Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The Sad Saga Of The POS F-35 "Fighter" Continues: Which Is Better: Russian Su-57 Or US F-35? (Honestly, Is This A Trick Question?)

I have made it a point at this blog to show everyone the horrific waste of money and effort that the Lockheed Martin F-35 "Lightning II" so called "fighter" truly is....This thing is absolutely NOT a "fighter" by any means of the word for it has shown itself to be a dismal failure in terms of ability to fight against other aircraft... And heck, I have already given a long list of the many inadequacies and failings of this aircraft already, including

(a) It cannot maneuver especially in 'dog fights', making it a sitting duck in air to air combat
(b) It has only one engine, a VTOL (vertical take off and landing) machine that gobbles jet fuel at a rate that makes the aircraft itself inadequate for sustained combat roles and any so called support missions
(c) It is slower than comparable Russian and Chinese fighter aircraft, which again makes it a sitting duck in air to air combat
(d) It carries a woeful amount of ordinance including only up to 4 inboard missiles, and up until recently did not even have a gun for "air to air" combat...
(e) It cannot fly in rain storms which is so ridiculous; It would be like asking the enemy to delay their attacks until clear skies and ideal weather is present!
(f) Its onboard computer systems have turned into a nightmare with constant failures thus forcing the aircraft to be grounded constantly for software and firmware repairs.
(g) It's so called "stealth" is a massive fraud, since most modern radar facilities sweep a wide spectrum of bandwidths which can easily detect any so called "stealth" aircraft
(h) The entire program is already costing some 1.5 TRILLION DOLLARS and will only produce somewhere in the neighborhood of less than 2000 viable aircraft.  Thus making it THE most expensive military program in US history..

And lets face it, for there have already been a massive amount of articles out there that have pointed to the fact that this thing is a "flying turkey" that will indeed no longer give the US any form of "air superiority"... I have already stated before that the US government should have scrapped this program over a decade ago, if not for the fact that Lockheed Martin itself has a powerful lobby group in Washington DC and already "owns" so many Congress critters and so called Senators.....

Well, lo and behold... But just the other day I came across the following article from the Russia Today website, at www.rt.com that asks the big question: "Russian Su-57 v US F-35: Which Is Better?", and I do want to share the link to that article with my own readers here... I have of course my own thoughts and comments on this matter to follow:


NTS Notes: OK, Mikhail Khodarenok does indeed bring forward some interesting points comparing the capabilities of both of these aircraft, and especially how real information about these "5th generation" fighter aircraft is indeed mostly classified.. But from previous experience that the US air force had, especially in the Vietnam War, much of the aerial combat thinkers at the time had then thought that air to air close range combat was a "thing of the past"... Only to find out that it was and still is essential for any 'fighter' aircraft... The US believed then that their F4 Phantom "do it all' aircraft could avoid close air to air engagements by its ability to fire off missiles... But the US quickly learned then that close air to air combat was still a must and they were forced to modify the F4's to allow for guns for close range combat and to send its pilots on a crash course on "dogfighting" (How the concept of "Top Gun" training at Miramar airbase in California was born)... .I for one seriously doubt that even today that aerial "dog fighting" is a "thing of the past"......

The key points to take from this report are that the Su57 is designed for better maneuverability, more onboard ordinace for combat including a lot more missiles than the smaller F35, is a lot faster, AND the biggest point to me is that the Su57 has TWO ENGINES that are not gas guzzling pieces of shit like the VTOL that the F35 is saddled with..... Those points alone make the Su57 a vastly superior fighter aircraft to the POS F35 in my books....

And again.. About this "stealth" thingy....The US quickly learned during the Yugoslavian war of 1999 how useless their "stealth" aircraft were in actual combat roles, when the Serbian air defense forces which were equipped with Russian radar quickly learned to sweep the skies with different bandwidths and frequencies and discovered the US F117A so called "stealth" fighters that were intruding on their airspace... The result was to see at least 5 of the US's prized and over priced F117A's get blown out of the sky..... And yes, the Russians have vastly superior radar systems today in comparison to the devices they sold to the Serbians.... I therefore stand behind my statements that "stealth" itself is complete and utter bullshit and has only been used to grossly overprice these bullshit "stealthy' aircraft..

In conclusion... I see aerial capabilities such as speed, firepower, and maneuverability, to still be essential for any fighter aircraft even in today's "5th generation" fighters... And therefore we once again can see how the F-35 comes up on the short end of the stick here...

That is why I have to state that comparing the Russian Su-57 to the woeful US built F-35 is a "trick question"....

More to come


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