Sunday, April 1, 2018

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, April 1st, 2018

Yes, it is indeed Sunday... And after a week without my usual Sunday rant, I have plenty to discuss here...

First and foremost.. My mother is still in a hospital recovering from her broken hip bone.... While I was off on a short vacation break I had my brother keep me informed of her ongoing status and to let me know how her recovery was progressing.... I was lucky that nothing bad happened during my absence  and I have indeed been visiting her over these last few days since my return..... It will be a very long recovery period considering her age (87) and her problems and stubbornness in digesting food.....

OK, Today of course marks Easter Sunday, which for the first time in 62 years also coincides with April Fools Day.... But the weather right now here in central Canada is no joke as outside temperatures have once again plummeted to a near record -20C overnight with daytime highs well below normal.... Gosh darn this Global Warming!.... And while the nuts are out there still trying to lie their asses off about how the planet is "overheating", we still have our local, provincial, and criminal Federal government here in Canuckleheadistan trying to figure out how to split the upcoming cash cow booty that they will all get when the suckers here start paying the fraudulent "carbon tax"..... Yes,  I have no qualms in stating that my fellow Canuckleheads are truly this stupid that they will accept being fleeced without any protests..... And yes, this fleecing through Carbon tax swindling is NO joke!

Well, it was good to see that pig-man David Hogg was finally revealed to the world as the true scam artist he is.... Just in case anyone missed it, apparently this scum bucket fraud artist was caught making the statement that he was absolutely NOT at that Parkland High School at all the day of that "shooting" earlier last month, but claims now that he "heard about" the shooting and then grabbed his camcorder and rode his bicycle some 3 miles to the school to interview the surviving students..... How noble of him, considering the other fact that he spent the time the morning of the shooting to prepare a video "interview" with Jew spew media outlet CNN to discuss the "shooting" well before it took place that afternoon!..... What this means is not only is this scam artist a complete fraud and a criminal injected into this "shooting" to push the gun control agenda, but he is a bold faced liar as well..... It is also a shocker to me that even with all of these facts now open for the American public to see the truth about this entire fraud shooting event, this criminal Hogg character is still out there being the latest poster "boy" for gun control!....As I said many times; Are Americans really this brain dead and stupid?

Yes, the news out of Syria got a bit better this last week with the "pocket" of US backed "terrorist" resistance in the East Ghouta pocket was finally placed under the control of the good guys, the  SAA and their Russian/Arabic allies, with the last of these fraud "terrorists" making their agreements to withdraw from the pocket to the "rebel held" pocket in and around Idlib Province to the north.... To me, it would have been more fitting to have these bastards annihilated for their massive crimes against humanity, especially their blatant murdering of innocent civilians, but at least with their withdrawal any further bloodshed in East Ghouta will finally come to an end and these 'rebels' will finally be pushed away from the capital city of Damascus itself....  And now with that pocket out of the way, the SAA can concentrate on removing that fraud "ISIS" pocket on the southern outskirts of Damascus and move on the pockets at Duma, Dumayr, and the larger pocket just north of the rebel held towns of Ruhaybah and Jayrud.... The elimination of these pockets has now a top priority for the SAA before they turn their attention back to the bigger eyesores of the Idlib pocket and of course the Kurdish problem north of the Euphrates River.

It was indeed interesting to see reports over these last few days of criminal President Donald Drumpf stating that he was going to call for the 'withdrawal' of US forces from Syria, when the reality is so much different... In fact, there have been increasing reports of a massive movement of US forces and equipment to their illegal base at Al Tanf...... I have been stating in many articles and previous rants that the US forward positions at Al Tanf are absolutely for offensive operations against Syria itself, and that anyone that studies the map of Syria can easily see how the American illegal position at Al Tanf gives them a position for offensive operations deep inside Syria itself where if the Americans are able to get a nice little war declared against Syria, they would use the Al Tanf position to move on   Palmyra and other key cities right in the heart of Syria!   Therefore everyone can take US President Drumpf's statement of US "withdrawal" for the joke it really is, for the US is not only never leaving Syria unless forced to, but they are pushing for further escalation of the conflict through their recent moves!

And, the Turkish invasion of northern Syria continues, with the recent fall of the town of Afrin and the newest build up of forces for what presumably will be Turkey moving on the town of Manjib itself...... And if the Turks do finally assault Manjib, it will be interesting to see what they do about the several thousand or so American forces now "embedded" illegally with the Kurdish forces defending that position.....There has been a lot of back and forth talk between Turkey and the US about Turkey's future movements against the American backed Kurds on both sides of the Euphrates River.... There is still the threat that Turkish offensive movements will have them in contact and in conflict with American forces, especially in the fact that the Americans have refused to withdraw from Manjib in spite of Turkish warnings to do so or face direct conflict with their forces!

