Friday, July 13, 2018

Is NATO A Con Game? (Honestly, Is This A Trick Question?)

I have been saying for several decades now that NATO has long out lived its usefulness... It was created in 1948 under the "fear" of this "big and bad" Soviet Union (which was unknown at the time to be funded and operated by Wall Street) being this ominous "threat" to the planet... The whole goal at the time was supposedly to unite all of the "weaker" nations of Europe under an alliance to prevent the "evil" Soviet Union from marching into western Europe and therefore to dominate that entire continent..... But unbeknownst to many of those involved in this "alliance" was the fact again that the Soviet Union at the time was fully financed by American (Jewish) bankers and was in reality a threat to no one and was being used to create this "threat" as a means of fear propaganda... Basically, for those that do need a wake up call, NATO in itself was therefore created and run for decades as nothing more than a scam and a means to sell American weapons to their supposed "allies"....It was indeed created out of fear propaganda and actually outlived its usefulness after the Soviet Union collapsed all by itself between 1991-1992..

The question then arose after the collapse of the Soviet Union: "WHY is NATO still around if the Soviet Union is no more?" and for the last two decades the propaganda was still out there that NATO was "needed" to prevent a "new Soviet Union" from ever being recreated (!).... And after 1991, rather than nations quitting the entire organization and thus reducing NATO's power in Europe, the organization has expanded into Eastern Europe and right to the doorstep of the Russian Federation itself....

It also became apparent that after the fall of the Soviet Union, NATO began to become more and more nothing more than a tool for evil and criminal Rothschild interests, especially with NATO being injected into foreign lands such as Afghanistan, where NATO forces are there to this day to protect Rothschild interests in Opium shipments out of that nation to markets in Europe!  NATO today is absolutely NOT what it was originally intended to be and more and more today is nothing more than an offensive force and not for the "defense" of Europe!

Now we fast forward to this week, and the meetings in Europe between US President Donald Drumpf and his supposed "NATO partners"...... I have looked at the news coming out of these supposed "meetings" and I again have to ask the big question as to what is the purpose of NATO today other than to project power aggressively against the Russian Federation and other weaker nations..... It does lead to the big question about what this "alliance" is truly all about and whether or not it is a massive con game?

I came across the following article from the Investment Watch Blog website, at, that asks the same questions that I have had for decades about the nature of NATO today and whether or not this "alliance" is even necessary other than to be used aggressively against the Russian Federation and other nations that may be in the way of criminal Rothschild interests.... I want to present here the link to that article, that is simply entitled: "NATO Is A Con Game" for everyone to read for themselves.... I have my own thoughts and comments about this article to follow:

NTS Notes: I agree with many of the facts presented in that Investors Watch Blog article, but once again the author does miss the key ingredient in this con game, which is the fact that NATO is now being used as a weapon of "power projection" and has indeed been used as the Rothschild's own "hit squad" to subdue nations that stand up to their criminality... Libya in North Africa is one of the major examples of the usage of NATO to brutally subdue and destroy a nation that stood up to that Jewish criminality.

The underlying fact is that NATO is indeed a massive con game... It is for one purpose and one purpose today, which is to be used as a force against the non-existent "threat" of the Russian Federation..... It is also being used by the US Military industrial complex for the sale of massive amounts of weapons to supposed "allied" suckers....

IMHO, most of the "member nations" of this fraud alliance would be better off to quit the "alliance" and say no to the idea that they have to commit more money to keep it alive.... The way forward for real peace in Europe is to not have this "alliance" using saber rattling against the phoney "threat" of invasion by the Russian Federation that absolutely does NOT exist..

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