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Fear Propaganda At Its Worse: FAKE NEWS - Have 80000 Americans Really Died From The Flu? Or Is This A Big Pharma Con To Push Their "Flu Vaccine"

I took yesterday, Canadian Thanksgiving, to visit my mother and to have a day of rest and relaxation.. I am indeed being pushed to the limit and I do need some time off from time to time for some R and R... Thanks everyone for their patience...

I was out and about over the last few days in gathering up some last minute food items for my Thanksgiving dinner, and I could not help but to notice at the local supermarket some huge signs asking customers to "Not to wait and to get their flu vaccine now!" and of course many of them offering "Free flu shot clinics, sign up today" as well....  I found these to be most disgusting, and apparently the criminals out there promoting these phoney and very poisonous 'flu vaccines' are indeed at it again this year and I can guarantee they will get their usual gullible and stupid people to fall for their lies!

I have read many reports over these last few years claiming that "thousands" of Canadians have died annually from "the flu" and I have yet over these years to actually hear about these supposed victims, or to find any articles in the Jew spew media about their deaths and their obituaries.... That is bad enough, but I have also read some amazing reports coming from the United States about "tens  of thousands" of people that supposedly have also "died" from the Flu on an annual basis... And once again, I have been puzzled by these numbers and knowing what I know about the "flu", its "victims" and of course the "vaccines" used by Big Pharma to "prevent" the flu, I have had no doubts that the criminals behind the vaccines are once again lying their asses off and distorting these number of "deaths"...

Well, it does appear that my suspicions are indeed correct, for according to the following article that comes from the Government Slaves website, at www.govtslaves.info, new findings are indeed showing that the number of deaths due to the "flu" in the US alone are absolutely being distorted and are being promoted by the criminals behind Big Pharma to push their poisonous flu vaccines!   Here is that article in its entirety for everyone to see for themselves about this real "fake news" of massive deaths due to the "flu", and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

FAKE NEWS: Have 80,000 Americans really died from the flu – Or is this a Big Pharma con to push the ‘flu vaccine’?

The New York Times is reporting that 80,000 Americans died of the flu last winter and that it’s the highest death toll yet. Scary articles like these are thinly veiled attempts to push Americans into the vaccine regime (get your flu shots or you’re going to die!) out of fear, panic, and hysteria. Maybe it is the highest death toll yet, however, there is more than meets the eye.
The Big Pharma-media-government conglomerate has a lot staked in keeping you unwell, scared and dependent. Frightened, self-doubting, and unhealthy people are much easier to control.
But first, it’s not just about money…
A lot of people point to the billions that Big Pharma rakes in annually as a reason for why they push their drugs and don’t care about injuries and death that could result from them: vaccines, opioids, antidepressants, etc.
Sure, but money is just a tool for a bigger goal.
This desire for omnipotence is what drives the vaccine marketing campaigns. Why else would there be cohesive actions among giant multinational corporations, the government, and the media? Did you know that most University medical research is brought to you by pharmaceutical companies? Think of how much power an entity wields over the masses if it can control the flow of information and its perception.
What other companies enjoy tax-funded compensation courts just for the injuries caused by their product instead of allowing injury victims to sue the manufacturers themselves?
If you are injured or die from vaccination, you cannot sue the vaccine makers or the medical practice you rely on. Once it’s done, all responsibility thereafter is dumped on the person who allowed themselves to get the vaccine. This is one of the few examples where consumers have few rights and the sellers have too much leverage over the individual. Many employees don’t even have basic rights over the bodies while they are at work anymore…
The media steamrolls the public with questionable death toll numbers of people who succumbed to the flu. Sadly, they downplay the numbers of vaccine injuries such as the 4250% increase in fetal deaths that occurred after flu vaccines were deemed “safe” for pregnant women…
Big Pharma Propaganda Tactics
Fear: Pumped up death toll statistics and horror stories. (See below.)
Lies and astroturfing:
Think those viral Facebook posts are organic? Is that a real Facebook comment or a paid troll? Check out this short talk by journalist Sharyl Attkisson about Big Pharma’s astroturfing to trick consumers.
Attempting to make everyone feel responsible for everyone else’s health (“herd immunity”) when in actuality, the myth of vaccine effectiveness has created a lack of self-responsibility in society. And herd immunity is a misfire because it was based on a different premise than what’s presented, not vaccination. Although Big Pharma makes people feel they’ve “done their part” for society when they vaccinate, they’ve actually outsourced their own and everyone else’s health without fully comprehending the dire consequences to health.
Calling Flu a Season Like It’s a Foregone Conclusion – Last time I checked, we only have four seasons. Flu and flu-like illnesses can happen at any time. The flu is not a season…
Get Your Flu Shot – My flu shot? No, that’s your flu shot, Big Pharma. It doesn’t belong to me and I’m not buying it.
Emotional Warfare:
Vaccine-pushing trolls use horror stories and graphic imagery to sway “undeciders” to go ahead and vaccinate.
It’s been admitted before that medical workers are prompted to emotionally push parents into vaccinating their children in order to “train” them into coming back for “wellness” visits and that the vaccines in the first year of life are meaningless to the underdeveloped immune system.
Earlier this year, the CDC chief said, “85% of children who died from the flu this season were unvaccinated.” But that doesn’t mean never vaccinated, it could mean they didn’t receive “this year’s vaccine.”
Then there are the “authority figures.”
People vaccinate to get a job because it’s “the rule.” Or they vaccinate their children because they tell themselves they “have to.” They don’t connect the dots between the earaches, seizures, constant sicknesses, food allergies, and learning disabilities that weld them to their pediatrician’s office for the next 18 years.
The truth is – most humans are afraid of authority and confrontation and it’s easier to acquiesce when someone who acts like an authority comes down on you with forceful tactics. But the more you say “No” the easier it gets. Office managers, school officials, pediatricians – none of them should be able to control what you do with your body.
For live virus injectable vaccines (typically other vaccines besides the flu vaccine), newer technology “allows live virus vaccines to be introduced as a vector or ‘trojan horse.’ In this type of vaccine, the live virus introduces a piece of DNA into the body…” You cannot unvaccinate. How can you truly remove foreign DNA?
This vaccine modality is alarming when you consider that Epstein Barr virus and other herpes viruses are DNA viruses – why would you want a weakened live virus vaccine to work the same way? Is that real immunity or is that having the disease itself? My speculation seems too weird of a coincidence for my comfort.
And although the media likes to say that it’s a myth that you can’t catch the flu from the vaccine, I’ve seen many a coworker call in sick with flu-like symptoms after getting a flu vaccine even though the injection type of flu vaccines are not the live virus kind. FluMist, however, is a live virus vaccine administered nasally. At the very least your body is fighting off the toxicants from the ingredients and that can make someone sick.
Do tens of thousands of Americans actually die from the flu each year?
Tens of thousands of people are said to die each year from the flu. But are those claims really true?
In this article called The Influenza Deception, the writer points out:
Furthermore, the percentage of people who actually end up having had the flu actually test at a much smaller percentage than those who are prematurely diagnosed with the flu. The average percentage rate of the actual flu virus infection during the 15 years between 1997 and 2012 is 15.05%*.
Keep in mind that many of the deaths attributed to flu are from pneumonia. In this chart from the National Vaccine Information Center, it shows these pneumonia deaths that were lumped in with flu deaths over the last 40 years. Keep in mind that the influenza deaths in the chart may actually be from flu-like illnesses.
Guess how many people were really proven to have died from the actual flu in recent memory?
Did you know that only 216 people have died as a result of the confirmed flu in the 13 years between 1997 and 2010?
Here is a list of those who died as a result of confirmed influenza:
*Note from source article:
These numbers were a result of the calculations of the figures provided by the CDC and two sets of numbers as calculated by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. These numbers, although accurate, should be taken as an approximation. The actual numbers may be slightly higher or lower by a measure of hundredths or tenths of decimal points. These numbers, however, can be confidently used as a representation of the number of flu infections during these years.”
That’s not exactly warranting of pandemic type reports from the media, is it? While I haven’t looked at recent reports, I don’t believe that there has been a sudden jump from 16 flu deaths to 80,000 deaths.
Whether it’s a vaccine ingredient list or a CDC report – always read the fine print, my friends.
What are your thoughts on the numbers?
Do you believe that 80,000 people died of the flu last year? Or is it just propaganda to increase the numbers of people who get the flu vaccine? And do you get the injection? Have you been pressured by schools or workplaces or doctors?

