Friday, June 15, 2018

The Situation In Syria: The Criminals In The US Are Once Again Threatening Syria For Taking Action Against US Run Terrorists!

Why do I feel like I am beating my head against the wall every time I point out the FACTS that the entire "war on terror" is nothing but a massive fraud and swindle?  It was invented years ago for the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal to have their excuses to march right into peaceful nations for their removal of popular governments through brutal "regime change".....

We have seen over and over again over these last few decades as the US has conveniently "invaded" many of the Middle Eastern nations on the premise that they are going in to "fight terrorism" when the reality is that they are of course trying to brutally overthrow governments.... Such is the case happening right now in Syria as the US is illegally operating in that nation and occupying a large swath of Syrian territory while still putting out the bullshit to the gullible and idiotic American dunces and sheep out there that they are "fighting terrorists".....

I want to once again put forward some important updates on the fighting in Syria as the Syrian people are still trying to get rid of the American invaders and their American proxies aka "terrorists"... And I came across the following very interesting report today via the Southfront website, at, where apparently according to this article, as the good guys aka the Syrian Arabic Army (SAA) and their allied forces are ready to launch their massive strikes in southwestern Syria to finally free that entire area from the American/Israeli scourge right up to the Jordanian and Israeli illegally held territory of the Golan Heights, the US is now threatening Syria if it does launch this assault!   Here is the link to that report here:

OK... Does anyone else see the problem here?  Why in the hell is the US suddenly threatening Syria for its wanting to liberate Syrian territory and wipe out supposed "terrorists"?   Dos this not seem a bit odd to even the most ignorant people out there that still cling to the stupid notion that the US is "fighting terrorists"?

Well... At least my fellow Canadian real truth seeker Penny, over at her website: Penny For Your Thoughts at is not pulling any punches in terms of the arrogance of the American criminal government when it states that it will take action against any Syrian attacks on "terrorists".... Here is the link to her latest article that covers this interesting development here:

I agree with Penny that the US has got a lot of nerve in trying to stop Syrians from liberating their own nation.... This also once again shows everyone the reality that the US is NOT in Syria for "fighting terrorism" as the gullible American sheep are still believing but are definitely hell bent on having their long sought "regime change" instead....

And here is a big question of course... Why type of "firm action" will the US take when the Syrians go all out to destroy these last remaining "terrorists" in southwestern Syria?   Will the gloves come off and the world to finally see what type of evil liars and hypocrites the US truly is and expose to everyone the truth that they are still hell bent on destroying Syria?   We may not have long to wait, for apparently the Syrians have already begun operations in the region by shelling "militant" positions in preparation for a major offensive... Here is the link to that report here:

Well, there you have it... The Syrian government forces and their allies are doing exactly what they should be doing.. Trying to liberate their own nation!    And I do wonder what the US "response" will be to this action.... Could we be about to see a brand new "chemical weapons" false flag to be once again blamed on Assad to try to stop this destruction of American run "terrorists"?

Apparently, the notion that the US will once again use a false flag "chemical weapons" attack in Syria  to try to save their "terrorists" has not been overlooked by both the Syrian government as well as their Russian allies.... And according to the link to the following report from Southfront website, that is exactly what the Russians are predicting the US will do as they are stating that these  "chemical weapons" provocations always follow the same pattern put out by the criminals in the US government... Here is that link here for all to see:

OK, There you have it... I can see over the next few days the US once again using their fraud "White Helmets" or other "terrorists" and launch another of those phoney baloney "chemical weapons" attacks somewhere in Syria to be once again blamed on Assad by the compliant Jew spew media... The question becomes... Will the dumb ass sheep in America be just as gullible as they have in the last few years with the other fraud chemical weapons attacks?  Honestly, considering the low attention spans of the average American coupled with a very low IQ to boot, I can see this attempt happening sooner than later...

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Greg Bacon said...

SW Syria? Israel is getting PO that the terrorists they send into Syria are in danger of getting wiped out, time for another Yid specialty, a False Flag.