Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Putin And Drumpf In Helsinki: Canadian Prime Minister Makes An Idiot Of Himself (Again) Attacking Putin!

Well, I have been watching the reaction by the Jew spew media over these last few days since US President Donald Drumpf met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland, and I am deeply disgusted by these idiots and liars... Every single US Jew spew media outlet has been crying the blues since the 2 hour meeting, and have been absolutely lambasting Donald Drumpf for his showing "weakness" in his dealings with Putin.... There are even some of the most disgusting media liars out there all slamming Drumpf and screaming that he should have taken the hard line with the Russian President, while other  insane Jew spew outlets are saying that Drumpf should have "declared war" on Russia itself.... It is disgusting to see and listen to, for these liars are of course trying their best to slam Drumpf while covering up for the biggest allegation that came out of the meeting in regard to the criminality of one Hillary Rodham "I am so evil" Clinton....

I decided to turn off the American Jew spew madness for it was giving me one heck of a headache... And I decided to take a gander instead at what the lunatics that run our government up here in Canada,  north of the 49th parallel,  have been spewing about the Helsinki meeting.....And what I found was appalling and what I want to share with my readers here...

Right now, I want to present this most interesting article that comes from The Star online news service at, where that idiot Canadian Prime Minister, Justin (Trust In Jew Dough) Trudeau has decided to take a hardline approach to the Helsinki meeting between Putin and Drumpf by blasting Putin, while "staying quiet" on Drumpf... Here is that report right here for all to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Trudeau blasts Putin following Helsinki summit, but stays quiet on Trump
By The Canadian Press
Tues., July 17, 2018
OTTAWA—Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is standing firm in his condemnation of Vladimir Putin despite U.S. President Donald Trump’s warm words for the Russian president this week.
Trudeau says Canada remains strongly opposed to a host of Russian actions under Putin’s watch, including the annexation of Crimea, its support for Syrian strongman Bashar Assad and rebels in eastern Ukraine, and its use of chemical weapons in Britain.
The prime minister is refusing to comment on U.S. President Donald Trump’s summit Monday with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Justin Trudeau says Canada remains strongly opposed to a number of actions under Putin’s watch. (The Associated Press) 
The prime minister says Canada is also committed to standing with eastern European nations like Latvia, where he recently visited 450 Canadians troops leading a NATO battle group whose task is to protect against a Russian invasion.
The strong words come one day after a controversial summit between Putin and Trump in Finland, where the U.S. president appeared to blame his own country for poor relations with Moscow and accept the Russian leader’s denials of having interfered in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.
While many U.S. officials are blasting Trump’s performance, Trudeau wouldn’t comment, and instead repeated his condemnation of Putin and Russia.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canada remains strongly opposed to a host of Russian actions under President Vladimir Putin’s watch.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canada remains strongly opposed to a host of Russian actions under President Vladimir Putin’s watch.  (SEAN KILPATRICK / THE CANADIAN PRESS FILE PHOTO)

NTS Notes: WHY am I not in the least bit surprised by this irrational behaviour coming out of this idiot Canadian Prime Minister?  He is showing once again to NOT be a "statesman" and to absolutely not have one clue about what is really happening around our planet and even recent history!

I was especially appalled by the comment by this moron when he again attacks Putin for "annexing" Crimea... And honestly Justin is one of the biggest morons out there when he has not even taken the time to understand that Russia did NOT "annex" Crimea, but actually accepted the results of a Crimean referendum in 2014 that called for Crimea to be reintegrated back into the Russian Federation... The Russians did only what the Crimeans had asked, which is perfectly legal and binding.... There was NO Russian "annexation" at all, and Justin Trudeau once again looks like the idiot he really is!

And Trudeau has not a clue about Syria, where the people of Syria have spoken many times and fully support their President Bashar al-Assad in wanting their nation free of foreign interference and intervention... Trudeau has not a clue here once again...

But I can go on... He also spews about eastern Ukraine, and once again has no clue that the people there want to be free of the terrible control that Kiev has tried to impose over them... AND last but not least, Trudeau is a complete mental midget when it comes to that fraudulent "poisoning" in Britain, where the evidence shows that the Russians did NOT do the deed at all (And surprise surprise, for today I got wind of a report that shows that it was an Englishman who did the poisoning and NOT the Russians at all!)... All this does is show that Trudeau is a total idiot and has NO CLUE on what is happening around our world....

I again am not happy to call myself a Canadian these days when this is the type of leadership and the kind of moron that we have as head of this nation.....This man is once again doing his best to piss off other nations, and now this idiot has the nerve to try to attack Russian Federation President Putin?  What does this idiot hope to gain out of all this? (Other than to please his Jewish masters of course?)

I really hope my fellow Canadians have had enough of this idiot..... I truly am deeply ashamed these days to call myself a Canadian if this is the type of leadership that is presented to the rest of the world...It is no wonder Canada these days has turned into a laughing stock when we have this type of dim wit in charge..

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