Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Toronto Van Attack: A Lot Of Anomalies With This Incident - Updated!

I was busy yesterday taking care of personal and family business as usual... And again when I take a "day off" from blogging, something serious always happens!.... This time we have a "van attack" in the city of Toronto Ontario Canada just yesterday that has some serious questions that need to be answered....

I have been listening and watching what the Jew spew media has to say about this "attack" in Toronto, and from the information so far from both the alternative  media as well as the Jew spew media, this is absolutely a real attack and not a "false flag"....

The facts are that we now have a suspect, "Alek Minassian" that supposedly took a Ryder rental van down Yonge Street in central Toronto when suddenly and without any reason decided to take the van to the sidewalk loaded with pedestrians and proceeded to mow down pedestrians, sending many flying off the front bumper of the Ryder van for blocks... After a multi-block run down the sidewalk on Yonge Street, Mr. Minassian stopped and got out of the van and requested the police who were on the scene to shoot him... He was not shot and instead was taken into custody.... As of this morning, there are 10 people dead and at least 15 injured due to this attack...

I have found some peculiarities with this incident, and many other real truth seekers have as well... One great fellow Canadian truth seeker, Penny, who of course writes the blog "Penny For Your Thoughts" at www.pennyforyourthoughts2.blogspot.com, has just released a most interesting article about this Toronto attack and its many strange anomalies and I do want to share it with my own readers here:

Toronto Van "Attack" Anomolies

There are some curiosities about this incident:

1: Incorrect name- Incorrect identification ? 

The alleged van driver- Alek or Alex Minassian. It seems that the media has settled on Alek. Despite early reporting having police services providing two different names/spellings. This is not the first time I've read of incorrect naming of a suspect. Is it just incorrect spelling? I don't know. Is everyone illiterate and can't spell a name correctly when proper ID is paramount?

Inconsistent name reporting by the same source
“There has been some confusion about the correct spelling of the suspect's name, spelled by some sources as Alek and others as Alex. The Toronto police have been inconsistent in this as well, the latest update suggesting the correct spelling is Alek.”
2: Known to authorities or not known to authorities?

 So far Canadian law enforcement is saying not know, but NYC Police Commisioner says the suspect is known to Police
Former NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton reportedly told MSNBC that officials in Canada said Minassian was known to authorities prior to the attack. However, Toronto Police maintain the suspect was not known to them before the incident.

From the twitter account of Malcom Nance stated bio:  US Intelligence +36 yrs. Expert Terrorist Strategy,Tactics,Ideology. Torture, Russian Cyber! | NYT Bestselling Author, Navy Senior Chief/Jedi Master, NBC/MSNBC. 
Former NYC Police commissioner Bill Bratton states on his sources in Canada say van driver in  wasknown to Police and now consider incident a terrorist attack. Motivation and affiliation unknown.
3: The Ryder Truck

 One would think with all the bad press Ryder has gotten for decades a rebrand might be in order? But, no.  The ubiquitous Ryder truck. Present at the first trade center bombing, 1993.  
Ryder truck in Toronto
"The 1,200-pound bomb was in a Ryder truck parked in a parking garage beneath the World Trade Center"
 Present at theOklahoma City bombing. 
"McVeigh and Nichols removed the bomb supplies from their storage unit in Herington, Kansas, where Nichols lived, and loaded them into a Ryder rental truck"

4- The cop doesn't shoot the suspect! - Does NOT shoot the suspect

Now this non action on the part of law enforcement simply blows my mind. The suspect has, according to reports, just run down a whole bunch of people. Intentionally. Gets out of the van, claims he is armed. Tells the cop to shoot him and the cop doesn't ??!!

Sky news
A police officer has been praised for refusing to shoot a man seeking "suicide by cop", after allegedly killing 10 people in a van attack in Toronto.

Dramatic video shows the officer, who has not yet been named, arresting Alek Minassian after a tense stand-off.

As the suspect shouted "Kill me," the officer replied, "No, get down."
 The officer tells the man to "get down" and when the suspect says he has a gun, the officer repeats: "I don't care. Get down." The suspect was then arrested without shots being fired.
That seems so very unlikely if we are to take this story at face value 

5- The curious uploading and just as sudden take down of a very suggestive and highly convenient to specific narrative creation face book post or account

Time of Israel 
"Canadian media outlet CBC News reports that in a Facebook post, Minassian appears to praise Elliot Rodger, a California man who stabbed and killed three people and shot dead another three individuals in a 2014 rampage. However, CBC was unable to verify that the Facebook profile belonged to the suspect in Monday’s attack, and on Tuesday the page appeared to have been removed from the social media network"
Daily Mail
 Shortly before the attack, a Facebook profile with the same name uploaded a post which read: 'All hail the supreme gentleman Elliot Rodger'.

