Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Florida International University Bridge Collapse: Diversity Fail? All Women Engineering Team To Blame For That Disaster?

Many people are not aware of my science and physics background... During my time years back in University I did study some Engineering and especially structural designs... That included gaining some knowledge of how bridges are properly designed and built..

Now we fast forward to last week where that pedestrian bridge at Florida International University collapsed on the motorway below killing some 6 people and injuring 9 others.... When I saw the reports and looked at some of the pictures, I could not help but to think of what a SHODDY job the builders and Engineers had done... Honestly, who came up with that design?  Where in the hell was the center support and especially the proper trusses or cables to push the load bearing towards those necessary supports?   All I could do after reading the reports was to shake my head in disgust and feel so bad for the people who were crushed when the bridge did collapse...

Over these last few days, I read a lot of articles that tried to find blame for this faulty design, and especially how "cracks" were discovered in the bridge itself some two days before the collapse!  Here is a link to a report from the New York Times about the discovery of cracks in this bridge:


OK, I do have so many questions here... If there were indeed cracks discovered TWO DAYS before this collapse, then why was the project not halted immediately and the road below closed in case of a pending collapse?  Who in the hell were the Engineers responsible that allowed the project to continue under these circumstances?

Well, I found something the other day, and honestly I have to publish it here in spite of so many of my fellow truth seekers not liking it.... For according to the following report, apparently the Engineering firm responsible for this disaster may have been an all female team, and as the article stipulates it may indeed have been a massive "diversity" failure!  Here is the link to that report here:


OK, People that have known me for decades know that I have absolutely no qualms at all in having any woman do any job as long as they are qualified and are right for the job..... But this does indeed bring forward some interesting aspects to this disaster, and the bigger question becomes:  Were these women actually fully qualified?  And if not, were they put in those positions for "diversity" and to "fill quotas" as so much of our society has now woefully become?

It is also amazing that the Jew spew media is not covering this aspect of this disaster... And it makes sense, for they do not want to bring forward the possible failure of this bull crap "Political correctness" and "diversity"..... But if proof does come forward that this Engineering firm is to blame for this failure, then there should be hell to pay and to hell with "political correctness"..

More to come



Greg Bacon said...

Wonder how many hours of the most Holy Holocau$t™ training FIU students receive?

That kind of BS is even knocking STEM classes off the curriculum at many schools.

Northerntruthseeker said...

I need an interpretation here... What is 'STEM'?

Northerntruthseeker said...

Greg.. If you are implying that "Holy Hoax" classes are knocking science/technology/engineering/mathematics classes out of normal University curriculums, then I do agree...

Frank said...

I guess you can blame the "girls" engineering team for this one...if you are willing to blame every other disaster on the "boys" engineering teams.

MachtNichts said...

When I read that, an all female team of engineers, I had to laugh. It seems like the design would have stood the test of time if implemented correctly even if the 'girls' claimed some artistic licence.

Question is who was responsible for the ABC (accelerated bridge construction)? Some local politicians, the university? Preferring speed over quality + due diligence + correct procedure just to pacify some motorists and/or voters, trying to brag?

Well, I wouldn't be too unhappy about finding out what was really going on.



Northerntruthseeker said...

Frank... I honestly do not give a damn if it was either a man or a woman that engineered this project... The fact that there are 6 people dead now due to someone's incompetence as an "Engineer" should take precedence here and it should not be left to "political correctness"...

JamesClerk Maxwell said...

Merit is heresy. Equality of outcome is one of the dogmas taught to women at FIU. The obvious corruption is the social justice / intersectionality /critical theory / feminist religion. When these ideologies take root the original propose of an organization gets replaced with pushing the social justice religion. FIU seems to push these ideologies. The near impossible question is how much did this actually affect the bridges design and construction. Just because FIU made it appear that there was an all women design team does not make it true. These social justice types always lie.

At this point there appears to be incompetence leading to catastrophic flaws in design, an intentional covering up of structural failures following construction and multi-leveled negligence in responding to these problems.

If no cause is found you can rest assured there is widespread corruption.