Monday, April 9, 2018

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Scourge: Another False Flag Chemical Weapons Attack, And World On Brink Of Major War!

After posting my weekly rant yesterday I went to spend the day by visiting my mother and of course taking care of family business and needs... But late last night I spent time on the internet reading up on all of the reports of this latest false flag "chemical weapons" attack in the "Al Qaeda terrorist" held area around the town of Douma, and right away I thought to myself..."Oh come on now... People can NOT be this stupid as to fall for this fraud again?"... Well, guess what?  The Jew spew media has been going absolutely nuts since yesterday with reports after reports that "Assad is once again a butcher who gassed his own people".....

I honestly do not know what to think of the sheep out there that simply cannot rub two brain cells together and realize that every single one of these alleged "gassings" that we have heard about constantly for over 3 years now coming out of Syria have ALL been phonies... And in each case the evidence always pointed towards the American run "terrorist" groups doing the deed!    So why would this one from Douma be any different?

I will have to play a bit of "catching up" here on the circumstances behind this alleged "chemical weapons" attack in Douma..... And first I want to bring forward the following link to a report from the Southfront website, at, where the author rightfully calls this latest "chemical weapons" attack a rehashing of the same old news story where the Jew spew media is so quick to jump on this "attack" and of course blame Assad's forces for doing the deed when the evidence clearly points elsewhere... Here is the link to that report here:

OK, I truly am so surprised that anyone falls for this stupid gimmick by these 'terrorists', and again I am shocked that anyone with even a small sense of logic cannot see that this "attack" is absolutely 100% a staged event!....But the following article from Southfront was one that I found especially shocking, for apparently according to the following link, the criminal US President, Donald Drumpf himself, has swallowed the "kool-aid" on this latest chemical weapons attack fraud and has since yesterday blamed "Putin, Russia, and Iran" for this latest attack!  Here is the link to that report here:

WHY am I not surprised by the total ignorance of Donald Drumpf in regards to the responsibility for this "attack"?   Drumpf is 100% in the pocket of the Jewish freaks that control America and is absolutely getting his marching orders from them as well as that failed used furniture freak that is the Prime Minster of the psychotic state of Israel....Many are still saying that it is this "deep state" that now controls America, but I will never call it a "deep state" when the reality is it is absolutely the Jews...

So.....Now we come to the events of last night, where the Russians repeated warned the US that they would not tolerate any actions by the US against the sovereign nation of Syria, simply because the Russians and the Syrians (along with anyone else with two brain cells to rub together) KNEW full well that this "chemical weapons" attack in Douma was indeed another "false flag" operation conducted by the so called "terrorists" themselves....And yes, the Russians put their forces on combat alert as of last night in preparation for a possible strike from the US... Here is the link to yesterday's article about the Russians getting ready for an American strike here:

OK, That was yesterday... I went online this morning, and discovered that the Americans did NOT attack any military targets as of last night.. However, they instead had their Israeli partners get the glory of striking first with a missile strike against the Syrian T4 Military base in central Syria!  Here is the link to a report about this atrocity where the psychos in Israel are claiming that their airstrike was against "Hamas" targets in Syria:

Yes, the psychos in Israel delivered a missile strike against that base, and the following report shows how the Syrians responded to this latest Israeli atrocity:

Apparently from all indications and subsequent reports about this "strike" the Israelis launched these missiles from F-15 fighter aircraft while over either their own airspace or Lebanese airspace....And yes, from many follow up reports, there were as many as 8 missiles launched and only 3 actually hit the T4 airbase...And here is the link to another report from Southfront that contains a few pictures of the "damage" done to the T4 base itself:

To me, this is the psychos in Israel pushing the envelope as they absolutely want to see their puppets in the US get directly involved in Syria... These monsters are wanting to see the Syrians (and their allies) "retaliate" against their provocations so as to get a nice little invasion of Syria by their American minions off and running...

We are right now on the edge of having the entire planet plunged into a major world war thanks once again to this falsehood of a "chemical attack" in Syria... I have been watching the Jew spew news reports still coming in trying to label President Bashar al-Assad as this "butcher and murderer" for this fraud, and apparently these liars are indeed hoping that Americans are that stupid that they will fall for this BS once again!  Honestly, are the American public really this stupid to fall for this?

So... What happens next?  Well according to the following report from my fellow Canadian truth seeker, Penny, who of course writes "Penny For Your Thoughts" at, apparently the US is now going to make its decision to launch a full scale assault on Syria within the next "24-48 hours".... Here is the link to Penny's report here:

Well, there you have it.. The world sits on the edge of World War III and is going to hold its breath for the next 24 hours or so..... I honestly do not like what I am seeing and truly hope that everyone gets the message and tells as many people as they possibly can about the truth about what has just happened in Syria.... By this time tomorrow we may indeed be in a full out war based on the usual lies and falsehoods and people need to stand up and put a stop to it as quickly as they can....

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Penny said...

Hey North! I'm too dam close to the east coast!

look at the map showing the reach of missiles from Russian subs in the Atlantic
Look right between Lake Erie and Ontario? Yah, that's where I'm at!

I'm definitely on edge today- I don't think we'll be hit or anything like that, but, how big could this get- How out of control before cooler heads prevail?
Scares the shit out of me- I kid you not!