to stay well below normal with daytime highs at barely above 0 Celsius and well below zero overnight... And there is absolutely no improvement on the horizon as temperatures are expected to plunge over the next few weeks with even more snow on the way!   I will hand it to the nut cases and the swindlers behind the "Global Warming" fraud as they continue to promote the LIE that 218 has been the "coldest year on record" when the evidence, at least in these parts, is absolutely the opposite...

One piece of good news, as this Province's government has said "NO" to the criminal Justin Trudeau regime wanting to force their "carbon tax" fraud on  us..... However, the Premiere of this Province has stated that the reason for his refusal for the carbon tax grab is not due to it being a fraud, but simply because the Federal criminals in Ottawa are not supporting the Provincial Carbon Tax fraud plan at all!.... I have no desire of course to pay either of these swindles and fleecing, for I am not blind to the fact that  this Carbon Tax is nothing more than another "tax grab" where the revenues collected go into the Provincial/ Federal coffers to pay for their incessant wastes of money..... I had hoped that more and more Canadians had awoken at this point to the reality that this is a swindle, but apparently most are still as brain dead as ever..... The facts here show that this Carbon Tax fraud is coming and even though it has now been delayed here, it will be forced upon us and suckers such as myself will have to dole over at least another $1500 annually in this fraudulent effort to "save the planet" from ourselves....

And one other note about the criminal Trudeau government... Many are aware that Justin just signed the new "trade deal" with the US that is to replace the NAFTA that has been in place between the US, Mexico, and Canada for the last 25 years... And honestly, the new "deal" is no "deal" at all... It is to me a further surrendering of Canada's rights to the US as the terms call for a lot of Canada's production, especially in agricultural produces including dairy products, get opened up to American producers, while Canada gets NOTHING in return... The only thing that Canada has been able to keep has been the so called "clause" that supposedly allows this nation to 'grieve' any American move that may violate the "agreement"... But for the last 25 years, Canada has been unable to stop the Americans from openly violating the NAFTA agreements when the US sees fit, and the "grievance clause" has done nothing to prevent the US from getting everything that they have wanted,  especially in going way beyond the terms in that "agreement"... Therefore this new "agreement" will be the same thing where the US gets all of the rights and everything they want, while Canada gets the short end of the stick..... I had always assumed that a "deal" would be beneficial for all parties involved, but once again this "deal" sees the US getting everything that it desires, while both Canada and Mexico will be fucked!

I see that there is no change on the Idlib front in the war in Syria, as the parties involved continue to work on the "Idlib agreement" for the eventual demilitarization and ceasefire within the pocket itself... The Syrian government has apparently come on board with the terms of that agreement reached between Turkey and Russia, and President Assad has stated that the agreement is a "temporary" measure, as he and the Syrian people are clearly wanting to have Idlib and its people fully re-integrated back into the Syrian nation itself....  It will also be interesting to see what happens when the agreement's terms are met by the warring US backed rebels and "terrorists" in Idlib and whether or not they actually will stop fighting!

I have also seen reports about the US backed SDF forces launching new "offensives" in along the Euphrates River south of Deir Ez-zor to try to "wipe out" the last of the US backed and mercenary filled ISIS forces operating on the eastern bank of the Euphrates... This "offensive" is actually a load of BULLSHIT, for here we have US backed forces attacking US backed forces?  This is so staged and has all the makings of nothing more than yet another US propaganda stunt to sell to the gullible people around the world their excuses to stay in Syria claiming that they are there to "fight terrorism"....To me, I find the reports about this "offensive" to be offensive to anyone with common sense!

Then we have the fact that the Russians have now given the Syrians a major upgrade in their SA200 air defence systems by equipping them with the more "modern" S300 systems to fight criminal Israeli intrusions into Syrian air space... The S300 systems were actually developed back in the late  1980's and in spite of their age are fully a match to anything the Israelis can put into the air over Syria... The Israelis have now been "crying foul" to the entire world and have been screaming that they have every right to fly over Syria and launch their air attacks against Syrian targets!  To me, I find this insulting, for every nation on this planet has the right to defend their nations as well as their own airspace....

I also found it laughable that the psychos in Israel have had the nerve to claim that they will "counter" the Syrian S300 systems by using their US bought and paid for F35's to attack Syrian targets... I thought this was a sick joke, for the facts that I have presented here at this blog clearly show that the F35 is a flying piece of shit and absolutely NOT this "stealth" aircraft that it is claiming to be... I do actually hope that the sickos in Israel do go ahead with this F35 "threat" and have the whole world watch as the Syrian S300 systems start blasting these flying hunks of junk out of their skies..... The sad part here is that the Israelis are now demanding that the US give them all the F35's that they want, at the cost of some 250+ million per copy, and have the US taxpayers foot the bill for all of this fiasco.

