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The Next Death You Ignore Just Might Be Your Own!

I just spent the morning today with some associates that I have not seen for quite sometime... We all gathered together at the local "Tim Horton's" restaurant here in central Canada, and many of them were actually glad to see me... I spent the first 15-20 minutes filling them in on what I have been doing for the last 6 months (yes, time does fly by very quickly these days..) and of course talking to them about the renovation projects that I have been doing for the last two months....

But of course during our discussion, the topics did switch over to "current events" and many were talking about what they had watched on the Talmudvision full of lies coming out from the Canadian Jew spew media.... I was so shocked to listen to so many of them just harp what they heard,  and how so many of them have fallen for the lies..... I decided that rather than interject and bother to give them the bitter truths, to just simply sit there and "bite my tongue"... Believe me, it got to the point that I was biting my tongue so hard I almost caused my tongue to bleed.... Once again I could only sit there and ponder about how badly these people have been brainwashed by the incessant lies and how so many once again have lost their critical thinking skills and are unable to think for themselves and rationalize what is really happening in our sick world..

After leaving the restaurant this morning, I felt so spent and all I could do was shake my head in disbelief... Honestly are people truly this far gone?  I decided that when I got back to reality, I would get behind my computer and take a good look at the real facts and to possibly put up a new article or two...

Thank goodness there are indeed others out there that see the reality of our present world situation, and right now I do want to share an amazing article that was just released by none other than John Kaminski, from his website at It is entitled: "The Next Death You Ignore Just Might Be Your Own" and is a must read by everyone... I have it right here for all of my readers to ponder, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

The next death you ignore 
just might be your own 

The most dangerous person on the planet is one whose mind is made up, blocking his ability to perceive the misinformation that pollutes his own education. 

By John Kaminski

When you defend the reputation of the United States, what is it exactly that you are defending? Perhaps it’s America’s willingness to kill people at the behest of Israel that you like so much? Or maybe you admire the way U.S. cops are fond of shooting people’s pets or robbing them on the interstate when they’re traveling a long way with their life’s savings?

From 9/11 to Sandy Hook to Las Vegas, you can now see our government creating crimes to keep its beloved law enforcement apparatus in business. When 88 doctors with cures for cancer are mysteriously murdered and no investigations are undertaken, you’ll know what our government has planned for us.

Increasingly we are beginning to see that our government is the source of our misery rather than the spearhead of our protection that we expect it to be, that we were promised it would be. Now we observe a watering down of the U.S. population by unassimilable Third World escapees to further destabilize what was once, at least internally, a peaceful country. As Somalis murder Americans in U.S. parks, this perverse process is accelerating our slide into a locked down police state.

There is one threat greater than all the others yet it is never talked about. It is a case of the people committing the crimes pretending to be solving them.

The real danger is America’s propensity for making war, and justifying these attacks with heroic but false rhetoric, glib fabrications to steal from the enemy some precious commodity or process. History testifies that for this kind of dishonesty there is no forgiveness, only retribution.

More powerful than any country

It is an entity more powerful than any country.

Whose dictates are more powerful than any court ruling.

Americans are guilty of not knowing what their country is doing. They don’t even know who’s running their own country.

No way that the official stories of any of these world-shaking events are remotely close to being true. They didn’t even attempt to explain what really happened in Las Vegas.

The horrors we hide and the excuses we use mask the killer within.

He’s not someone else. You know him. He’s the one who turns away. He’s the one who, when faced with the question whose answer could save the world, turned away. It’s not my problem, he muttered. Why was it you were living? we asked.

The Deep State is comprised of half dead politicians who have made their evil millions by voting for anything that increases the power of the media military complex, for where there is strife there is profit, and since we’re overpopulated, vaporizing a few million serfs here and there doesn’t really factor in their long run.

Our children are sent overseas in the constant wars so the U.S. is not overrun by disenfranchised young males who if left to their own devices are bound to cause trouble, perhaps even revolution.  

Stronger than any country, more ruthless than any mafia, no court decision anywhere may be decreed without their approval.

How many more deaths must you ignore before you decide to act. After all, the next death you ignore just might be your own. 

We pretend not to see

It is the goal of the predators, I have insisted on numerous occasions, to keep all other countries in a state of disarray, because people are less likely to revolt against a corrupt status quo when all their attention is focused on staying alive or feeding their own families. America has been run this way for the past century, but now you see this with visceral clarity amid the rubble of Israel’s bombed-out neighbors. You also see it all across Europe overrun with hungry Africans, and now increasing every day the obnoxious decay of abandoned buildings and government sponsored terror incidents in the USA.

The most dangerous person on the planet is one whose mind is made up, blocking his ability to perceive the misinformation that pollutes his education. His false world view sabotages his entire life’s work because he is held hostage to the dictates of an artificial political system whose noble lies mask the ugly deeds of a worldwide crime syndicate. He is either a part of that criminal enterprise or the victim of it. Prisoners and guards, preying upon each other — that’s what the world has come to.

For some years I’ve been saying, only half in jest, that the U.S. President and the Russian leader both work for the same boss, and that all the bloody histrionics that take place in the world every day are just a passion play to convince long suffering residents of all countries that there really are two superpowers so trillions of dollars must be spent on weapons rather than feeding the poor, of which I’m told two billion people are on the verge of starvation every single day.

Either way both Putin and Trump are intimates of the Lubavitchers, both are indestructibly wired to Israel, and that relationship is writing our sorry future.

