Friday, October 26, 2018

Important Space News Discovery: Volcanic Eruption On Mars!

Being a man of science and knowing that NASA and other so called "space agencies" have been lying their asses off for decades about our amazing "exploits" in outer space, I am always interested when something new comes along that defies conventional "logic" and "scientific facts" that have been promoted for decades and fills out so called "science books".... One is of course the incessant lies about mankind "landing on the moon"... But my interests at this blog have gone way beyond the faked Apollo Moon landings, and for years I have been tackling all of the lies associated with the so called "probes" that NASA continues to lie about that are NOT on the surface of our nearby planet, Mars.....

OK, For decades we have been told through our science journals and other books of "science" that Mars is geologically a "dead planet" with NO possibility that it has a "molten core"... Or that if it did have a molten core once, that core basically "blew its guts out" through the shield volcanoes located on Mars' northern hemisphere (Olympus Mons is a good example of this..) and those last eruptions happened MILLIONS of years ago.. This has been sold to us as "fact" for the last few hundred years at least through "science".... This has also been the long time explanation for Mars' extremely thin atmosphere, as science journals have speculated that since there has been NO volcanic activity on the "red planet" to replenish Mars' atmosphere, the atmosphere would eventually become ultra thin as it blows itself out into space.... And we have again been led to believe this is all fact.....

But something truly amazing has occurred on the "red planet" and it all started with observations made by the Martian Observation probes that are still circling that planet today..... For starting on September 8th of this year, a most outstanding observation has been made... A supposedly "long dead" volcano located in Mars' southern hemisphere, called "Arias Mons" has been spewing out a long plume of "ash" or possibly "water vapour" that has been detected by these probes, and is still spewing out that plume as of today!

First, I want to present the following link to an article from Russia Today, that was one of the first news organizations here on Earth to show this amazing spectacle taking place on the red planet.... Here is the link to that article here:

Very interesting find by Russia Today indeed... And as noted, some of the fringe parts of our society have indeed caught onto this event and are trying to put their UFO and other crazy ideas into the mix...

OK, I also got sent recently the following video about this event on Mars by a fellow colleague and I want to present that Youtube video here for everyone to observe and judge for themselves:

Next, I want to present the following interesting report about this eruption on Mars that comes from Jim Stone from his website at Here is Jim's take on this:

Time to report this: There have been volcanic explosions on Mars and it is not an internet hoax

I was skeptical, but then RT covered this. Here is the story, and it happens to be true:

An absolutely massive volcanic eruption took place on Mars earlier this month at about the same time Hubble and Chandler "had trouble". The plume from the volcano is from south to north, and was clearly visible in telescopes, spanning at least half the North/south distance Mars has. The dust plume proved an enormous eruption occurred that was bigger than Mount St Helens.
Mars is supposed to be geologically dead and no longer volcanic according to astronomers. This eruption proves that Mars is not a dead planet, and that Mars can support life. This also supports the theory that mars had a decent atmosphere until recently that was somehow blown away, because any active volcanic activity will replenish lost atmosphere (which is predominantly lost to solar wind) - even the earth would eventually over millions of years lose it's atmosphere if there were no volcanic eruptions.

I was skeptical of this report at first, so I did not mention it or link it because there is so much fake news out there, and this should have made absolutely enormous press. THERE IS A COVER UP. QUESTION: WHY?? Why would the MSM not want people to know this? The RT report is here.

NTS Notes: OK, I will cut the bullshit here.. NASA is purposely keeping quiet about this amazing event on Mars, simply because they would have a lot of explaining to do about their years of selling us the bullshit that Mars is a 'dead world' and that active volcanoes on the surface of the red planet were "impossible".

I have for years been stating that EVERYTHING that we have been sold about Mars is nothing but utter bullshit.. And I have proven my point by tearing apart NASA's continuing lies about their "probes" that they continue to say are on the red planet when all evidence,when anyone actually looks at the facts and the scientific impossibility of how they "landed" on Mars, shows that these probes are a fantasy.. Many of the probes are right here on Earth and we have been sold nothing but lies about their running around on the red planet!

Yes, NASA has a LOT of explaining to do... It is again no wonder there has been a massive media blackout about this amazing event on the surface of Mars....

I have been asked exactly what is in that "plume"... The common synopsis is that it is an "ash" plume of molten material from Mars' interior.. .But it could also be a substrata explosion of water that has been collecting below the Martian surface heating up and now being spewed into the "thin" (if it is thin at all) Martian Atmosphere..Not bad for a world that has been said in all of our "science" journals to be geologically "dead".

One final note.. .I again do not want to see the flat earth rejects come up with their stupidity in this... They can keep their retarded stupidity for it has no place at this blog, ever!

More to come


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