Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Kangaroo Court Trial Of Alfred And Monika Schaefer In Germany: More Updates On This Farcical Trial!

I want to continue with updates on the "trial" that is going on right now in Germany, where of course the innocent Alfred Schaefer is of course facing off with the criminal brainwashed and Jewish controlled "Judges" in what is supposed to be a "court of law", but is in fact almost as bad as the Spanish Inquisition....

Lady Michele Renouf is attending this "trial" in Munich Germany, and is well aware of the risks that she has for just being in attendance... There is indeed a risk that she could be "arrested" for her own efforts in exposing the Jewish crimes against humanity, and I must applaud her efforts in getting these emails out... Here in fact is her latest email concerning the rest of day 1 of that farcical trial of Alfred Schaefer here:

The Schaefer trial in Munich, afternoon session, Day #1, Monday, July 2nd, 2018.

The trial resumed at 12.30 following the two hours’ interruption while the attorneys for Monika and Alfred Schaefer filed a demand that the Chairmen of the four judges, Judge Hofmann, be removed from the Process because of his evident bias towards the Defendant Alfred Schaefer.  The Chairmen ruled that the trial would continue under his authority until Wednesday, July 4th when the matter would be weighed. 

The afternoon’s session commenced with the assistant of the State Prosecutor (who was not named) handed Alfred an arrest warrant that he must spend an open-ended period in police custody (not jailed as such) until the Judge decides on the case.

Monika Schaefer achieved her commonsense input when, after she persisted that she and the public gallery could not hear the proceedings, Judge Hofmann finally permitted microphones to operate.  By now the day’s session was already half over!  Alfred gave a four-hour well-documented presentation of why the Federal Republic was illegitimate.  The Judge complained at the “broader horizon” of the matters Alfred included.   His 77-page statement was shortened to 65, yet even so, observers said Alfred pulled no punches with his historical and current accusations in support of his appeal for the dismissal of the case brought against him and his sister.  At the end of this, after which the Judge had declared that Alfred must be detained for two days in police custody (as opposed to jail) because of his disdain for the authority of the Court, Sylvia Stolz exclaimed the Process was unbelievable: “This is terror”.  After all, Alfred’s disdain of the court authority was of the essence to his own defence!

When Sylvia then declined to explain to the Judge what she meant by accusing the court rulings as terror, she simply said “I am lost for words”, as were the stunned public gallery who had never before witnessed such surreal events.  By now Attorney Wolfram Nahrath had removed his robe since the Judge had ended the day’s session.  Yet the Judge insisted that Sylvia Stolz had interrupted the proceedings rather than made her outcry allowable after the afternoon session’s end.  Sylvia was then given two days in the cells for contempt of court.  Oddly, the Judge failed to offer her the usual option of a fine.  Some in the public gallery wondered that perhaps no such option was given in order to preclude Sylvia’s percipacious presence during the coming days.   

The State Prosecutor refused the request from Attorney Nahrath for the Schaefer siblings to have a few moments to say goodbye.  But the Judge decided by himself to give Monika Schaefer permission to have five minutes with her brother. He instructed the court clerk to note the Protocol that first the public gallery must leave the courtroom, presumably to avoid experiencing empathetically the moving pathos they would witness that may pass between the siblings.

The trial continues at 12.30 on Tuesday 3rd July.
Michèle Renouf

OK, That concluded Day 1 of this farcical "trial"... And now comes this report about Day 2, yesterday through Michele's email for all to see here:

FROM LADY MICHELE RENOUF:  This morningTuesday July 3rd 2018, on day two of the Schaefer sibling's trial, we learn that the two days' punishment for Alfred who was taken yesterday into police custody is over already and after today's session he will be permitted to return home. He now has this further trivial case to face later for making a Roman salute in court yesterday during the pre-trial moments when he had been given the chance to hug his handcuffed sister Monika while the Press were permitted to film.  Alfred, ever-fisty, has now been offered the option of bail of 5000 euros to secure his release, though he will have another action taken against him for this harmless historical gesture!

The trial resumed this afternoon at 12.30. Tomorrow we shall learn whether the lead Judge Hofmann will have to step down because of his evident bias towards the defendants. The disdain of this judge for withholding due microphone use so both defendants and the public gallery could hear the proceedings, and the ruling over the norm of a ready glass of water for defendants is but two of the obstructive aspects to the due basic rights which gives further surreality to the conditions under which Germans and foreigners must encounter under the Basic Laws in favour of prosecuting the expression of free opinion among citizens and right to discuss normal historical source criticism without protected exceptionalism.

Michele Renouf

NTS Notes: I again must applaud the efforts of Lady Michele Renouf for bravely bringing forward these reports on this bullshit "trial" in Germany... It is indeed nothing but a farce and an insult to everyone's intelligence..

I for one am especially surprised by the actions of these so called "judges" that are nothing more than the worse possible dimwits on Planet Earth... All they are showing themselves to be are brainwashed idiots and Jew controlled zombies..

And why am I not in the least bit surprised by the fact that these "judges" have NOTHING at all to charge either Alfred or Monika with?  The real laugher in fact is how they could only charge Alfred with doing the harmless "Roman Salute" which is nothing more than raising one arm high in the air!  Such moronic behaviour shows that these "judges" are nothing of the sort, period..

I will continue with reports here... I really want everyone, and especially those who live in Jew controlled Germany to see what is happening in their legal system... It is indeed nothing more than a kangaroo court in action!

More to come



greencrow said...

Germany is not only occupied by rampant Ziofascists...but it is in fact militarily occupied by tens of thousands of American soldiers hidden in bases deep in the German as not to humiliate the indigenous German citizens.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Very true, Crow... But the real sad part is how the German people have had their minds turned to mush thanks to the Jewish propaganda and bullshit that has caused them to have this mindset that they are forever "guilty" for crimes that they did NOT commit... That built in "guilt complex" has destroyed their nation...

Greg Bacon said...

This reads like something out of a Franz Kafka novel. First the verdict, then a trial of sorts.

Germany it totally cucked and fucked, if Germans don't rise up soon, there will nothing left to fight for.

Northerntruthseeker said...

I like that term.. "cucked and fucked" for it suits how Germany is today...

The problem is that 70+ years of brainwashing has taken its toll..... And the Jewish pricks are relentless in their bashing of German minds with their Holy hoax bullshit.