Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Busted! British Skripal Novichok "Poisoning" Was Done By A British Citizen!

I said it before, and I will say it again.... I smelled a rat the moment that the world was coming out after that March incident in Salisbury where supposedly former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter were "poisoned" by a nerve agent known as "Novichok"....  Everything about this "incident" simply did NOT add up and what really raised a red flag for myself was how quickly and without any proof the British government went way over board in blaming the Russians for doing this "poisoning"...  It made absolutely no sense at all for the Russians to have done this to the Skripals, and indeed I knew from the beginning that there was much more to this story than what we were being told..

And lets face it, for since that March "incident" the Jew spew media all over the world was quick to climb on board the "blame Russia" bandwagon with their most vile 'reports' that kept on filling peoples' gullible minds with this "big bad Russia" bullshit..... I and others in the real truth movement within the alternative media knew better, and we all did our parts in showing evidence that this "poisoning" was NOT done by the Russians and was most probably conducted (if there really was a poisoning at all..) by the British themselves...

Now we come to today, and a new report that comes from the Russia Insider online news service, at, where apparently the British police have now finally traced the evidence of the Novichok that was supposedly used to poison the Skripals to a BRITISH MAN..... Here is the link to that article right here for everyone to read for themselves... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  OK, if this new evidence does indeed pan out, then the May government in the UK will indeed have a lot of explaining to do as well as the need to suffer the embarrassment of having to apologize formally to the Russian government for their own ignorance and stupidity....

Honestly, if this indeed is the reality about that "poisoning" then the British people should have had enough of the stupidity of the May government and force the resignation of May herself... It has been bad enough over these last few weeks to see the May government reeling from their ineptitude in regard to the Brexit agreements, but this embarrassment should have May out and her entire government toppled...

I will be waiting for any follow ups on this report... But the simple facts are that when anyone looks good and hard at the evidence behind this "poisoning" they too will see that the Russian Federation is  indeed innocent of any wrong doing, and that the perpetrators were NOT Russian at all..... It will indeed be interesting to watch how the criminal UK government does its best to cover for their stupidity and arrogance...

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Northerntruthseeker said...

I do want to post up here a comment made by a reader of my blog, "Barney" who has claimed to have problems in posting comments here... Here is Barney's comment for all to see:

Message for Northern Truth Seeker (hope you don’t mind, IncogMan, but I know NTS is a regular here).

I’m not able to post a comment at your site, NTS, but I wanted to say something about those poisonous novi-chocolates.

Early reports from the Salisbury (pronounced Saulsbury) hospital stated that the Skripals (assuming they actually exist) were suffering from a Fentanyl overdose.

Same initial story with this latest couple (assuming they exist). Drug addicts. Suspected Fentanyl overdose.

If someone really was poisoned with a “nerve agent”, they’d be dead. They wouldn’t have gone wandering round town for a couple of hours to eventually collapse on a park bench. They’d have been dead within minutes, if not seconds.

Brian Gerrish (ex military) of the UK Column ( ) knows something about nerve agents, and often comments in the daily videocast on just how ludicrous the whole novichocolate story is.

(Novichocolate is my word, not his, but I suspect that he’d approve of it.)

Now we have this idiotic “perfume bottle” story.

With Porton Down, the semi-secret chemical weapons laboratory, just a short distance away from both Fentanyl novichocolate poisonings, it would have been easy enough for zog-UK to have used a real nerve agent, which might have given a degree of credibility to their LIES, but they chose not to do that for some reason.

No-one knows where the Skripals are now, or whether they’re still alive (if they ever were). Why are they not allowed to show themselves? What is it that zog-UK doesn’t want them talking about (as if we didn’t know)? Where are they being held?