Saturday, February 24, 2018

This Is Not A Joke: Students In A Louisiana High School Think The Mathematical "Square Root" Symbol Represents A Gun?

I always knew that the American education system is truly a disaster.. For every article that I have read for the last few years points to a definite slide in both education standards as well as IQ levels right across that formerly free nation... We can of course put part of that blame on the introduction of the ridiculous "common core" teaching methods that has truly fucked up so many students...

But what I found the other day really takes the cake when it comes to the craziness that we are seeing in America when it comes to not only the failings of the American education system, but all of the psychological damage being done to students that do not use real critical thinking skills thanks to the rash of false flag shootings happening in schools right across that formally free nation.... For according to the following report, that comes from the Miami Herald online news site, at, apparently some Louisiana High School students are so brain dead that they think that the Mathematical "Square Root" symbol represents a gun, and they actually had the police called to their school when one student wrote that symbol down on a piece of paper !  Yes, this is no joke, and I have the link to that Miami Herald report here... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  When I saw the title of this article from the Miami Herald, I thought "Oh, Come on now.. This has to be a bad joke", but apparently it really did happen and is no laughing matter!

Honestly, how twisted is it getting in America now when the "Square root" symbol can now be taken as a symbol of a hand gun... And worse, that it actually "frightened" some brain dead students to the point that they called the police on the person that wrote it down on a piece of paper!

America, you are truly fucked if this is what is happening in your nation.... It is bad enough that too many stupid people have fallen for the fraud school shootings that have been happening with ever increasing frequency just to fuck with your minds, but now this?   

And on top of the ridiculousness of what happened at that high school, I find it appalling that the victim's home was also searched for any guns thanks to this common symbol used in mathematics!  

As I said so many times.. These fraud school shootings are being done for the psychological effect of fear that would grip so many gullible and stupid people who are just too dumb to see that they are being played as fools.. And we see the result here in what just happened in Louisiana....  

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PTAblues said...

What is the square root of stupid? X=# of stupid people y=government mind control of said people, the √= we are all fucked if we don't stop this madness.