Friday, February 9, 2018

The Global Warming AKA "Climate Change" Fraud: News Sources Now Saying We Are Headed For "Mini Ice Age" But Are Still Trying To Sell "Global Warming" Bullshit!

Let us no longer be fooled by all of the crapola we still hear from our crooked governments and of course the liars in the Jew spew media... The planet is cooling, and winters such as the one that we are still experiencing are going to happen for the next decade at least and very possibly get much much worse..

The facts are again simple.. There is and never has been man caused "Global Warming"... Our climate is absolutely 100% driven solely by our Yellow Dwarf Star, Sol, aka "The Sun" at the centre of our solar system... That yellow dwarf, while only 865000 miles (1.4 million kilometres) in diameter (and not some "50 miles" as the numb skulls in the flat earth retardation community claim) has always been the provider of life for this planet and absolutely drives this planet's climate... And right now Sol has indeed gone a bit "quiet" as it is not only going through one of its normal 40+ year cycles between high and low solar radiation output, but it is showing every sign of entering what is known as a "solar minimum" that could indeed spark a new 'mini ice age' such as the one that this planet went through back 300+ years ago....

And yes, now the Jew spew news media outlets have FINALLY had to admit that the planet is cooling and heading for what could indeed be a "mini ice age"... And in fact I do want to present one of the latest reports that comes from the Daily Mail online news service out of the United Kingdom at, where the Daily Mail itself has had to admit that we could indeed be heading for a "mini ice age"... Here is the link to that article here, but be careful for the Daily Mail is STILL trying to make people believe that even with this "mini ice age", "Global Warming" is still somehow real:

NTS Notes:  Honestly, I do have to laugh at the Daily Mail... For even though they are finally having to admit that the planet is cooling, the idiots that write their trash articles are still clinging to the fraud of "Global Warming".... How ridiculous is that?

Yes, the planet is indeed entering a massive "cooling down" period that could peak within the next few decades... And it will spark much cooler temperatures worldwide as a result.... But I find it so unnerving that even though this is really happening, the idiots and liars in the Jew spew media and our crooked governments are still clinging to the fraud of "Global Warming"... And no wonder, for they all want to see the implementation of "carbon taxation" to be pushed on their citizens to fleece them of more money to line their pockets....

If people finally woke the fuck up and realized that Global Warming aka "Climate Change" is and always has been a scam, then carbon taxation goes out the door immediately, along with so many of the crooked government officials that sold the public on the planet is warming crap...

One thing that I again must mention.... I have now seen so many articles where so called 'scientists" are now saying that we are entering into a full fledged "ice age"... I look at this as just more fear mongering and not based on any facts... Sol is indeed going through a period of reduced solar radiation output, but it is part of a natural cycle for our Sun... And a few decades from now, the cycle will naturally reverse and Sol will once again pump out more solar radiation to cause a warming period for our planet...  And again, this is all natural and is not driven by the bullshit of man caused "Global Warming"..

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MachtNichts said...

Here, in the nether regions of BC we've been paying carbon tax since 2008 for natural gas to heat our homes. Having read your article I checked and found out to my dismay it has cost me quite a few bucks over the years. My heating bill of $130.99 for the month of December 2016 includes $19.22 of carbon tax. I guess cap-and-trade works a little bit different, nevertheless gouging the consumer no matter what.

AGW, in my opinion, was debunked years ago by James Delingpole from the Telegraph exposing the fudged data. As if, according to DM, several tenths of a degree celcius would make a difference. This comical video of Michael Mann, the foremost hockey stick man, gotta name names, is quite telling: