Saturday, April 14, 2018

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Scourge: Assessing Last Night's Missile Attack, And Where Do We Go From Here?

Well, I woke up this morning and the world has not gone to heck, at least for now.... The US/UK/France "missile attack" of last night appears to be over for the moment, and right now there have been NO follow up attacks on the sovereign and innocent nation of Syria... Therefore it is time to assess the damage done from this attack and to try to make some sense as to WHY the US criminal President, Donald Drumpf, ordered this heinous and most illegal and illogical attack..

One thing that I do want to make clear and everyone can easily observe it for themselves... I decided to turn on the LIARS in the Canadian Jew spew media and just listen to their lies, bullshit, and excuses for this criminal action by the US government against Syria... And from the moment that I turned on the Talmudvision to listen, I found something peculiar and I decided to take out a piece of paper and do some tallying...

It was remarkable that over the space of just ONE hour this morning, listening to the Jew spew media on the Talmudvision, I counted the number of times these lying sacks of shit from the Jew spew media said the term "chemical weapons"... And it was shocking... In that one hour the term "chemical weapons" was said over and over again some 97 times!  Yes, almost every 1/2 minute, and more rapidly at times, these fuckers were brainwashing the listening audience with that term and I can guarantee it was done purposely... For reality has shown that if you repeat a lie enough, people will allow their minds to be brainwashed into accepting it as true!

Well, here we are the "day after" this heinous crime was done by the US... And every report that I have seen online and via the liars in the Jew spew media states that the US launched some 103 "Tomahawk" cruise missiles at "targets" in Syria.... And the Jew spew media was again and again showing the launching of those missiles from the US Aegis Missile Frigates to give the viewing audience the usual "shock and awe" effect.. BUT... Guess what?  I have seen many reports, especially those coming from the alternative media as well as sources such as Russia Today and Sputnik News, where the actual missiles that hit their targets was only around 32.... Which means that ONLY 32 out of 103 actually did any damage if there was any damage at all... To show how badly this 'strike' actually was to the US military, I have the following link to a report from Sputnik News online, at, that gives an excellent analysis of this "missile strike" ... Here is that link here:

Everyone must remember how last April the US launched a similar strike against that storage base in central Syria using "Tomahawk" cruise missiles, and out of the 59 that were launched ONLY around 20 or so were able to hit any targets at all!   That was proven with subsequent reports as being fact and shows that with proper defense systems, these missiles can easily be destroyed before they can do damage...

Now fast forward to yesterday and we find the reports that the US strike was a complete military FAILURE... Yes, if only around 30% of these missiles came anywhere near their expected targets, then the Syrian air defense systems are in fact the real winners here and Syria has just won a major victory against the evil actions of the US!  But will you hear any of this via the Jew spew media?

I will state it here clearly.. .The Syrian air defense systems are equipped with S200 and S300 anti missile systems, and even though in many ways they are obsolete compared to the newer S400 batteries that Russia is presently in the process of deployment in Syria, these older systems proved their worth and basically just gave the US military a severe black eye....

I applaud the defensive actions of the Syrian forces in repelling this heinous action by the US... But the question does become ... Where do we go from here?  And what is next?

I want to share this interesting report that I came across this morning, and it may answer the question as to what the US is planning next for their destruction of Syria... For according to the following article from the Marine Times out of the US at, apparently while so much Jew spew media reports are still focusing on last night's attack, the US has been "quietly" moving thousands of forces into Jordan and directly towards the Syrian border.. Here is that link:

This is ominous news, for tied with the reports that the US has some B1 Lancer bombers now stationed (illegally) at the Al Tanf forward base in southern Syria, apparently there will be more strikes coming against Syria AND as I have long stipulated the US may be planning to use the Al Tanf positions for some ground assaults into Syria itself!

Yes, I have seen so many reports that are claiming that this "attack" by the US was a "one off" affair, but I will state it clearly that we have seen only the beginning... Criminal US President Drumpf has indeed received his marching orders from the Jewish freaks that are in control of America (the real Deep State) and being the evil bastard he is showing himself to be, he will follow these orders even if the US citizens demand a stop to these attacks!

Wake up, America, for you are indeed sleep walking right into a global conflict...

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