Thursday, March 29, 2018

I am back... Time For A "Mini Rant" To Catch Up On What I Missed

I am back..... And first I want to thank Greg over at his "Goon Squad" website ( for coming across the picture above... It speaks for itself and does explain why the sick and twisted tribe of freaks do indeed want to label anyone that discovers their criminal ways as being "antisemites"!

Well, I did go to "parts unknown" and for a full week I basically put my laptop away and concentrated on trying to have some fun and unwind.... I did catch some of the "Jew spew news" that was put out across the Talmudvision in my hotel room, but I had to laugh at the idiocy that those clowns continued to try to shove into peoples' brains... Honestly, does anyone actually believe their crap any more?

OK, The first order of business is to get this "Mini Rant" off and running.... I do have a lot of catching up to do, and I will start with the revelation that came out earlier this week about that FRAUD 'David Hogg' and how that little bastard had the NERVE to lie his ass off to the entire world about how he was a "student" at that High School in Parkland where that recent "false flag" shooting took place... And guess what?  That little prick came out late last week with a most interesting revelation that he was NOT even at that High School when that "shooting" took place!  He was in fact approximately 3 miles away at home when he heard about the "shooting" over the Talmudvision (supposedly) and then quickly grabbed his cam-corder and rode his bicycle to the scene of that "shooting" to interview the survivors of that "shooting"!   And here is the video evidence of this little prick saying himself that he was indeed a liar!:

OK, Now we know that Parkland was indeed a setup, and that the "shooting" was indeed conducted by a hit squad that in all probability did kill a few students... Remember that these pricks behind these shootings do indeed need a few deaths from time to time to create a sense of 'authenticity'... BUT this "David Hogg" creature was injected into this fraud purposely to push the gun control agenda!   I for one am so shocked to see so many people fall victim to this set up and fraud... What the fuck is wrong with people that they cannot see that Parkland was indeed a massive preplanned operation?

I am sick of the fraud of Parkland... And it is just one symptom of the sickness of America..... And I came across the following link to an article from The Saker that epitomizes how badly America and the West has fallen and are now stupidly pushing for a possible world war against Russia ... Here is that link for everyone to read for themselves:

I agree with "The Saker" in his assessment of how badly the West has indeed fallen.. However, once again he misses the fact that it is the goddamn Jewish criminal pricks that are fully responsible for the demise of the US and the entire West!

Meanwhile... I see that the war in Syria to free that nation from the evil US/Israel/NATO scum buckets has had a string of good news over the last week... I for one want to applaud the good guys, the SAA and their Russian/Arabic allies, in their tremendous success (so far) in the battle to free East Ghouta from the American fraud "terrorist" bastards....  I finally have had the chance to pour over some most important articles over at the Southfront website ( and the news has been fabulous for the SAA...

However, I have been a bit perturbed by the fact that the US is now openly expanding their ILLEGAL operations on the eastern side of the Euphrates River, by apparently and blatantly establishing a new military base right in the heart of the richest oil fields in Syria... Here is the link to that report here:

Penny over at "Penny For Your Thoughts" (, Greencrow over at "Greencrow As The Crow Flies" (, and myself have had no illusion at all over the last year as to what exactly the US is doing in Syria.... We as Canadians have no qualms in pointing out to our American friends how truly diabolical their own government is and how they are now illegally occupying a foreign nation, Syria, against the will of the Syrian people as well as the legitimate Syrian government in Damascus... This is absolutely diabolical and will definitely be used by the US/Israel/NATO cabal for their eventual conquering and/or disintegration of Syria itself!

And I have WARNED people everywhere for almost a year now about how the US is indeed building a massive offensive operations force based at their ILLEGAL base at Al Tanf in southern Syria... And lo and behold, but here is a new report from Southfront where this massive offensive weapons build up has finally been noted by the Syrians:

Yes, the US is not leaving Al Tanf, and is absolutely putting in a large amount of offensive forces at that southern Syrian position for eventual OFFENSIVE operations against Syria itself.... All that anyone has to do is take a look at the map of Syria and how that Al Tanf position is right smack in the middle of southern Syria and how it can be used by the criminal US forces for offensive strikes against Palmyra to the north, the Euphrates to the east, and even Damascus to the west!

But I found today a most interesting article also from Southfront, where apparently that criminal US President, Donald Drumpf himself, announced that the US was leaving Syria "very soon"... Here is the link to that article:

OK, You want the truth?  President Drumpf is LYING HIS ASS OFF in making that outrageous statement.. The facts are simple in that the US is absolutely NOT leaving Syria any time soon as the US military has indeed been ordered by their Jewish masters to stay and plan for offensive operations for the conquest of Syria and to also have those same forces available for the eventual war against Iran itself....

Elsewhere, I knew that the "nerve gas" poisoning of that Skripal character in the UK was indeed a fraud from the very beginning.....The poisoning was absolutely done by either MI5, the Mossad, or even the CIA... The goal was to use this "attack" as further vilification of Russia, and a lot of the general public in the UK and elsewhere fell for this scam showing once again how gullible the majority of the general public can be.... In fact, the evidence now shows that the chemical used for this 'attack' was synthesized right there in the UK!... And to give a pretty good analysis of this entire fraud, I want to turn to another great article from Southfront right here entitled "Scribal Case - The Big Picture":

Lets face it.. The US, the EU, the UK, etc, etc, are all wanting to do as much bashing of Russia to try to brainwash the general public into the false belief that Russia is suddenly this big bad "enemy".... I for one have been trying to figure out WHY and it may have to do with the fact that the entire western economic situation is indeed a massive train wreck that is about to implode... There may be some logic in the sick idea that the US and the EU are both desperately wanting to save themselves from full blown economic collapse and that to their sick and twisted leadership the way out may indeed be a massive world war!

Yes, I go away for a week and there has indeed been a lot going on during my absence.... I am trying to do a lot of catching up and will be following up this article with a lot over the next few days and my usual weekend rant this Sunday...... Stay tuned..

More to come



Unknown said...

Welcome back. You were sorely missed!

greencrow said...

Welcome back, NTS. Feisty as per usual : )

truthnow82 said... Northern friend is back,recharged, and on the attack! Nice! :)
Good analysis!

Penny said...

Hey North!
Glad to see you back and in fighting form- Crazee as of late- and was saying to hubby the other day, I was hoping you get back for all the goings on. It sure looks as if the US was up to know dam good in Manbij, clearly two special ops personnel died.

I suspect they were creating the conditions to bait/strike Turkish forces dug in not too far away- It's getting uglier.

SwordofCreation said...

Here's a rather important piece of evidence the latest school shooting had multiple shooters and the patsy was not one of them!

Or here when that is censored: