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Important Health News: 5G Cellular Communications Is Coming, But Is It The End Game For Humanity?

Those who know me know about my background and expertise in Physics and the study of nuclear and electromagnetic radiation..... It has been through that background that I first discovered how we had all been hoodwinked and lied to about Project Apollo and the fraud of putting men on the moon back between 1969-1972.... I knew that interstellar space travel was impossible until science had solved the problems with radiation in space and how that radiation is lethal to human tissue....

But my other pet peeve that I have become more and more aware of is the ever increasing dangers to people through the introduction of cellular telecommunication towers into largely residential areas.. The electromagnetic fields generated through those towers do have long term and in some cases deadly consequences to people that are living near those monstrosities..... I have put out at least a half a dozen articles over the years at this blog warning people of the dangers from the ever increasing amount of electromagnetic pollution created by our desire to have smarter and smarter phones and WIFI network devices.....

I became aware about a year ago about how the local telecommunications company here in central Canada was moving ahead with the approval of the Telecom regulations committees to start introducing "5G" networks.... But there are indeed major risks with this technology including the fact that 5G networks work in the Gigahertz frequency range and that exposing our bodies for prolonged periods to that wavelength of electromagnetic pollution absolutely has long term effects to our health....  I also know that there are severe limitations to the range that devices can operate within that  frequency and therefore there will a demand for many more cellular towers in areas everywhere to provide this "5G" service!

There are many interesting articles in the alternative media that I have come across over the last year concerning the dangers of 5G technology... And just the other day I came across an interesting one that comes from the "Left Hook By Dean Henderson" website, at, that I want to share with my readers here... The article is entitled: "DARPA's 5G End Game For Humanity" and I have the link to it right here for all to see for themselves:

OK, Dean Henderson does bring forward some interesting points about what could entail with the introduction of 5G technology...  I do agree with some factors that he presents, including the dangers of Gigahertz wavelengths used to human health... HOWEVER, I am not sold on this idea that this is part of an 'evil' plan by the Jewish "Illuminati" for turning us all into mindless slaves....  I do believe therefore that Henderson is stretching things here quite a bit and I am not therefore sold on this being an "end game" for humanity.... But there are indeed a lot of dangers with 5G technology and I will cover a few interesting points about the real dangers here...

People need to understand that to bring 5G technology into service with its limited transmission range, there will have to be an almost TEN FOLD increase in the number of serviceable cell phone towers in any neighbourhood....  That is the real problem as far as I am concerned, for I have covered previously the facts that existing cell phone towers put out a lot of electromagnetic pollution that does harm to human health.. The existing pollution from the limited amount of cell phone towers in residential areas is indeed bad enough, but can anyone imagine the damage done to our bodies by increasing that radiation almost ten fold!

In fact, Jim Stone over at, has a recent article concerning that key issue with the introduction of 5G technology, and I want to share his information here:

5G frequency bands may be so high the actual cell transmitters can't be used for mind control (but there would be a bigger problem)

Current cell technology in the U.S. uses (for 3g and 4g) frequencies between 1700 and 2100 MHZ. This equates to a frequency that can penetrate approximately five inches into your body. That will work great for "beaming" people. Though there are proposed 5g bands that operate in the same frequency range, the U.S. is primarily attempting to use frequencies between 25 and 80 Ghz. On the low end, at 25 ghz, the maximum penetration into human flesh for a frequency that high should land right around 0.5 inches. The skull, scalp, and other tissues inside the skull before you actually get to the brain are about that thick. On the high end (80 ghz) the max penetration will be right around 0.12 inches. That would totally rule out mind control potential.But there are other issues to consider. The main thing is that the frequencies they need to use travel very poorly, and have very poor penetration. 

To get such high frequencies to work a lot of towers will be needed. Most reports say they will double the number of towers. That's a lie. The actual need will be least 10X the number (if they use the 25 ghz band), and the term "double" is being used because they know people can cope with that. But the reality is that if 5g is going to work, every street pole might end up being a "tower". If they want to use 80 GHZ, they are going to need 20X-100X as many towers as there are now. They will have to be on every street corner at least. 

It would at that point be a problem because cameras and microphones could be put in the towers, and they would have a perfect upload point.  But what is worse is that there is no conceivable way the current cell phone towers are only for communications, it is highly probable they have secondary systems in them for mood control and that would be where the problem is with so many more towers. though the actual cell transmitters won't be useful for mind control, secondary systems could easily be installed along with them, as I suspect already are, even in current cell towers. Add to that the fact that the proposed bandwith is 100X as much as the current systems, and the surveillance/mind control state could become a much more serious problem. There's no question 5g is the final staging of "the internet of things", where it won't take a cell phone to rat you out, your coffee maker or clothes iron or even a piece of "smart dust" could "tell them you are hiding, and where" just fine.

Jim is right in the assertion that the problem is not 'mind control' as others including Dean Henderson seem to think, but is in all actuality the increase to electromagnetic pollution absorbed by our bodies just to get 5G technology to everyone, with the resulting side effects to such increased exposure to Gigahertz radiation...

The issue that I see is how people are so much in a rush to have better and better cellphone technology and faster Internet/WIFI services that they do not seem to care about the consequences that these services are doing to their health.....  I for one would want to see more research done and to make people aware of the dangers of this "5G" technology before the telecom companies start sprouting out more and more cell phone towers everywhere for that service... Our health is definitely at stake here...

I will continue my research into "5G" technology and bring forward any information that I do find here for all to see for themselves.... Stay tuned...

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Greg Bacon said...

About 5 years ago, did a blog on cell phone towers and why so many, since Congress had mandated that cell towers couldn't be exclusive and only have one carrier.

At that time, there were over 220,000 cell towers & antennas in the continental USA.

In my little town, there are five in the city limits and four more one can see on the horizon.

Then there's the huge generators many of these towers have, an amount of power not needed for merely transferring cell calls.

Check out this video, "Frey Microwave Hearing - Beam Voices Into Your Auditory Cortex"

Maybe when one of us GOY go off the res and start acting uppity, they'll turn our minds against us?