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The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Scourge: Updates On Situation In Battle For East Ghouta, And US Is Now Threatening Syria To Save Its Terrorists!

Yes, I figure it was time to get the latest updates on the real situation in Syria, and not the crapola that people are seeing coming from the Jew spew media outlets..... I for one am sick and tired of the liars at those Jew controlled outlets such as "CNN" and others continue to lie and to promote the falsehood that President Assad is "evil" and that the Syrian forces are "killing civilians"..... AND we see those lies being magnified to a new level of bullshit in regards to the situation in and around the East Ghouta pocket....

And lets face the truth here... The battle to destroy the US backed "Al Qaeda terrorists" now holed up in East Ghouta is going so well for the good guys, the Syrian government forces, that the entire pocket is now about to collapse and the last remnants of these US backed butchers and mercenaries are indeed about to be annihilated.... And to give the latest update on the REAL situation in East Ghouta, I want to turn to a report that comes from the Real Syrian Free Press website, at that originates from the Southfront website at This is the latest report dated March 12th, and shows indeed how the so called "terrorist" resistance has indeed collapsed... I have it right here, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Syrian War Report: foreign-backed mercenary-terrorists’ defense collapsed in Eastern Ghouta

[Excerpts from SouthFront, 12/3/2018] ~ Last weekend a defense of militant groups operating in Eastern Ghouta collapsed under pressure of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies and the militant-held pocket was cut off into two separate parts. ~ Government forces liberated the town of Madiera, almost isolated the neighborhood of Harasta, captured farms near Jisrin and attacked Atfris. ~ The area of Douma is controlled by Jaish al-Islam with help of some units of Ahrar al-Sham, while the southern pocket is jointly controlled by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda), Faylaq al-Rahman and Ahrar al-Sham. ~ On the same day, some pro-militant sources and mainstream media outlets released reports about a new chemical attack allegedly conducted by the Syrian government. The chlorine gas attack allegedly hit people in the neighborhood of Irbin. No evidence confirming these claims were provided. ~ It’s interesting to note these media reports came just few hours following the collapse of the militants’ defense in Madiera. ~ 
On March 12, the SAA continued its advance aiming to isolate Harasta from Douma. According to pro-government sources, SAA units already achieved this goal. However, they still have to secure the recent gains.
Reports are circulating that US and Israeli-backed militant groups are preparing for an attack against the SAA in the city of Daraa in southern Syria. The alleged attack would exploit the SAA involvement in Eastern Ghouta operation and aimed at indirectly assisting militants there.
Source: SouthFront
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NTS Notes:  First, I want to present the latest map of the real situation in East Ghouta, that clearly shows the entire pocket now ruptured and broken into at least 3 pieces:

I for one want to applaud the efforts of the SAA and the good people of Syria in their want to remove this scourge that has been sitting on the doorstep of the nation's capital city of Damascus for almost 6 years now.... And with the impending victory at East Ghouta, the SAA may finally be able to move their forces north and finish off the last of the US and Israeli backed "terrorists" still operating in Idlib province as well...

BUT... I did find something most alarming today, for apparently the evil US government is trying a last pitched attempt to save their "Al Qaeda terrorists" in the ever shrinking East Ghouta pocket.... For apparently according to the following link to a report from the "Huffington Post" website, at, apparently the criminals in the US government are threatening to "act" against Syria now, claiming that the UN has failed to stop "Assad using chemical weapons" against civilians!   Here is that link here:

And here is another interesting article that comes from the Muslim Village website, at, where that squawking and most evil bitch, Nikki Haley (real Punjabi name: Nimrata Randhawa), went to the UN and demanded an immediate "ceasefire" in East Ghouta, or the US would indeed act.... Here is that link here:

What we have here of course is utter desperation by the US in wanting to stop Assad from destroying their operatives and mercenaries operating in East Ghouta... And they have the nerve to demand the UN do something rather than first show proof of the allegations against Assad?  Yes, the sickness of the US government is clearly in play here...

Honestly, can anyone actually believe the level of pure and utter BULLSHIT coming out of the US and their media talking heads?    This is such an outright lie being concocted by the US, and again, obviously they are doing these threats now to try to save their 'TERRORIST' and other operatives now being destroyed in East Ghouta!  Hopefully the American people will not put up with these incessant lies coming from their own government and will challenge these liars to show exactly where Assad has these magical chemical weapons.....

Lets be honest here once again... President Bashar al-Assad is absolutely NOT "gassing" his own people and is not 'butchering them' or "slaughtering them" as the liars in the Jew spew media continue to harp and lie.... There is NO need at all for Assad to do these things simply because his forces have been winning all across Syria, and what independent observers and other experts have found is that it is the US backed operatives, mercenaries, and other so called 'terrorists' that have been doing all of the murdering and gassing civilians....

I for one want to see those murderous US backed pricks that have been butchering and murdering civilians for years in East Ghouta be put out of their misery.... The proud people of Syria deserve better and deserve their nation back, and not to be disintegrated by the criminals in the US, Israel, and NATO....

More to come


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