NTS Notes: I have absolutely no doubts at all that these findings are correct.. For I have shown for the last decade alone at this blog how these monsters have indeed been using "fear porn" and pure bullshit propaganda to try to scare everyone into lining up like dumb ass sheep to allow Big Pharma to inject their poisons into their bodies....

Lets face the truth here... Big Pharma really does not give a crap about preventing the "flu".. They are in the business of making money and to use this "flu fear" to get everyone to have their tainted and dangerous (and expensive) vaccines injected into their bodies.... The more suckers they get to line up for these "shots" the more profit they make...

And of course we may not have too many people at all dying from the "ravages" of the "flu"... But a lot more people are either crippled or have died from the results of these "vaccines".....

I once again hope that this is a wake up call for readers to not be fooled by all the propaganda going around about this being a 'dangerous' flu season... They should not fall victim by allowing themselves to have the far more dangerous "vaccines" injected into their bodies, and instead should be upping their Vitamin C and Vitamin D daily doses to combat the flu more naturally....

I will continue my reports on this and other health issues.. It will be interesting to see what kind of propaganda comes next from "Big Pharma" to scare everyone into taking their "flu shots"...Stay tuned, for it indeed will be interesting to see...

More to come


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Anonymous said...

I had an allergic reaction to a flu shot years ago (it was the flu/swine flu combo vaccine). It was a nightmare and I am still dealing with the problems of it even now. I had lots of swelling not only at the injection site, but all the way up my shoulder and neck. When I went to the doctor because the swelling persisted, my doctor didn't believe me that it was related to the flu shot. In fact, they thought I had cancer because my lymph node above the collar bone was so swollen. After lots of tests and meeting with a surgeon for a biopsy, eventually, it was concluded that it was just an allergic reaction to the flu shot. I no longer get flu shots for that reason. Ironically, I have not had the flu since I stopped getting flu shots. Of course, some of that may be because I avoid public areas during "flu season" -- but I have school-aged kids who bring home plenty of other viruses that I do get from time to time, but no flu.

Unfortunately, I think that the flu shot messed up my immune system. I have not run a fever since that shot. That was in 2009. No matter how sick I feel, I do not run a fever. Ever. I also developed an allergy to alcohol. Of course, I've been told that I can't be allergic to it -- but I am. Drinking alcohol causes severe stomach pain and causes my skin to flush to the point that it looks and feels like I have a severe sunburn. If I use it topically (like in cosmetics), it causes a reaction like a chemical burn. Could be coincidence that I developed this immediately after the flu shot, but I don't think it is. I also now have chronic fatigue. I suspect that one shot has pretty much ruined my health. Doctors don't believe it. They run tests, everything looks "normal" and they tell me I am depressed and give me a prescription for an anti-depressant (which does not help, I've tried plenty of them). I'm not depressed. I'm physically sick and I blame that flu shot for causing it. If I had to get a flu shot for my job, I would quit my job because I think
another flu shot might actually kill me.