Thursday, May 17, 2018

Important Health News: Gardasil Vaccine Triggers Immune System To Attack A Woman's Brain!

With so much attention being focused in on the ongoing Israeli slaughter of innocent Palestinians (a good thing, for it draws attention to the plight of the Palestinians!), and of course the impending wedding of the son of Captain James Hewitt (Or is it Mark Dyer?), Prince Harry, and of course the American actress Meaghan Markle, there has been a lot of overlooked issues that everyone should be paying attention to... And one is the ongoing war here in North America between our crooked governments who are now pushing to have everyone "vaccinated" and the general public that are mostly unaware of the poisonous effects that these "vaccines" do to our bodies.... I figured I would bring forward a most alarming report that came my way today that shows once again WHY everyone must avoid "vaccines" at all cost...

I want to present here a most startling report, from "The Tap Blog" at, that is absolutely shocking... The article is entitled: "PROVEN: Gardasil Triggers The Immune System To Attack A Woman's Brain", and is absolutely a must see by everyone and especially those women and mothers out there that are about to either take this horrific "Gardasil Vaccine" or are gullibly wanting to see their own children get injected with that poison as well... I have it here, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

PROVEN: Gardasil triggers the immune system to attack a woman’s brain.

To be more specific, if you study this abstract, Gardasil in fact causes a woman’s immune system to attack her brain the same way antidepressants do.

My belief: Gardasil is in fact given to women for the sole purpose of destroying male/female relationships.
Not my belief, COLD HARD FACT: Gardasil definitely, without question, attacks the brain, and the end result is depression. An abstract could not possibly make it more clear than this, and no, vaccine trolls won’t refer to this “science” while they ridicule all people who question vaccines as “too stupid to understand basic science”. When they do that, all I do is troll them hard with science that is over their heads. Not difficult to do against those who were only handed lines to throw out while not understanding a thing about what they are actually trolling. Here’s a great one to throw against a troll:
If the state ever mandates I be vaccinated, at least one person other than me will suffer brain damage of a type you won’t get from a vaccine in whatever attempt is made to jab me. I won’t go down easy.
They know damn well what they are doing with vaccines, so when I go after trolls I hit them from the eugenics angle and explain the science behind why and how the vaccines do what they do. After they blat back a few textbook responses, they give up, I have yet to lose that debate.
Here is how vaccines are designed to destroy people, in one short little blurb:
No matter what you put in a vaccine along with a pathogen, the immune system will identify it as the pathogen, and will produce a custom antibody for whatever was injected along with the pathogen. If it happens to be peanut oil, a peanut allergy will result. If the pathogen happens to be injected with a squalene adjuvant, you might end up with a fish allergy. and today, many vaccines are grown in human tissue.They can’t get all the human tissue separated from the pathogens, (nor do they even want to) and this is what is causing multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, autism, and a whole slew of other ailments at levels we have never seen before.
Squalene is a common vaccine adjuvant. Squalene is a basic building block of the human nervous system. What then happens when the immune system is tricked into removing this basic building block from the human body wherever it is? A whole slew of neurodegenerative auto immune disorders, and THEY KNOW IT. And it is worse than this now, nowadays a lot of the vaccines are cultured in genetically engineered yeast, that is designed to produce whatever human materials they actually want the resulting vaccine to attack. It can be whatever they want, whatever they tell the yeast to mimic. That makes modern vaccines a PERFECT weapon.

To sum it up, here is the science behind sabotaged vaccines: Materials are intentionally placed in the vaccine along with whatever pathogen the vaccine is for, and these materials are tailored to cause the immune system to identify key building blocks of the body (usually in the nervous system) as hostile, and the immune system subsequently rips the body and brain to shreds.

That is the “science”. And no vaccine troll has ever been able to respond to it.

NTS Notes: Honestly, THIS shows once again how these monsters behind "Big Pharma" and their minions are wanting to ruin so many lives just for the sick pursuit of profit....

And why am I not in the least bit surprised by this finding?  I have been stating at this blog for YEARS now the facts that vaccines absolutely DO NOT WORK and absolutely weaken the body's own immune system...  And look out now, but here we have the proof that the Gardasil "vaccine" that is being pushed so hard on people now is pure garbage and a detriment to human health...

I hope that this article and its findings are spread around to everyone to see for themselves... And I do hope that the message is heard loud and clear by unsuspecting women so that they do NOT go out and allow these criminals to inject them with this poisonous "Gardasil vaccine".....

More to come


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Gwaredd Thomas said...

It's no blinking at the fact that these so-called vaccines--pushed so avidly by Billy Gates and his cronies--is just another form of population control. In a visit to my GP last fall I told him I absolutly refuse to get one of those shots. He agreed, but, ironically stated that he was required to get one on pain of losing his situation. Needless to say, the medical profession is in on the scam along with big pharma.