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The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Scourge: Latest Updates, And US Backed "Rebels" Shot Down Russian Aircraft

As I said in my last short article.. I have a lot of catching up to do... And I figure I would start with what in the hell has been happening in Syria...

Yes, the good guys, the Syrian government forces (SAA) and their Russian allies have indeed launched a major offensive over the last week to reduce and destroy what is left of the Idlib pocket in northern Syria....  And the SAA is now advancing towards the heart of what is left of the "rebel" resistance in the entire pocket in Idlib province, at the towns of Saraqeb and Idlib.... The strategy here is actually quite simple and makes sense.. If the Syrian forces can seize both Saraqeb and Idlib, the entire northeastern rebel held part in the Idlib pocket will be cut off from the southern part since these two towns are the key communications and transportation hubs for the entire province....  Once the SAA marches into Idlib after seizing Saraqeb, then the US backed "rebels" will be in a full state of collapse ..... This is exactly what I had predicted happen in my last report on the Syrian war, and it appears to be the SAA's goal for this new offensive...

I want to turn to the following report from the Southfront website, at that gives a very good analysis of the present situation in the war in Syria... This is in fact the latest "Syrian War Report" that is dated from yesterday, February 2nd, and indeed shows how the SAA is indeed destroying the "rebel" resistance in Idlib province... Here is the link to that Southfront report here:

And of course here is the latest map update that also comes courtesy of Southfront, dated February 2nd, to give readers a pretty clear picture of exactly who controls what in Syria:

Military Situation In Syria On February 2, 2018 (Map Update)
Click to see the full-size map

As everyone can see from this map, the SAA is continuing their operations to shrink the Idlib pocket, while the US/Israel/NATO backed 'rebels' and the fraud of "ISIS" are being surrounded into ever shrinking pockets with no where to go...

Now, onto something that I just found out earlier today, and shows that the US has indeed been arming their "rebels" and other forces with surface to air missiles to shoot down both Syrian and Russian aircraft... For according to the following report that also comes from the Southfront website, apparently some of these "rebels" were successful in shooting down a Russian Su-25 in Idlib province using what is obviously an American made "Manpad" shoulder launched surface to air missile... Here is the link to that report here:

And it has not taken long for the Russians to react to this "shooting down" of one of their aircraft, for according to the following report, that also comes courtesy of Southfront, the Russians have retaliated by launching a barrage of cruise missiles against the area that these "rebels" were in when they launched that strike against the Russian aircraft... Here is the link to that report here:

Yes, apparently the Russians were pissed off and did indeed make these US backed "militants" pay dearly for this act of folly...

OK, When I saw this report, I did remember a while back when the US government "claimed" that they never have armed their fraud "rebel" forces with such sophisticated weapons, including surface to air missiles... And in fact the US government did react to this shooting down of a Russian aircraft by claiming that they did NOT give these weapons to their "rebels" at all!....  Here in fact is one of the latest articles from Sputnik News online, where the US Pentagon is sticking behind their "claim" that they never gave their "allies" in Syria these MANPAD missiles... Here is the link to that article here:

Do I have to say it?  I smell BULLSHIT here and the Pentagon is making that stench....  Apparently the Pentagon is now lying through their teeth and trying to cover for the FACT that they indeed have been arming these fraud 'rebels' to the teeth with these weapons and many many other neat devices that maim and kill....

I am also glad to see that my fellow Canadian, Penny, is also keeping on top of the latest news coming out of Syria, and her latest update, that I have the link to here, also covers this Russian Su-25 shoot down in great detail:

OK, Besides this recent action in Idlib province including the shoot down of the Russian aircraft, the war in Syria is definitely turning into a lost cause for the US/Israel/NATO criminal scourge.. The Turkish forces are continuing their attack in and around Afrin and Manjib in northern Syria with the goal of destroying the US backed YPG/PKK Kurdish militants.... And as I said before, the Kurds had decided months back to accept the "deal with the devil" in allying themselves with the criminals in the US and Israel... And they are paying dearly for that stupidity....

Basically, the war in Syria has now turned into a massive DEFEAT for the US/Israel/NATO cabal... BUT one thing did happen last week where the fraud "rebels" holed up in eastern Ghouta, near Damascus, tried to implicate the Syrian government for another one of those ridiculous "chemical weapons" attacks...And of course all indications show that this one was just as phoney as every other "chemical weapons" attack that we have seen in Syria for the last 5 years at least!

The Syrian government is of course no fools, for they can see this sick game being played again and again.. Bashar al-Assad has NEVER gassed his own people, and what we have seen coming out of the Jew spew media for years now about this sick game is of course nothing but pure bull crap...Here in fact is a report from Yahoo online where the Syrian government has properly called this latest "chemical weapons" attack just a bunch of lies:

Yes, the US/Israel/NATO scourge is once again hoping that people are too stupid for their own good and will fall for this lie once again that "Assad gassed his own people"... And in fact I found the following link to another report coming out of Southfront, where apparently the US Defense Secretary, James Mattis, is "threatening Syria" with retaliation if they find "evidence" that this latest "chemical weapons attack" in Ghouta is legitimate... Here is the link to that report here:

I sure hope that readers get the message here... The US/Israel/NATO scourge is now seeing that their war to destroy Syria is a dismal defeat... BUT they are trying one last "Ace in the hole" to try to change the outcome by once again using this stupid 'chemical weapons" attack bullshit as a means to attack Syria directly to try to change the outcome... I for one sure hope that people are no longer fooled..

Well there you have it... I sure hope that I have covered most of what is happening right now in Syria, as the situation is indeed changing very rapidly now....  I will of course bring forward more of these updates as soon as I can, so stay tuned..

More to come


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