And speaking of the psychos in Israel... There has been little fan fare coming out of the Jew spew media about the recent "agreement" made by the criminal US Jew dick suckers that make up the US Congress as they fork over some $38 BILLION to Israel over the next 10 years... The real appalling part of this new "agreement" is how the US has now GUARANTEED delivery of that money and is now tied by "law" to hand over that money over the next 10 years, and does not have the ability to rescind from this ' agreement' at all!  What this means is that no matter how criminal and how diabolical the psychotic state of Israel behaves for the next 10 years, they will get their money from the sucker taxpayers in the US no matter what!..... I keep on thinking of how that money would be better spent on the poor, and especially those living on the streets in the once great cities in America, rather than have their own government just hand it over to the murderers and psychos that occupy that state of Israel....  I hope this shows the American people just how much their own government does not give a crap about their own nation, but instead bows down to their Jewish masters..

And meanwhile, while the American Jew spew media has been firmly focused on the Kavanaugh circus and avoiding any real news elsewhere, the psychotic state of Israel continues to slaughter Palestinian protestors, including a few dozen more this last week as the Palestinians continue their peaceful protests in Gaza along the 'separation' fences between Gaza and Israel itself... The psychos in Israel continue to claim that these protestors are "violent" and are "armed", while my own research has shown that these Palestinians are NOT violent at all, and are absolutely without any types of weapons... The Israelis have been shooting indiscriminately into the throngs of protestors and not giving a damn about who they shoot and kill.... This again shows how truly psychotic these monsters are, as they look upon the Palestinians as nothing more than "subhuman animals" that should be either forcibly removed from Palestine and put into permanent exile, or be slaughtered to the last person.... And the US government supports this insanity and mass murder of innocent people??

I will give my two cents worth here concerning the Brett Kavanaugh circus that has finally come to a close in America... That fiasco has indeed shown how much the nation is being torn apart now by the so called "liberals" that do not give a crap about the American nation at all, and only care about their selfishness and their want to scream that they have their "rights" while not giving a damn about how their stupidity has been tearing the nation apart...... I found it especially appalling as to how these same liberal nut cases came forward with all of those skanks who claimed that "Kavanaugh assaulted them" and in each case were all proven to be bona fide liars... The real sad part is how very few of these liars and skanks have now been charged with lying their assess off, while most have received a decent amount of money for their bullshit accusations as well....  But at least they were unsuccessful in preventing Kavanaugh from getting into the US Supreme Court....

And I will state it again that I look at Brett Kavanaugh as a real scumbag and a criminal that absolutely should NOT be on the US Supreme Court, especially for his part in helping the Clinton Crime family get away with the murder of Vincent Foster back in the early 1990s... THAT murder and the subsequent shielding of both Hillary and Bill Clinton from any 'wrong doing' should have been brought forward at these hearings for Kavanaugh to attain his Supreme Court seat, rather than these lying skanks trying to nail him for "sexual deviance"...... This does make me wonder if all of these accusations made by those lying skanks was part of the game to make sure that Kavanaugh's part in the Foster murder was never brought to the table and was kept away from the American public to make sure that he did make it to the Supreme Court!

As I said in my last rant, I am really sick and tired of the constant propaganda that is coming out fast and furious about the newest piece of Jew controlled "Hollywood", called "First Man"... This piece of pure propaganda bullshit and fiction is about to hit the "theatres" this coming Friday, October 12th, and I see that the liars in Jew-lywood are claiming this "film" to be one of the "best" this year.... I have even seen the propagandists come out and say this piece of bullshit lies will be up for next year's Jew run "Academy Awards"...... And lets face it, for what we are seeing is the liars in the US Government once again try to promote the bullshit Apollo Moon Landings through film for this being the 50th "anniversary" of the lies of Apollo 11 "landing" on the moon.... This newest film supposedly gives a good look at the life of Neil Armstrong, and tries to portray that liar in a positive light... I would also assume that the film will cover up the fact that right after Neil supposedly "landed" on the moon, he quit NASA and basically became an alcoholic recluse who refused to go on any speaking tours... Now if the man was truly the "first man" on the moon, then you would assume that he would be glad to go out in the public eye to present himself as the greatest man alive.. .But it should be so obvious that by his turning away from NASA, he had a lot to be ashamed of and carried the burden of the lies he did in regards to Project Apollo right to his grave......  I therefore have no need to watch this latest bit of filth and disgusting lies promoted by Jew-lywood, and Hope that others will do the same...  We can only hope that with more people finally awakening to the truth about the fraudulent Apollo Missions, that in this 50th year of propagating that lie, the US Government and NASA will have to come clean and admit that they never  put men on the moon...

And one last thing.. I am sick and tired of the flat earth retards that still are ridiculously trying to get their "comments" posted at this blog in a vain attempt to use my site as one of their platforms for their own ignorance.... If you idiots want to live in your wacky world of flattardia, that is your choice.. I am not an idiot, and being a man of science and physics knows perfectly well that this world is not some flat pancake of stupidity, but is absolutely an oblate spheroid meaning A GLOBE... You idiots in flat earth fantasy land can take your comments and stupidity elsewhere... I have no time for such nonsense and every single one of your comments are now permanently banned from this site....

