Tuesday, March 13, 2018

US Secretary Of State, Rex Tillerson Fired By President Drumpf: Is He The First RAT To Swim Away From US Government "Sinking Ship"?

I was as shocked as everyone else today when I saw the news this afternoon that US Secretary of State (now former) was "fired" by US President Donald Drumpf earlier today... In his place, we find now a very hawkish "neocon" and real Jewish and Israeli supporter, Michael Pompeo.   This was indeed a most startling development, and IMHO one that means that the so called American "deep state" is moving rapidly now to seize total control of the US Government and quite possibly lead the entire nation into world war III!

I have not had much time today to do a lot of research into the "why" US President Donald  Drumpf made this shocking move at this time... But several of my fellow Canadian real truth seekers, both Penny over at "Penny for Your Thoughts" (www.pennyforyourthoughts2.blogspot.com) and of course Greencrow over at "Greencrow As The Crow Flies"(www.greencrowasthecrowflies.blogspot.com) have been all over this news since it came out, and I want to share with everyone some of their own thoughts on this important development here... Therefore, I want to first bring forward the link to Penny's article entitled "Breaking: Trump Fires Tillerson, Appoints Pompeo As Secretary Of State" here for everyone to view for themselves:


OK, My comment on Penny's article is this... Replacing Tillerson for Pompeo definitely shows that the "Deep State" rather than being drained out of Washington via Drumpf's "draining the swamp" promise is now back and firmly entrenched... It also means that Washington is now going to be steering a most dangerous path, since Pompeo is absolutely a massive Israel firster and is absolutely a war hawk!  Dangerous times for the United States are now a reality indeed...

Now comes Greencrow's article that she has already updated at least once, entitled: "UPDATED: Tillerson Fired?  BS! He's Just The First Rat To Swim Away From The Sinking Ship!"... I have the link to her report here:


My comment on Greencrow's article is this... I do appreciate how she sees Tillerson as basically getting the hell out now while he has the chance, but I am deeply worried, again, about where the US is now heading with that criminal CIA operative, Pompeo, now in as the newest US Secretary of State...

I have a different take on this "firing" and I wonder if this is not only due to all of the BS over Russia and that "poisoning" in the UK, but also due to the fact that maybe Tillerson really did not see eye to eye with Drumpf in regards to the Jewish push for more wars in the Middle East.....  We must remember that the criminally deranged Israeli freak Khazar failed used furniture salesman, Benyamin Miliewkosky (Netanyahu) was in Washington until just over this last weekend, and he did spend time with Drumpf.... I do wonder if one of that Jewish freak's demands was to have Tillerson removed to put the more hawkish and Jew dick sucker, Pompeo in his place, simply because Tillerson may have indeed been trying to dissuade Drumpf from pushing for war against Iran!....

We also do see reports that Tillerson supposedly is now free of his "Deep State" control, and we will see over the next while if he does exercise that freedom to tell everyone what is actually happening in Washington and the truths about America's foreign policies... It will be interesting to see indeed....

One other note:  Pompeo's replacement as criminal CIA head honcho and chief "spy", that Gina Haspel, is no beauty herself.. She has a real dark past, especially where she headed so many of the CIA's "black sites" where the supposed "Al Qaeda terrorists" were "held" in foreign nations... Considering how phoney the entire "Al Qaeda" really is, and how the US runs most of the phoney "terrorist" organizations through the CIA, it should have everyone wondering what this new head of the CIA is really all about!

The bottom line is this... With Tillerson out, the Deep State is back in full control in Washington DC, and we could see more wars for Israel and even a more scary push for war against both Russia and China......Many people may have not liked Tillerson, but his replacement Mike Pompeo should scare the crap out of them!

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