The post also mentioned 'incel', which is a term used to refer to men who have been made 'involuntarily celibate' because women continually reject their sexual advances. 
 'The Incel Rebellion has already begun! We will overthrow all the Chads and Stacys! All hail the Supreme Gentleman Elliot Rodger!'
Uploaded to Facebook prior to the 'attack' and just as quickly taken down. No verification at all whose Facebook account this really was. And knowing what I do about facebook... (spook/intel connected) I'd call this bogus.

 *Clearly the alleged perpetrator/patsy has mental health issues 

* And the idea that the van was self driving or being driven, remotely, by some one else has also entered my mind- the technology is available, obviously. 

OK, I again an NOT calling this attack a false flag or a fraud..But I do find it strange that supposedly there are reports that this attacker was already well known to Toronto Police, and yet he was not "red flagged" and put under surveillance by said police force?

And I do find it very interesting about the supposed "Facebook" page that conveniently once again arises after this incident like so many before it.... That always points to these attacks as being frauds and set ups, but in the case of this one in Toronto, THAT does not make sense for the simple fact that there is NOTHING to be gained by this attack.....

I will also keep track of whether or not this Alek Minassian character does indeed have known mental issues or whether or not he was ripped on psychotic drugs or on "antidepressants" like we have seen in so many previous incidents....

But again, IMHO this one is the "Real McCoy" and is NOT a fraud or a "false flag".... There is nothing to be gained here by any group by the mowing down of innocent bystanders in Toronto..... BUT I do find many of the anomalies pointed out by Penny to be interesting and to make people stop and say "Hmmmmm..."

There is so much more to come on this incident, and I will indeed be following up this report with more once truthful information does come forward... So stay tuned...

More to come


*One update, April 25th 2018:  Aangirfan, over at www.aanirfan.blogspot.com has come out with his own article about this incident and he is calling it a "false flag"... I am not sold on this being a "false flag" but Aangirfan does bring forward some interesting facts about this incident, and especially the interesting aspect about the van driver being "bald" and yet in the Police sketches for Minassian appearing in court he has a full set of hair on his head!!!!   Here is the link to Aangirfan's report here:



Penny said...

there is always something to be gained by these types of attacks even if it is only to terrorize the populace and keep them dependent/complacent and compliant

That's a win for the psycho elites. I will be adding to that list- I just have to get on to other things today..

thanks for the link too North :)

Penny said...

Northern Truthseeker;

Updated again- because the G-7 were meeting Toronto when this took place (not the g-8) and in once of those coincidences on the agenda was the issue of soft targets

" The scene that unfolded on a Toronto street Monday is something straight out of a counter-terrorism officer's worst nightmares.

Security analysts call them "soft targets" — unsecured public spaces where a lone attacker can do maximum damage.

Those kinds of scenarios are on the agenda Tuesday for the G7 security ministers meeting in Toronto, along with other recent attacks in public spaces by terrorists."

That seems to be a strategy very reminiscent of a terror attack to push through new 'anti terror laws'. Here we have CSIS pushing a concern for 'soft target' attacks and on the very day they are raising the issue, in the very city the meeting is taking place what occurs? A soft target attack.

That is way beyond coincidental in my book

Pizza Earth, Pancakes and other Mashed Potatoes said...

Look at the damage to the van. No blood. No fibers. Window clean and intact.
As the van hit people, damage would occur with the first impact and as damage increased, the injuries to victims would increase with more cutting and tearing. Clothes and flesh should have been inside the grill and blood all over the van. Windshield should have cracked as well.
No victims in this event

Pizza Earth, Pancakes and other Mashed Potatoes said...


Note the front plate 79033
Van # 637639

Anon 1 said...

Somethings I found rather odd:
1)Where is the grill on the van? I have seen a thousand smashed front ends on vans from all kinds of accidents if I've seen one, and I have NEVER seen a front grill just vanish into thin air. The entire front grill AND mounting brackets have been removed from this van. Check out what this van looks like complete and tell how the grill just disappeared and was not part of the mangled mess.
2)This is an older model van, likely scheduled for "retirement". You can tell from the door handle, drivers side mirror, and the location of the fuel tank access door this is the same model van.https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ4oza4MNIiTO-gNDIUDI0uUn9tRhUsUlR7QDJJxiWQkQ9DggtM9Q
3)Sever front end damage, no fluid leaks.

Inferknite said...

Very big give away here:

1) The suspect had been recruited to the Canadian military but was let go "But even in that short time — September to late October — Minassian made an impression at the military's leadership and recruit school in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que. "He wasn't very good at taking direction," said fellow recruit Andrew Summerfield."

2) A Canadian army recruiter was quickly on the scene, as he 'does recruiting around there' https://www.instagram.com/p/Bh7ca2_Hk7d/?taken-by=robmartin26