Well... I guess that is enough for the moment... I am indeed working diligently right now in having Thanksgiving dinner prepared, and will spend today and tomorrow with family for this holiday... Meanwhile, here comes my usual last minute tidbits to close this rant...... Is it just me?  Or is the US government and military actually considering a major world war with both China as well as Russia right now?  Yes, the lunatics in the bowels of the Pentagon appear to have lost their minds, for the US is NOT capable of fighting either of these two nations and in a war against either or both, they will definitely lose........And what the fuck is the US trying to do in trying to put forces into Russia's doorstep aka Ukraine?  There has also been talk about having Ukraine join NATO as well!  It does appear that the Pentagon is indeed contemplating war with Russia and use Ukraine as the bait and a first strike platform to try to attack Russia.  Lunacy definitely abounds these days in Washington DC, apparently!.........The war in Yemen continues, as the criminal Saudis are still fighting the Houthis and attempting once again to cut off all humanitarian aid to the starving Yemen civilians.  And more reports are now coming out showing that thousands of civilians are now dying at a weekly basis due to famine. Sadly, this war will not end until the American public does do the right thing and force their own government to stop aiding the Saudis in this genocide.......The atrocities and genocide committed by the South African regime against White South Africans has not ended, and the SA Government is still wanting to see every single white fleeing from that nation.  I have said that if the black majority government there is successful, they will bring about their own doom as they cannot run that nation themselves and we will see South Africa become a humanitarian crisis as bad as what happened in neighbouring Zimbabwe!..... And I saw reports about how South Africa's neighbour, Namibia, is also considering a law to seize white owned land in that nation as well to have it handed over to the black majority.  You would have thought that Namibia's government would have taken a look at how such an action has been disastrous in both South Africa and Zimbabwe and not have taken such a measure, but obviously Namibia is about to become as big a sewer as both South Africa and Zimbabwe have turned into when those nations forced the whites to leave........So let me get this straight; Evidence is now showing that Dr Evil aka George Soros has been behind ALL of the Kavanaugh circus by both funding the skanks who came forward with their fraud allegations as well as paying for the protestors at the hearings?  This does not surprise me one bit, for that raving lunatic is definitely wanting to see the American republic destroyed.  And again, why in the hell is that mad man not in jail for his crimes against humanity?...........I saw more reports this last week concerning false allegations about Iran.  Yes, the American Jew spew media is beginning to ramp up all of the "Iran is a threat" bullshit as they once again try to get the gullible American people to support a war against Iran that the US cannot even afford to fight!.........Flu season ramping up here in central Canada, and once again the pharmacies and supermarkets are offering gullible people freebies in return to allowing them to become pin cushions for vaccine poisons.  But some reports I saw show that more and more Canadians are now being "resistant" to wanting to take vaccines, and I want to applaud those individuals for taking that stand.  Vaccines do not work, period, end of story........Saw an alarming report that states that more and more young Americans are fat, overweight, or addicted to alcohol and drugs.  This is due to the so called "food they consume, as well as the incessant bullshit propaganda that many are ingesting turning their brains to mush these days.  And can be blamed as well as the poor economic shape of the American nation thanks to the never ending debt crisis fomented by the Jewish power elite....... Some alarming reports from right here in Canada about crimes now being committed by those illegal migrant workers still flooding into this once free nation.  I again will say that the solution is to shut the borders and send these sewer rats back to the hell holes they came from and immediately!.......Arsenal won a big game this morning against Fulham and is now in fourth place in the table above Tottenham Hotspur due to goal differential.  Good news for the Gunners indeed, but again the real test for how well the team has gelled will be when they face top ranked teams such as Liverpool and Manchester City in the near future....... And finally, in the circus world of Kardashian insanity, apparently main skank Kim is still out there flaunting her surgically enhanced body with even more racy pictures last week of her in a string bikini.  Yes, this 37 year old skank and trollop is out there being a media hound as usual, and the American public is gobbling this up in a frenzy.  But such is the madness in America these days, when Americans focus in on these whores and misfits, rather than on the bad shape of their nation and its economy.   And again, this shows why I state that America is indeed a failed state.

More to come



Unknown said...

I am not into the "global warming" camp. I think that it is a fraud.
However, the weather is REALLY off key here in SC. It is now going
into the 2nd week of October and the temps have been ranging into the
low 90s and upper 80s. I hate hot weather. I long for the cool. I
actually function better in cool weather. You Canadians are actually
blessed for having cool weather and not have to live here in the damn
tropics like I have to do. If Canada had Free Speech, I would actually
consider moving there. So, I cannot help but wonder where Fall is in
SC. It is not here yet, and I am getting damned impatient.

BuelahMan said...

This does make me wonder if all of these accusations made by those lying skanks was part of the game to make sure that Kavanaugh's part in the Foster murder was never brought to the table and was kept away from the American public to make sure that he did make it to the Supreme Court!

Well, duh. That is what I have been screaming about.