Thursday, May 3, 2018

What The Hell? Donald Drumpf Has Been Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize!

Many out there used to respect the Nobel group and their prizes for everything from the sciences to literature.... But the one Nobel prize that used to always be prized and held in the highest esteem was the "Peace Prize"...... That prize used to be given to many around the world that actually worked for world peace, but it was permanently damaged when former criminal US President, Barry Soetoro, was "awarded" that Peace Prize back in 2009!   Considering what a lunatic and war mongered Barry was and how he pushed the US into involvement in illegal wars against innocent nations around the globe during his "Presidency", awarding this monster the "Peace Prize" did absolutely tarnish and destroy the image of the Nobel prizes permanently....

Well, lo and behold, but I found out earlier today something that turned my stomach and once again shows how the Nobel Peace Prize has been turned into a farce....For according to the following report, none other than the criminal US President of the United States, Donald Drumpf, has been "nominated" for this year's Nobel Peace Prize.... Here is the link to that report from the Yahoo News online news service here, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: OK, I honestly thought this was a joke... But they are serious and the Nobel group is dead serious in this nomination for what they claim is Drumpf's  "tireless work to bring peace to our world"... After reading that title and reading the report from Yahoo News, I honestly wanted to vomit...

Lets be serious here... Drumpf came into power in 2016 with the illusion that he would bring US troops home and stop American involvement in foreign wars.... The reality is of course that in less than two years in the Oval Office in the United States, Drumpf has not only NOT brought the troops home, but instead he has poured more American forces into existing wars and generated at least three more elsewhere across the planet as well!  

I am sick and tired of this "Nobel Peace Prize" as everyone else should as well.... It has been turned into a joke already with Barry Soetoro getting the prize while murdering innocent people world wide.. And now we have these idiots having the nerve to nominate Drumpf who is WORSE than Soetoro ever was!

And.... One other note that I found most disturbing as well... And this one shows how truly laughable and ridiculous the entire Nobel Peace Prize has become... For according to the following link, apparently there are some insane lunatics in the psychotic state of Israel that are calling for that failed furniture salesman who became the mass murdering Prime Minister of Israel, Benyamin Miliekowsky, aka "Netanyahu" to be "nominated" for the Nobel Peace Prize as well!  Here is that link from the Sputnik News online news service here:

It is pretty bad when a true war criminal and psychopath is considered for a "peace" prize..... But Miliekowsky is just as evil as Drumpf and yes the psychotic members of his criminal Likud party in that psycho state are serious in having him considered for that award....

OK, I will say it.... The Nobel Peace Prize is no longer a prize given to peace makers... It has turned into a PR stunt and a world wide joke...... Maybe it is time for the Nobel committee to call this prize the Nobel WAR Prize, for that is what it has been turned into!

Yes, we do live in a twisted world when true criminals are considered for peace prizes.... I wonder what will come next in our Bizzaro world?

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Jody Paulson said...

Barf! Well, I'm not that surprised ... Obama actually won the damn thing!

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