Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Scourge: More Updates on East Ghouta - And Here We Go Again With The "Assad Gassed His Own People" BULLSHIT!

As I have now shown in my previous article concerning the ongoing war for the freedom of the Syrian people, the facts are now straight forward and show beyond any shadow of any doubt any more that the whole scheme by the most evil US/Israel/NATO criminal scourge cabal is to absolutely 100% break up Syria into at least FIVE smaller "puppet states" that would be fully controlled by foreign and especially Israeli interests... .The people of Syria do deserve so much better and we should all be supporting their efforts to free their nation from such horrific evil...

Now, I figure I would once again concentrate on the actual battles taking place right now for Syria's freedom... And of course we have the ongoing battle for the East Ghouta pocket, where the good guys aka the SAA and their allies are continuing to shrink that pocket and given time will have it completely eliminated.... And to bring forward the latest reports from the East Ghouta battlefront, I want to once again turn to the Southfront website, at www.southfront.org with this latest report, dated today March 6th, for all to see for themselves... Here is the link to that report here:


As you can see from that report, the SAA and their allies are indeed concentrating their efforts from the eastern side of the pocket with the goal of eventually linking up right in the center to split the entire "terrorist" held pocket into two smaller pieces....

And here is a great map from Southfront that shows the military actions against the East Ghouta pocket as of today:

Government Forces Advance On Misraba And Beit Sawa In Eastern Ghouta (Map)

Yes, the SAA is absolutely winning the battle for East Ghouta... And the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal is now absolutely desperate to try ANYTHING to stop the SAA from achieving victory in that suburb of Damascus to remove the "terrorist" threat from Damascus itself....

And lo and behold, but I and others were wondering if and when these scoundrels would once again try the sick and twisted idea that President Bashar al-Assad would "gas his own people" to try to convince the ever more skeptical public that a direct attack on Syria would be "necessary" to stem the victory by the Syrian government forces..

Well, we did not have long to wait.. For just the other day came a multitude of different "reports" coming out of the usual Jew spew media liars, that there has indeed been a brand new "chemical attack" using "chlorine gas" launched in East Ghouta against "civilians and moderate rebels" by Syrian government forces.... And right away I and others in the real truth movement call BULLSHIT!

Now, comes the following report from the Activist Post website, at www.activistpost.com, where the US is now (of course) discussing "military action" against Syria for this pure and utter bullshit "gas attack" in East Ghouta!  Here is the link to that report here:


I need not explain to anyone here that has two brain cells to rub together that this "gas attack" is an absolute fraud... If there was indeed a "gas attack" then it was 100% conducted by the US fraud "moderate rebels" right on cue to get the gullible American idiots out there to support their government once again striking Syria directly... And once again common sense should be the order of the day here, since there is absolutely no reason what so ever for Assad to "gas his own people" since his forces are absolutely winning this war to have the East Ghouta pocket eliminated!

Yes, I have been periodically checking out what the Jew spew media outlets have been saying about the "war in Syria" and it is almost vomiting to see those clowns lie just by opening their mouths.... It once again shows that there is NO truth at all in the US media..... However, I found a most enlightening article that comes from the Russia Today website, at www.rt.com, that talks about the reality of the war in Syria and especially about what is really happening in East Ghouta... I have the link to that article here for all to see for themselves:


Lets face the facts here... The East Ghouta pocket of murderous "rebels" and "terrorists" are now only days away from being officially eliminated.... And therefore we knew that the evil cabal would try something dastardly to try to prevent that destruction... But honestly, trying this laughable and ridiculous notion that "Assad has once again gassed his own people" is so ludicrous that I too wonder why anyone would ever fall for it... Are the American people this stupid that they will fall for this bullshit?  Wait and see....

More to come


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