I am also amazed that there has been so little coming out of the Jew spew media about reports that France of all countries is now getting involved illegally just like the US in northern Syria.... There have been reports that the French have moved some of their forces into the illegal US bases around Manjib as well as on the northeastern side of the Euphrates River..... I am puzzled as to why the French are suddenly wanting to piss off the Syrians, the Russians, and especially the Turks, by helping the Americans with their push to keep all of northern Syria and thus cause the disintegration of Syria itself... What in the hell are the French thinking?

I have spent the last two days trying to make sense of what in the hell just happened in the open air prison called the Gaza Strip..... The Palestinian people had every right under any international law to have a peaceful protest within their own territory, and on March 30th some 15000 or so of their citizens exercised that right by marching against the criminal and illegal Jewish occupation of their land through the Gaza Strip territory and safely away from the Jewish border area.... However the sick freaks in Israel, well aware that these protests were going to take place, decided to place upwards of 100 sharpshooters and snipers along their border and to plan for a slaughter of innocent people... And once the protest and march was well under way, these freaks opened fire on unarmed civilians and have now, with the last reports coming in, murdered upwards of 20 people will wounding almost a thousand more... It was indeed a blood bath and one that the Jew spew media has "conveniently" overlooked..... What few reports have come out of the liars in the Jew spew media are stating that the sicko Jewish freaks opened fire when the "protests turned violent" with the protestors "hurling rocks at the Israelis", which is pure BULLSHIT..... The facts are that the Palestinians marched well away from the Israelis, within their own territory, and were civil, dignified,and absolutely unarmed..... What this boils down to is once again another blatant act of Jewish freak cold blooded murder.....

Now two days since the Israeli massacre, the criminal Jewish freaks are still trying to claim that the Palestinians "instigated" this bloodbath, but all evidence is showing to the contrary..... There is no other term to call this other than an act of cold blooded  murder which once again shows the entire world exactly how these Jewish freaks are treating the Palestinians...... It should also be a wake up call for those who still try to claim that the Palestinians are the cause of their own demise and expose the truth about how the sickos in Israel are indeed hell bent on the genocide of all of the Palestinians in their sick want to have all of Palestine for themselves..... I hope that in the future when all of Palestine is free that the 30th of March 2018 is remembered for this atrocity committed by the illegal occupiers of Palestine.

I am still surprised that the criminal British May government is still pushing the Russia bashing and still looking for anything that will link Russia to that Skripal "poisoning" that happened earlier last month... ALL of the evidence now points to a 'made in the UK' chemical used for this "nerve agent" poisoning of former Russian agent, Skripal and his daughter..... And the evidence does indeed point to a clandestine UK facility located at Porton Down as being the source of the chemical used!... But in spite of that evidence, here we have the stupid May regime pushing for UK 'sanctions' and to get other governments around the world to bash Russia as well...... IMHO what is really going on here is of course the continuing vilification of Russia for propaganda purposes to try to get the general public on board that the Russians are "bad" and "evil", and to brainwash gullible people with the idea that they should support a new war against non existent "Russian aggression"..... I am still hoping that people are not this stupid and that they will indeed back the Russians in their want for a full investigation into what really happened in regards to Skripal and his daughter.... AND has anyone else noticed how the UK government is trying desperately to block independent investigations into the Skripal case?   How blatantly obvious that someone here is lying and it is not the Russians!

While I was on my short vacation, I was informed that Alfred Schaefer did send out a note to give everyone an update on what is happening with his sister Monika and her still ongoing illegal incarceration in Germany..... Yes, the German "thought police" are still working on trying to break Monika and her spirit and to have her submit to the notion that she is indeed 'guilty" of the ridiculous charge of denying the Jewish "Holocaust" of the second world war.... From what Alfred has stated, she is a fighter and will never submit to such evil and ridiculous charges and is presently still awaiting her day in a German "court".......I for one will continue to support their efforts for truth and real justice, and am still ashamed of my own Jewish controlled Canadian "government" under that twisted Justin Trudeau for not coming to the aid of Monika and demanding the Germans end their illegal incarceration of an innocent Canadian citizen..... It does seem, and very sadly, that Monika will be stuck in Germany for a very long time..

