Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Global Warming Hoax: Criminal CBC In Canada Falsely Claims That Only About 33% Of Canadians Think Global Warming Is A Fraud

I have been posting articles for around 7 years now that point to the evidence that "man caused Global Warming" is a massive fraud and a scam..... The evidence has been shown now to be crystal clear that the entire "Global Warming" hoax was concocted for the sole purpose of swindling stupid and gullible people into surrendering their money for the scam of "carbon taxation"..... I have yet to find any evidence to the contrary..

What I found today however is so amazing and shows how either the Canadian public are truly very gullible or the liars behind the "Global Warming" hoax are still hard at it trying to convince Canadians that they should indeed agree to be fleeced through "carbon taxation"..... For according to the following report from the CBC online news service, at, apparently the criminals behind the CBC ran one of their fraudulent "polls" and are amazed that ONLY about 1/3 of all Canadians actually think that Global Warming is a scam!   Here is the link to that article for all to see for themselves, and I do of course have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I will state it clearly here... The CBC is LYING THEIR ASSES OFF  with this report and are indeed showing themselves only to be the propaganda mouthpiece for the criminal Justin Trudeau regime that wants to enforce their "carbon tax" swindle on gullible Canadians!

I looked at what this report states, and honestly I doubt if Canadians are truly this stupid... I would assume the REAL numbers from their "poll" if there really was one shows that as many as 80-85% of all Canadians now know that Global Warming is indeed a scam and that number is actually increasing..  I therefore am indeed dismissing this CBC article as just pure propaganda bullshit...

Lets face reality here... This planet's climate is absolutely NOT driven by humans and human intervention.. The Earth is absolutely dependent on solar radiation that it receives from our Yellow Dwarf star, Sol.... And right now Sol has indeed gone "quiet" as it enters a period of diminished solar radiation output or a "Solar Minimum"... The net result will be this planet going through a long period of planet wide cooling and NOT "overheating" as the scam artists behind the entire "Global Warming" scam want us to wrongfully believe...

And again, about this 'carbon taxation" that the criminal Justin Trudeau regime is still trying to shove down the throats of Canadians... It is nothing more than another massive tax grab that will fleece Canadians out of billions of dollars annually.... The money from this tax grab will NOT be going into the fraudulent "save the planet" scams that these scoundrels are trying to lie about, but will indeed go directly into the deep pockets of our politicians and/or Canadian general revenues..... It is nothing more than a massive and horrific TAX on Canadians that are already overtaxed!

Yes, the CBC is definitely showing its true colours with this one as nothing more than a propaganda machine.... And sadly so many Canadians will fall for this crap!

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John Zahn said...

CBC - Canadian Bulls**t Corporation!
I reside in North West Ontario, and we still have two to three feet of ice, in our inland lakes. Overnight lows will not reach above 0C or 32F for another month! I predict "ice out" will be mid-to-end of May! I have never seen it this late in my 58 years!
Excellent Reporting...thank you

Johnny Canuck said...

I love your Blog and thank you for exposing what a fraud the CBC has become. I grew up listening to the CBC and spent many enjoyable hours by the radio. Now the CBC is maybe a notch above CNN, which ain't a compliment by any means. State Propaganda arm!!!

As prices keep going up because of this phoney tax-grab, I am hoping there will be a real, nasty backlash from the Canadian people.

The Criminals in the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) should all be in Prison for their deceitful methods they used to promote one of the greatest hoaxes of our time.


MachtNichts said...

Since when have we deplorables, an expression used widely by Felonia von Pantsuits, ever been asked to agree to more taxation? We weren't but it still happens. Wotcha gonna do? Never mind that this kind of taxation is completely uncalled for because CO2 is not a greenhouse gas and global warming is an invention by certain kinds of characters for a get rich scheme aside from trying to control the populace even more. Weather manipulation and chemtrails is a different topic all by itself.

Al Gore needs to be hanged, drawn and quartered the olde English way and his mansion discontinued for gobbling up too much energy. His "Inconvenient Truth" was found wanting, meaning he lied at least nine times, in the British courts. But the indoctrination of school kids the world over is marching forward.

The CBC may have had some merit years ago to inform Canadians of current events. I know, because I've followed Peter Mansbridge religiously over the years. The anchors replacing Pastor Manning after much debate are Arsenault, Barton. Chang and Hanomansing. My take away is CBC, CNBC, ABC, CNN ... you get the drift, are all made of the same cloth, meant to pull the wool over the regular guys eye.

That's why your contribution is so important, NTS, never give up. Now darkmoon is in jeopardy again, and even Jim Stone might have to call it quits.