Thursday, April 5, 2018

South African Situation: What Is Really Going On?

I have been watching the ever changing situation in South Africa, especially since the Black majority government in Johannesburg put out some most disturbing announcements over the last while that they wanted to seize ALL of the remaining white owned lands in South Africa and basically force the last of the whites out of South Africa permanently...... There has even been some most disturbing videos and articles over the last while where many blacks living in South Africa have openly called for the extermination of ALL of the whites that are still remaining in South Africa!   Honestly, what we have here is openly black racism against whites, and it is no wonder the "Liberal" press in our nations are refusing to show this criminality in action since it is the blacks that are being the racists!

To help understand the situation in South Africa, I came across the following most important video where Tom Woods interviews a South African named Ernst Roets, who is supposedly a staple of South African television and the deputy CEO of "Afriforum" that has been labeled as a "Whites Nationalist" group that in fact supports the Afrikaners and other minority groups in South Africa... Here is that video for all to listen to for themselves, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I have been watching what has been happening in South Africa for the last decade and sadly I am indeed watching a once great nation disintegrate due to the black majority forcing the whites out.... The blacks are indeed causing the suicide of the South African nation by sending the nation's intellectual experts running for their lives!

Many people need to understand the truth about South Africa in that the nation was indeed built thanks to the white Afrikaners, and to throw the whites out would see the nation dissolve into total disarray due to the fact that the majority blacks have no real understanding on how to run the nation properly!

I only need to point out what a disaster neighbouring Zimbabwe became once the black majority forced the minority whites out of that nation....The whites ran most of the businesses and the majority of the farms, industries and most of the financial institutions....Once the whites left Zimbabwe, the black majority had no clue of how to run that nation and we can see the disastrous results.. Zimbabwe's industries collapsed and their farming output shrank to the point that the people of Zimbabwe came to near famine conditions... On top of that, Zimbabwe's financial system collapsed taking the Zimbabwe dollar with it to the point that one US dollar was recently worth as much as 1 quadrillion Zimbabwe dollars!  

What we are watching in South Africa is a near mirror of what happened in Zimbabwe before Zimbabwe collapsed... The black majority in South Africa has no concept on how to run the nation properly and have been making a mess of the nation since they obtained control over two decades ago... And out of sheer stupidity, the South African government is openly calling for the genocide of the minority whites and as a result sending many of the whites fleeing out of that nation and taking their abilities to run the nation with them...  If this trend does continue, then South Africa will indeed become a third world nation very shortly...

I have no qualms in showing reality here.....South Africa is a shadow now of its former greatness, and  unless their government changes its tune and allows the whites to live there and in peace, they will have created an unmitigated disaster by their own stupidity.... I dare anyone to come out and call me a "racist" for telling the truth!

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*Update April 5th, 2018:  I missed putting the following important video also in this report... This one is entitled: "The Boer Project" and shows how the Black majority in South Africa is making the lives of the remaining whites there a living hell and a form of "reverse Apartheid"... Please watch this video, and I must warn that some of the facts presented are very shocking indeed:

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It looks a bit like it might be a "jewish" LAND-GRAB disguised as ALTRUISM ?

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