Trump’s recent visit to Finland to speak with Putin elicited a bizarre and unanimous response from the main cheerleaders for the Deep State, all of whom are terrified that their slices of their payoffs from defense industries might shrivel up.

All the politicians and TV shills blasting President Trump for trying to be friendly to Russia have one thing in common, and that is their unabashed enthusiasm forand lavish support from military contractors — hence their incessant promotion of constant war.

Those corpses we don’t notice

Realize that and then the bombshell hits you — this is the way America has always operated! America survives and prospers because it profits from the constant wars it creates. 

The major component of our economy is the production and sale of the weapons of war. Jewish bankers created the Federal Reserve to fund World War I. Their guns have been blazing ever since. The United States of America seems to be unable to operate without making war on someone.

Here dwells the unspoken shame we all share as we watch our beloved soldiers swagger around the world acting like a hit squad for Israeli billionaires with no moral qualms about what they’re doing, just following orders, the orders of psychopaths not interested in the welfare of any single human being, but only in the retrograde social order they are paid handsomely to promote. 

Realizing this reveals the great secret shame every American should feel but doesn’t, and that is looking the other way from the false reasons to go to war in exchange for the placid and secure lifestyle that has been the hallmark of existence in the United States for most of the last half of the 20th century.

It doesn’t matter how many people we have to kill. We willingly ignore the reasons we go to war in exchange for the right to drink beer and watch TV and not have to think about the crimes our government commits to make us comfortable. It’s just the kind of people we are . . .

Media lure us to our doom

It’s the Jewish media that keep us in this dumbed down place, arguing about Russian meddling when we should be freaking out about Jewish control of every aspect of our lives. Just think for a moment about the degradation of American society since Jews took control of it, first with the legislations of 1913 (income tax, Federal Reserve etc.) and then by creating the World Wars which gave them absolute control of the world financial situation, and with that, total control of the way people think.

Think about how our children used to be safe from sex predators and now they’re exposed to these perverts in first grade thanks to Jewish control of the schools.

The power to define reality misused has given everyone an inaccurate view of the world. One group controls everything, and it can put you in jail for trying to tell the truth.

You think we’ve made progress? Mad Dog Mattis, the general who fried Fallujah in white phosphorus, is President Trump’s top military adviser! The president’s own family is immersed in the Chabad Lubavitcher philosophy that aims to kill or enslave all the non Jews of the world.

This ritual of putting people in jail for challenging Jewish lies about the Holocaust is but the first step in the tightening of allowable perceptions that Jewish rule will mercilessly impose upon the world.

How can you pledge allegiance to a country that goes around the world murdering designated enemies for fun and profit? These aren’t criminals we’re killing; they aren’t even really enemies. They’re just people in the wrong place at the wrong time, standing in the way of that archetypal evil known as progress.

We have a predator that is plundering us, but we don’t seem to mind as long as we have the best gadgets and the financial freedom to flaunt our privilege before the struggling starvelings of the world.

No matter what their investment in blood and bravery, the American people and the soldiers who fight for them never reap the rewards of their efforts; no, the rewards are reserved for those who arranged the wars, who made it happen with their newspapers and their pitchmen and their crooked politicians whose ultimate allegiance is only to their own wallets.

Now they’ve created laws which only allow us to say what they permit us to say. This is the end of human freedom, right now. By your participation in this society, and your continued use of Amazon and Google, you have approved it. There is no way to participate in their reality and oppose them.

The worst crime is teaching well meaning people that they needed to fight when they never really needed to. How many of your sons and daughters were sacrificed to this false goal? How many more will we leave to die before we correct the problem?

Now when we really need them to fight the kosher rot that has turned a free country into a slave state, we find them paid by Jewish billionaires to gesticulate in the streets shouting Communist slogans while preparing to demolish the country that has nurtured them, and taught them to be mindless hedonists pursuing their illusory “freedoms”.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

NTS Notes: I do want to thank John once again for this fine article that contains so many facts that people should digest and honestly cannot be ignored..

Of course the "predator" that John talks about in this article is the criminal Jewish tribe of lunatics that have almost completed their aim of world conquest... They have been working hard these days in imposing their "laws" on everyone, and right now they are pushing for even more strict laws in their controlled nations that will make anyone that calls out their criminality face punishment for this 'crime'...

Yes, much of this article focuses on the mess that America is in... But Canada is no different, and I do want to emphasize that point here... We as Canadians are facing the same horrors that my friends in the US face as the stupid and idiot government in Ottawa continues to pander to their Jewish masters and is absolutely willing to send Canadian men and women off to fight in illegal wars for these bastards....

And of course John does mention the reality that anyone that challenges the "Holocaust" narrative faces criminal charges in so many nations, including my own nation of Canada... We only need to look at how both Monika and Alfred Schaefer are in a Kangaroo court trial in Germany for the ridiculous notion that they have 'incited hate" as a prime example of Jewish control over our minds.... It is so revolting to see that so many nations have fallen for this Jewish criminality...

It is nice to see articles from John appear right at the nick of time to once again reinforce why I and others continue to write and post articles to try to awaken the masses... For John is right about how if people continue to ignore the problem, the next death might indeed be their own...

More to come



Unknown said...

At least Kaminski can "deny-the-holohoax" without being
carted off to jail!

Northerntruthseeker said...

Yes.... For the time being the Jewish pricks have not destroyed the US with any bullshit 'hate crime' laws.... But I can guarantee they are trying!