Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Scourge: Updates On Situation - SAA Is About To Destroy The East Ghouta Pocket, And Therefore The US Is Once Again Threatening Retaliation!

I have been watching the war in Syria very closely these last few days, as most everyone in the alternative media has been as well.... The good guys, the Syrian government forces (SAA) along with their Russian and Arabic allies, have been concentrating their efforts on the final conquering of the East Ghouta pocket of US backed "Al Qaeda" resistance, and are now pushing into the urban stronghold areas within the pocket itself advancing from the east... It has been a brilliant move by the SAA due to the major portion of the defenses in East Ghouta are on the western side of the pocket itself....  It does look like the last of the "terrorists" left in East Ghouta will indeed have to surrender very shortly, or be destroyed.

To discuss the present and ongoing situation in East Ghouta, I do want to present the latest update from the Southfront website, at, that gives a great overview of this ongoing battle, and has some pretty good maps of the situation for everyone to follow... Here is the link to that report here for all to see for themselves:

And right here is the latest map of the battle for East Ghouta that shows the steady advances of the SAA as they continue to shrink the last strongholds down in size:

I too have been watching the maps over the last while that shows the steady gains by the SAA in East Ghouta, and again I am happy to see the SAA and their allies do their best for the well being of the civilians who are now freed from their terrible imprisonment by the US backed "terrorists".... This also flies in the faces of course of the Jew spew media reports that still continue to hype the lie that the SAA is "killing civilians"....

And of course with the imminent victory by the SAA in East Ghouta, the US yesterday demanded that the SAA go no further or the US will directly retaliate against President Assad's forces..... I found the following video from a few days ago important, for it starts with that "Nikki Haley" (real name Nimrata Randhawa) crying the blues in the UN General Assembly and lying her ass off once again about those non-existent "chemical weapons" that the US continues to bullshit about Assad using against his own people.. Here is that video:

I actually watched that entire video earlier today, and that lying bitch opens her mouth and nothing but lies spew out... It is disgusting to behold and I am surprised that the entire world continues to put up with these lies.... I agree with the Russians that this is nothing but "disinformation" from the US...

And yes, the Russians are right again that those fraud "terrorists" would indeed still want to conduct a new "chemical weapons" attack to try to stop their imminent defeat.. And lo and behold, but here we go again today with the so called "White Helmets" (who of course are the real terrorists..) claiming a brand new "chemical weapons" attack in East Ghouta!   Here is a report from Southfront again, that covers this latest ridiculous allegation:

Honestly, how sick is this?  ANYONE with even an ounce of common sense can easily see how ridiculous this "chemical weapons" stupidity really is for the simple fact that there is no way in hell that Assad would even bother "gassing" his own people when he is winning everywhere across Syria!

The situation in Syria is now basically evolving into a more dangerous one by the day... The US/Israel/NATO scourge is once again harping the lies of "chemical weapons" with now a new twist in trying to blame not only the Syrian government, but the Russians and Iranians as well!    I do wonder why the American people continue to tolerate this stupidity and sheer bullshit without taking their own government to task and to actually PROVE that the Syrian government and the Russians are doing such "evil acts" in Syria... Guaranteed, the US Government has NO proof and if they try to bring forward "proof" it will be sheer fraud and lies...

I am continuing to watch the situation change rapidly in Syria.... I for one am hoping that the SAA and their allies finish off the US led "terrorists" in East Ghouta as quickly as possible and well before the US stupidly decides to launch an attack against Syria and possibly escalate this entire conflict into World War III.

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