Monday, March 5, 2018

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Scourge: Updates On Situation - East Ghouta Is About To Be Liberated!

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Yes, it has been a while now since I last reported on the ever changing situation in Syria.... The most serious issue going on right now in that war for the Syrians to free themselves from the scourge of the US/Israel/NATO cabal is centered around the battle for East Ghouta, which of course is a suburb of the capital city of Damascus itself....

First of course I want to get everyone up to speed on the real story going on in Syria and not the bullshit that the Jew spew media is trying to report... And to do so, I want to turn to the Southfront website, at, where they have just released the latest "Syrian War Report" dated today, March 5th... Here is the link to that important update here:

Yes, the SAA and especially the Tiger Forces are heading towards cutting the East Ghouta pocket into two pieces as shown here in this latest map update from Southfront:

Militants To Let Civilians Leave Eastern Ghouta In Return To Humanitarian Aid - Reports

As shown in this latest update of the ever shrinking pocket in East Ghouta, the SAA has indeed concentrated their efforts from the eastern side of the pocket and are aiming towards cutting the pocket in half  through the center of the pocket itself...

Honestly, I say bravo to the brave fighters in the SAA and their Russian and Arabic allies....Once the forces from the eastern side of the pocket are able to make contact with the forces from the west, resistance by the US backed "Al Qaeda" fraud terrorists will be left unorganized and can be destroyed piecemeal...

I have been wondering what the US reaction will be to the collapsing resistance in East Ghouta... And yes, it has not taken long for the criminals in the US Government to come forward and "show concern" about the "terrorists" operating in East Ghouta... And to show how ridiculous the US reaction is to their impending defeat at East Ghouta, here is a link to a report also from Souithfront, where the US is "showing concern about "Ceasefire" in East Ghouta"!   Here is that link here:

Honestly, how arrogant of the US to even make such a ridiculous statement!  They are now showing concern over "Al Qaeda terrorists" operating in East Ghouta?   Was it not "Al Qaeda" that the US government claims caused the "attack on 9-11"? and is it not "Al Qaeda" that is supposed to be near the top of the most wanted "terrorist list" to be destroyed?   How gullible do these criminals actually think the American people are?

The bottom line is this... The US led and very fraudulent "terrorists" operating in or near Damascus are now slated for destruction, and the US/Israel/NATO cabal is trying desperately to stop that from happening....

This should indeed open the eyes of so many out there that are still gullibly and stupidly believing that the US is "fighting in Syria" against "terrorists", when the reality is of course that the US itself ARE the terrorists!

More updates on situation in Syria will be forthcoming here... I wanted to concentrate this article on the battle for East Ghouta first and foremost.... There is of course the situation in northern Syria that will be covered shortly as well... Stay tuned..

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