Well, I guess that is enough of the major news that I wanted to cover in this rant.... But of course I always leave so much else going on around our sick world that I should give my two cents worth and hopefully will touch on those subjects here in my closing "Last minute tidbits"...... OK, Kim Jung-un goes and visits China last week and all I can say is "So what?".  China is still the major ally and benefactor for North Korea and what happened is apparently just a normal state visit.  It will not change any aspect of what is happening on the Korean peninsula and should not change any plans for a direct meeting between Drumpf and Kim...........The Houthis are hitting back hard against the Saudi invaders in Yemen and have once again launched rocket attacks against the criminal Saudi regime.  I say good for the Houthis as they fight for the freedom of the Yemen people.....  And apparently the news came out last week about how the US is even more directly involved in the war in Yemen than what the criminal US government states.   But should anyone be surprised?  The US has been working hand in hand with the Saudis for years now and absolutely has their dirty hands in the genocide of Yemen's civilians as well........The criminal US government just gave another 3/4 billion dollars of US taxpayer money to the Israelis last week for their ridiculous "missile defence" system that does not work.  Yes, America, while your own people suffer from poverty and most American cities are turning into sewers, here you have your own government once again sucking Jewish dick and handing those bastards more money for weapons of war.  It does show who the American government swears their allegiance to.........And speaking of "missile defence", I was amazed to see some articles state how the "Patriot" missile defence system in Saudi Arabia did not shoot down any incoming Houthi missiles at all.  It does back up what I have said for years that "missile defence" does NOT work at all and is nothing more than pure propaganda and a waste of money...... The bottom line on that "Israeli F-35" reconnaissance flight over Iran reported last week by the Jerusalem Post is this; Pure and utter nonsense and nothing but pure bullshit propaganda.........Former Chinese space station is due to come crashing down to Earth today.   Most of it will indeed burn up in our atmosphere, but some big chunks are due to land somewhere.......  I saw a report just last week that the radiation levels at the failed Fukushima nuclear weapons facility have actually increased dramatically since that fateful day in March 2011 when the facility blew sky high.   I find it still amazing to this day how the Jew spew media continues to lie their asses off by claiming that the disaster is "under control" when the reality is far different. Fukushima will be around for a very long time poisoning the planet and may eventually be solved by our grandchildren......The criminal Pope over at the Vatican declared last week that there is no hell.  But this makes sense as we as human beings created the whole aspects of both heaven and hell to start with with our ridiculous holy books. Even though this is "Easter" I have no qualms in telling it like it is and have no aspirations in ever believing in the magical sky fairy.......It has been quiet on the Flat Earth lunacy front these days, as apparently those idiots have finally given up on their attacks on my person.  I will state it again that this world is not a flat pancake and those mental midgets in the Flat Earth retardation camp can go kiss my ass.......During a bit of rest during my vacation, I was convinced by my better half to go and watch that piece of Jewlywood garbage called "The Black Panther" at a nearby theatre and it was exactly what I had predicted; Terrible!  To me, this "movie" was an insult to my intelligence and one of the worse pieces of "politically correct" propaganda that I have seen in a while.  But what does anyone expect as the Jewish pricks continue to spew out their "movies" to brainwash gullible people.....Apparently some scientists have discovered the "gene" responsible for the severe schizophrenia that we see in the Jewish tribe.  Nothing new, for I and others have been saying for years now that these freaks are absolutely brain damaged and paranoid.  The trouble is that this same tribe of freaks has several hundred nuclear weapons to boot!......... Arsenal played Stoke City this morning and won by the score of 3-0.   The Gunners are now stuck with just playing out the season now, and it will be another "next year" in their search for a title.  I am still wanting to see a major coaching change come this off season to shake things up a bit......... And I am going to come out of the closet and admit here that I am in fact a great fan of the Kardashians.  Yes, I have been lying all this time and must admit that I watch their shows religiously on a daily basis and keep up with all Kardashian news constantly.   I find them to be the most intelligent people on Earth and can finally understand why Americans are in love with them so deeply and revolve their entire existence around their daily lives.

BTW, Yes it is April 1st and April Fools Day, and if you actually believe what I just wrote about those trollops and skanks in Kardashian screwball land, then you have been had!

More to come



Penny said...

Hey North- yah, it's freezing still here in Southern Ontario- Lake Erie still has 10 percent ice cover- saw the icebreaker going through there since the St Lawrence Seaway opened--- We had snow this morning- we are probably 20 F plus or about 10 C plus below normal- but what the hell, global warming??

We're also expecting snow later this week- my heat still is running, but whatever AGW
carbon, blah,blah, blah-

I see the US got the Easter slam, but, hey no screaming headlines..

Penny said...

btw: North, the French have had troops embedded with SDF and Usrael for a long time now in northern Syria- Canada has troops there as well. I expect France will send in more- It looks as if the US has moved more troops in already