Thursday, March 22, 2018

Canada Is Fucked! Criminal Trudeau Regime Tells Its Employees To Stop Saying Mother And Father

I am sick of the bullshit of "political correctness".... One sick part of the entire agenda by the freaks that want to make us all "gender neutral" is to dispose of the terms "Mr and Mrs", "He and She", etc, etc... These lunatics are saying that using those terms might "offend" people, but to me I find these fools themselves as offensive!

Yes, political correctness is running amok in Canada right now and is destroying Canadian society... And just to show how bad thing have gotten under that sickening Justin Trudeau and his criminal Liberal regime in Ottawa, I want to present the following video and article that coms from the Investment Watch Blog website, at, where Federal government employees have been instructed by that regime to no longer use male/female terminology when dealing with their customers, and especially to no longer use the terms "Mother" and "Father"....  Here is that sickening video and article right here, and my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Canadian Government Tells Employees To Stop Saying Mother & Father!

Josh Sigurdson reports on the absurdity of a recent announcement by the Canadian government that Service Canada employees should no longer assume their customers are a “he” or a “she”, to not call them “Mr” or “Mrs” and instead of calling them “mother” or “father”, call them “parent 1” or “parent 2” in order to not offend them.
This is just the latest twisted push by the Canadian government in order to weaken and confuse the populace. These are their priorities? Instead of facing the crippling debt Canadians face, or the constant threats the populace faces, the privileged and easily offended want to stop assuming genders.
It comes from the same backwards belief as thinking “Service Canada” is a service when it enforces its will on people and extorts them. Or that taxation is fair because the government says so, but it’s not fair to work hard to earn money and not have it stolen.
This is all psychological manipulation as well as a massive distraction mechanism.
A weak populace is a subservient populace and this is why this should be heavily questioned. Of course we should respect others. If they want to be called a man or a woman when they are not scientifically, sure. Not my life, I’ll respect that. But when this comes with the stigma of criminalization, then we live in a tyrannical society. Who then is truly privileged?

NTS Notes: When I read this from Investment Watch Blog, I thought this must be a joke...But the fuckers in Ottawa are dead serious and now have Federal government employees using "gender neutral" titles when dealing with clients!

My FATHER must be rolling in his grave right now... If he was still alive, he would be as up in arms as I am with seeing how truly bad this nation has become....

My MOTHER would also be so offended by this action... But right now she is recuperating in a hospital and I am still crossing my fingers that she will recover properly and soon...

Lets face it.... This is all part of that sickening JEWISH agenda of destroying our societies by destroying the family unit and to remove the entire concept of gender from our daily lives... Once they have destroyed the concept of mother and father, boy and girl, male and female, then we will all be so fucked up that they will be able to achieve their long sought control without any revolt....

I will never ever accept this concept of "gender neutrality"... We have MALE AND FEMALE, period, and if there are freaks reading this right now and suddenly feeling "offended", they can go to hell..... There are only two genders in the human species and everyone is either born male or female.. There is and should never be this bullshit of 'gender neutrality'...

Yes, Canada is fucked, and as long as the sheep in this nation continue to do nothing against that sick freak in Ottawa and his criminal entourage, then this push to destroy our family units and our society will continue....  Wake the fuck up, Canada!

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Dwayne said...

Just a slight correction to your comment-

"...There are only two genders in the human species and everyone is either born male or female."

Part of the problem is that political correctness has regulated the proper term, "sex", to the dustbin. Gender pertains only to language, words of different languages having gender of masculine, feminine or neuter. By removing the word "sex" the can of worms that we have now in place has been the nose of the camel in the tent where anyone can self describe themselves to be of whatever "gender" their mind can concoct. "Sex" in the biological sense implies that there are only two... male and female.

As a Canadian who has lived in the US for forty-three of my fifty-three years (I live in Oklahoma City), there is no way I'd return to the Great White North simply because it is a nation of beaten down pussies. All but one other family member of mine lives there (an older brother who is a neo-con Zionist freak in Florida). I fortunately found a Canadian woman who was willing to move down here to be with me (as I have a low opinion of American women and would never have another ever) some seven years ago. Of course I'm no fan of cold so that is reason enough to not want to return. But the primary reason is that Canadian society is filled with people who are unwilling to fight for what is right and true. Not saying that there aren't things about the US society is great either... it unfortunately is beginning to start decaying like Canada did long ago.

RickB said...

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. Genesis 1:27

Judaism is anti-Christ, anti-God, anti-good. All of this blending, transgenderism, tattoos, ear gouging is done in order to destroy that image of God.

Truly pathetic news, NTS.

MachtNichts said...

I don't know what to say. This gender-bending agenda is truly getting out of hand. You're right, NTS, there is only male and female. Just look into your pants below the navel and you know what you can call yourself. Anything else is bullshit.

No surgery either way can change that because it goes against nature. If people want to feel different from the way they were born it's their choice. No need to impose it on all of society. I hope they enjoy their life choices.

In my opinion, these people need a thorough makeover, like in a reality check. And realize what they are doing to society if it lets them.

But, I also think we're too far down the rabbit hole to be able to salvage the last remaining tidbits of sanity.

Mr. and Ms., Mother and Father - all sacrificed to PC now? Whoa, Canada, way to go. Get that yellow garment off of that selfie, wrap it around his head and let him join the Punjabis for ever out of our hair.