Friday, April 6, 2018

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Scourge: Updates On Situation, And The Criminal US Is Not Leaving Syria Any Time Soon!

It has been a while since I last posted an article with the latest "updates" on the real situation in Syria...  And considering how much everyone has been distracted by all of the major events elsewhere, especially in the Gaza Strip where the psychos in Israel continue to shoot peaceful protestors, there has indeed been a lot going on.....

First of course I want to present the latest update from the Southfront website, at about the present situation in Syria... This is the link to the daily Syrian War report dated today, April 6th, 2018 for everyone to see here:

Yes, with the removal of the threat to Damascus via the East Ghouta pocket last week, the SAA and their Russian and Arabic allies are indeed starting to move forces southward to face the remaining "rebel" and "terrorist" held pockets of resistance in southern Syria that borders the Israeli illegally held Golan Heights area as well as those situated along the Jordanian border.... It will be interesting over the next while to see how the SAA is able to attack these positions without getting the criminal Israelis involved when you consider that most of these "rebels" are getting their weapons and support directly from those Jewish pricks!   And in fact we find the link to the following report also from the Southfront website, where the criminal Israelis are "Concerned" about the Syrian government forces moves against those "militants" aka "rebels" in southern Syria:

It is astounding that the criminal Israelis are showing concern for supposed "terrorists" operating inside Syria, considering that Syria is still a sovereign nation and it should not be any damn business of those monsters as to what the legitimate Syrian government and their army does within Syria's own territory... In other words, these pricks should mind their own business!

Further to the north, the East Ghouta pockets of US run "terrorist" resistance have indeed all been removed except the one situated around the town of Douma... And the Russians had indeed brokered a settlement where the fraud "moderate rebels" would be allowed to leave peacefully via the usual Green Buses to be shipped along with their families northbound to the "rebel" held pocket in Idlib Province... However, apparently these "terrorists" have now reneged on that original agreement, and according to this latest report from the Southfront website, at, the SAA and their Russian/Arabic allies have begun to prepare for the final assault on that 'rebel' held pocket by pounding the crap out of it from the air... Here is the link to that article here:

Once the Douma pocket is eliminated, the next moves will be against the smaller "ISIS" held pocket on the southern side of the city of Damascus, as well as tackling the larger pockets around Rastan south of Hama and the one in Eastern Qalamun.... The Qalamun pocket should fall within a week since it is mostly a rural and desert area, but the Rastan pocket south of Hama constitutes a series of ridges and hills and could take much longer to liquidate.. But with no possible direct aid coming from either the US or Israel to support the "terrorists" and "rebels" holed up there, victory for the SAA is almost guaranteed...

Yes, while the SAA and their Russian and Arabic allies are now concentrating on cleaning up the last "pockets" of resistance in western and southern Syria, the Turkish forces further to the north have indeed set their next target as the American/Kurdish held town of Manjib in northern Syria....And what I have found to be of greatest concern in regards to Manjib is how the US and their NATO cronies, especially France, have now been pouring in a large contingency of illegal troops into that town in an attempt to thwart what is expected to be the next Turkish offensive push to seize it!  Here is the link to another article from Southfront concerning the movement of foreign forces into Manjib:

What has concerned myself over the last while is how the criminal NATO forces, and especially the French, have suddenly invaded Syria by sending in their forces into the fray..... It was bad enough that the US has already deployed some 5000+ illegal troops into northern Syria (some estimates are much higher..) and now we have thousands more NATO forces coming in with the same goal being the illegal establishment of a Kurdish state on the northern side of the Euphrates River..... It does make one wonder if and when these illegal invaders will suddenly get into a major fire fight with the Turks, especially when the Turks finally decide to make their push to seize Manjib...

And I want to turn to a recent report from Penny, over at Penny For Your Thoughts ( that discusses the situation in Manjib and the increase of "tensions" between the Turks and the rapidly building up NATO and US forces in Manjib itself.  Here is the link to that report here:

Calling the situation in Manjib a "quandary" is putting it mildly... It could indeed turn into a massive shooting war between what is supposed to be NATO "allies" very soon....

And earlier this week, Penny came out with a most interesting report where apparently the fraud "ISIS" forces have suddenly been rearmed and have attacked and seized a major Syrian oil field on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River from the Kurdish/American forces... Here is the link to Penny's report on that situation here:

OK, What I see happening with this sudden "rejuvenation" of the fraud of "ISIS" is simple.. It is nothing but bullshit and propaganda to sell to the gullible American public the continuing lie that the US is in Syria to "fight terrorism".... And the reality is of course that since the US runs and is "ISIS", these reports that ISIS 'seized' a major oil field is absolutely 100% staged and a sham..... It should remind everyone about how the US "attacked and fought ISIS in the city of Raqqa" months back when the US fraud "ISIS" forces had actually withdrawn from that city months before that attack!

Therefore I am indeed calling that sudden "ISIS" attack in eastern Syria a staged fraud for the public to swallow the bullshit that "ISIS" is still this big bad "terrorist" group that is still out there and still "dangerous"....

Yes, the situation in Syria is changing on a daily basis.... And what especially has had me concerned over these last few days has been the "waffling" of the criminal US President, Donald Drumpf, who indeed earlier this week stated that he wanted American forces OUT of Syria, and then just today the criminals in the Pentagon have come out stating that the US President is "wrong" and that the US forces are staying (illegally) in Syria and that reports of America ready to withdraw from Syria is just "rumours"!  Here is the link to a report from Southfront about this latest fiasco here:

OK, I have seen so many reports today stating that the US President DID want to withdraw, but he was basically muzzled by the criminals in the Pentagon as well as those who actually control America aka the "Deep State"... However, what I do believe happened is Drumpf's own Jewish controllers put him in his place and reiterated how they were in control and he had to answer to THEM....  AND apparently Drumpf also got the same message via a long telephone call directly from the criminal Israeli Prime Minister, Benyamin Miliekowsky (Netanyahu) just yesterday.....Here is the link to a report about that "telephone conversation" here:

Honestly, the criminal Israeli PM did not call Drumpf to voice his "concerns" but to make sure Drumpf is aware of 'who is in charge', and to demand that the US puppet President of Israeli interests understood that the US forces are to stay in Syria for both the Greater Israel project but to use those forces potentially against Israel's primary target, Iran....

Well, there you have it... The reality of what is happening in Syria, and not the bullshit you would get via the Jew spew media...... And the facts are clear that President Assad is indeed winning the battles for the Syrian nation's freedom, but the US/Israel/NATO scourge are continuing to raise havoc as to continue to try to have the nation disintegrated.... Therefore sadly the war will continue and thousands more innocent Syrian civilians will die as a result...

More to come



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Jody Paulson said...

Why do Americans think it's okay to waltz right into a sovereign country and say, it's okay, we're here to fight terrorism!

That's like a guy off the street coming into your home with a gun saying, "I'm here to protect you from my fr ... a gang that I saw sneak into your house!"

wallflower said...

Thank you NTS for all the updates.

I just found this and wanted to pass it on. It probably won't be here long.
Israels Internet Censorship War
Ryan Dawson
Published on Apr 6, 2018