Monday, April 30, 2018

Israel Gunning For War Against Iran: Insane Failed Used Furniture Salesman Who Is Also Israel's Prime Minister Gives Ridiculous Presentation Claiming Iran Falsely Has Nuclear Weapons!

Well.... After yesterday's rant, I decided to take a bit of some "rest and relaxation" for the rest of the day hoping to unwind and recharge for what could be a busy week for myself..... Little did I realize, like most everyone else, that the psychotic and insane state of Israel decided to launch a missile strike last night against targets in Syria claiming that they were attacking "Iranian installations"!   We may in fact have just been pushed to the edge of a major regional war in the Middle East thanks to these sick freak Jewish bastards...

First, I want to play a little bit of "catching up" on what has been happening since that Israeli strike against Syria last night..... And I want to turn to several articles from my fellow Canadian truth seeker, Penny, who of course writes the great blog "Penny For Your Thoughts" at Her first report about this horrendous and diabolical Israeli missile strike at targets in Syria is at the link here:

Penny has followed up her original report with this one that states that we may indeed be on the brink of a major regional war between the psychos in Israel, and of course the peaceful nation of Iran...Here is the link to that report here:

OK,  I have not gone over all of the assessments of the damage inflicted by the psychos in Israel against targets in Syria...But needless to say, I have been stating for the last few years that the insane state of Israel is hell bent on getting a nice little war launched against Iran and to see the STUPID American government obediently do as their Jewish masters want and do all of the fighting for that sick and twisted state.....

It is apparent that these missile strikes were absolutely 100% coordinated between the psychotic state of Israel and of course the American military..... And what is now happening is the US is of course waiting for a "response" from Iran which they will then use the Jew spew media to falsely claim that "Iran attacked Israel" and thus get that nice little war against Iran off and running.... It is a sick and twisted game, and I can only hope that the Iranians do not fall for this trap...

Meanwhile... My fellow Canadian truth seeker that hails from the wilds of British Columbia, Greencrow, has been all over this heinous attack as well with her own reports.... And I want to present the first link from her website at, that covers the first reports about that strike, here:

OK, Here are the links to several subsequent reports from Greencrow's website here:

It is indeed most interesting how the psychos in Israel, and especially that failed Lithuanian Jewish used furniture salesman, Benyamin Miliekosky aka Netanyahu, is out there ranting and screaming to high heaven that 'Iran is to blame' for this missile attack... That raving lunatic even released a "slick" video presentation to the world where he is once again trying to (falsely) claim that Iran has "nuclear weapons" and that "Israel has the right to defend itself" from nonexistent Iranian "aggression".... Here in fact is that video presentation, and for my readers own health get ready to puke:

I actually watched this entire video,and honestly I had a hard time trying not to vomit... This failed used furniture salesman is a raving lunatic that has no real evidence at all of any Iranian "nukes" and instead tries to sell the world that a war with Iran is necessary to save his own shitty little state that should not exist in the first place!

Honestly, this "video presentation" by that lunatic Miliekowsky is as bad as when he went in front of the UN some time back with his pictures of bombs that looked like they came from a Looney Tunes cartoon....  And this lunatic is expecting people to swallow this crap?

And finally, I want to present a most interesting link to an article from the Moon Of Alabama website, at, that shows that something much bigger is behind this criminal Israeli missile strike... Here is that link here:

OK,  I do agree that what the Israelis are presenting is not only outdated but absolutely the most ridiculous and laughable assertions about Iran's non-existent nuclear weapons program imaginable..

I am indeed perplexed by this action by Israel at this time... Yes, these psychos are hell bent on a regional war and again to have the US do all the fighting and dying... And honestly considering how mentally insane they are, they do not give a crap if the war spreads into a world war between Russia and the US for they are stupid enough to actually think that they will survive and be in control of what is left of the planet when it is all over....

One other thing that is not discussed and it may have something to do with this push for war against Iran.... The Iranians formally about a week and a half ago stopped trading their petroleum exports in US dollars and switched over their entire Oil trading to Euros..... This action has been almost never discussed anywhere in either the Jew spew media or the alternative media, but it is terribly important and I will explain why...

The US economy has been in free fall for decades and the US dollar has only been kept alive due to the fact that the world's major Petroleum exporters have  been forced since  1973 to do their oil trading exclusively in US dollars... This is in fact the "Petrodollar" scheme and it has basically kept the worthless US dollar alive for some 45 years now...  But many nations are now beginning to turn away from the forced usage of the US dollar for their reserve currencies, especially when buying or selling Oil, and have begun to switch to other currencies.... The facts are that if nations stopped trading their oil in US dollars, it could be a disaster for the US government, as many nations would no longer keep US dollars as their "reserve currency" primarily for the trading of oil..... The result could see a massive devaluation of the US dollar which could lead to full economic collapse of the US itself...

The US has in fact launched several wars of aggression in the past to make sure nations are forced to continue to trade using US dollars.... ONE prime example of this criminal US action was in 2003 where Saddam Hussein had switched Iraq's oil trading from the US dollar to the Euro and the US response was to invade and destroy Iraq itself.... One of the first actions by the American occupation in Iraq was to switch Iraq's oil trading back to the US dollar!

Therefore, the Iranians moving away from the US dollar is a disaster for the US, and could signal other Petroleum export nations to do the same.... I therefore could indeed see the US now pushing for war on Iran to force the Iranian nation back on the Petro-dollar much like they did to Iraq... It therefore does make sense for the US government now to back up Israel and plan for a massive new war against Iran just to save their economic necks....  But would the US risk a world war just to force Iran back on the Petrodollar???

I am going to try to do my best to keep up on this new and dangerous situation in Syria.... And again I want to thank my fellow Canadian friends, both Penny and Greencrow, for their articles and takes on this situation.... Well done, ladies!

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Adrian Chetwynd said...

The comments under that video are very interesting and the good news is that lot's of people can see through the lies.

One of the comments linked to the following video which shows Bibi telling the same lies about Iraq.

Netanyahu was wrong about Iraq having nuclear weapons: