Monday, February 12, 2018

New War In The Middle East? Washington Is Dancing To The Tune Being Played By Israel!

In between all the Olympic coverage being overplayed on the Talmudvision,  I have been watching to see if the Jew spew media up here in Canada would at least have one or two reports on the recent incidents in the Middle East caused by the US and Israel to try to get a full blown war going against Syria (and Iran)... And guess what?  There has been almost ZERO COVERAGE! This means that the "news" stations have either missed this important event that could lead to full blown World War III, or they have been doing it PURPOSELY to leave the sheep in the dark as their Jewish masters get their nice little war going and then having the public ask: "What in the hell just happened?"..... Apparently the real news reports has fallen onto us, in the alternative media and of course the "real truth movement" to inform people of the truth about this escalation of conflict....

It has indeed been a most interesting week in the Middle East, as first the US tries to get a full blown war going against Syria by committing that false flag atrocity in Deir Ez-Zor province by killing some 100+ SAA soldiers, and then we have the psychos in Israel doing their usual false flag magic by claiming that an "Iranian drone" travelled mysteriously into their airspace and then using that as their "excuse" to launch a series of air assaults against targets in southern Syria.... In both cases, these criminals were hoping that the Syrians would "retaliate" and therefore give them their "excuse" to declare open war on Syria itself... But very smartly the Syrian government did not bite at all and has shown fabulous restraint in the face of pure evil....

But... One thing did catch my eye in the alternative media these last few days... And it has to do with that psychotic leader of the insane state of Israel, the failed used furniture salesman Benyamin Miliewkosky aka "Netanyahu" claiming profusely that it is "Iran" and not Syria that is the immediate "threat" to the criminal Jewish state, and even claiming that Israel "attacked Iranian targets" in southern Syria.... .This again shows the fact that the war against Syria is nothing more than a stepping stone for Israel in their want to have a nice little war against Iran off and running...

Yes, readers... Apparently this entire new action by Israel against Syria has very apparently nothing to do with Syria itself... For the Israelis are trying to convince the world that their actions are against "Iranian targets" and that the immediate threat to Israel is Iran and NOT Syria.... And it is disturbing that the Israelis are now itching to have this war against Iran off and running and of course to get the United States immediately involved and for the Americans to do all the fighting and dying for the glorious and sick nation of Israel.... And sadly the US government is so deeply controlled by these sick Jewish freaks that they will do everything these psychos want and will indeed declare war on Iran if the Jews command it!

AND most people are not even aware of the recent "military maneuvers" that the US conducted with the criminal state of Israel that are used to prepare for wars against Israel's neighbours.... These "maneuvers" occur approximately every two years and the US government states that they are used to show the US's "resolve" to defend the psychotic state of Israel, when in reality they are used to coordinate US forces with Israeli forces for future wars against Israel's neighbors and especially against Iran....

Right now, I want to present a most interesting article that comes from Philip Giraldi, through the Aletho News website at, that is entitled "New War In The Middle East? Washington Is Dancing To The Tune Being Played By Israel" and is a must read by everyone to understand how badly the Jews do control the US government and its entire foreign policies, especially in regards to getting their nice little war against Iran off and running... Here is that article, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

New War in the Middle East? – Washington Is Dancing To the Tune Being Played by Israel

By Philip Giraldi | American Herald Tribune | February 12, 2018
How many Americans are aware that every two years the United States military engages in large scale exercises with the Israeli Defense Forces that simulate wars against Israel’s neighbors? Three thousand American soldiers are in Israel right now involved in maneuvers that are focused on countering a missile attack from Lebanon. When the exercise, known as Juniper Cobra, was run in 2016 the U.S. commander Lt. Gen. Timothy Ray, who appeared to confuse American national security with that of a small Middle Eastern state, described it as the European Command’s “highest priority” drill that year. He then added that “this exercise increases our military readiness, but just as importantly it also signals our resolve to support Israel.”
Ironically, Lebanon has an army of its own that is in part financially and logistically supported by Washington, though not at the level that the U.S. supports Israel, which means that the U.S. is participating in war games that pit one friendly country and military aid recipient against another. Israel has warned that in any future conflict it will target the Lebanese Army equally with Hezbollah as both are “enemies.”
The truly most interesting aspects of the current exercises in Israel is that the United States has never had any formal alliance with Israel and has absolutely no national interest in becoming involved in Israel’s wars at all. The assumption that the U.S. might be called upon to help defend Israel is not based on any strategic reality, which is not to say it might not happen if Congress and the White House have their way, but it would likely be a double war of aggression, with Israel attacking the militarily much weaker Lebanese followed by the United States weighing in to finish the job after Hezbollah tries to fight back with its batteries of rockets.
That Washington is the Israeli poodle in the current situation is made clear by the recent opening of the first U.S. military base in Israel. It is described as a base within a base as it is completely contained by an Israeli air force installation and operates “under Israeli military directives.” It has no function in support of U.S. regional interests but is instead a shell headquarters with limited support facilities that can be ramped up considerably if Israel goes to war and calls for American assistance. Together with billions of dollars-worth of U.S. military equipment that is pre-positioned in Israel and can be used by the Israelis as needed, it is all about supporting Israeli war-making and has nothing to do with American security or defense interests.
Maneuvers are supposed to simulate possible future military actions, bloodless battles that provide lessons learned for future engagements, suggesting that some genius in the Pentagon who initiated these biennial exercises under George W. Bush, expects American soldiers to assist in the Israeli mission to remake the Middle East in their favor. Pentagon number two Paul Wolfowitz, who had an unseemly close relationship with Israeli military visitors, comes to mind as a possible candidate.
Israel has actually been planning to invade Lebanon. Last September it held its largest military exercise in over twenty years around the theme of a ground invasion of Lebanon. Israeli soldiers even dressed as Hezbollah militiamen as part of the training. There have been repeated warnings by Israeli government officials that there are several red lines that will bring about an Israeli attack, to include evidence that Iran is aiding the development of sophisticated “missile plants” in either Lebanon or Syria. The evidence for such plants is otherwise reported to be apocryphal or perhaps even fabricated, known only to Israeli intelligence, but they should perhaps be seen as a pretext for war and not necessarily based on fact.
Apart from having no compelling interest to get involved in the latest round of bloodletting, the U.S. would be well advised to keep its distance from Benjamin Netanyahu’s schemes to destroy Hezbollah’s power as crushing Lebanon would produce the same kind of regional catastrophe as did the U.S. led Iraq invasion of 2003. Israel’s Minister of Transportation Ysrael Katzrecently warned that Lebanon will be “razed to the ground” and “returned to the stone age” if Hezbollah proves able and willing to fire any missiles at Israel.
Israel is itching for a fight and working hard to get Washington involved, not a difficult task given the belligerent proclivities of those who gather to discuss national security strategy in the White House. Viewing Israel’s recent actions relating to Gaza, Lebanon and Syria, it is clear that Netanyahu’s government is the aggressor and is both willing and able to destabilize the entire region without any regard for what happens next. It has already warned that its expected conflict with Lebanon will also involve Syria and that the ultimate target is to eliminate Iranian influence in the area.
Bombings of neighboring Syria by Israeli aircraft have also intensified, leading to the shooting down of an Israeli jet by Syrian air defense forces. The U.S. media covered the story but largely ignored the fact that Netanyahu has launched hundreds of airstrikes against a country with which it is not at war, again using the false claim that Israel is acting defensively and it is Iran that is doing the “interfering.” Of course, the United States in Syria has done much the same thing, lying about developments before setting up an ambush last week that killed 100 Syrian soldiers.
That Washington is dancing to the tune being played by Israel to dismember the Middle East makes the American government an accomplice when the war actually does break out. And it will undoubtedly also have to do much of the fighting. That the United States appears to be committed to defend Israel, even if Israel starts the war, is deplorable and is particularly so as there is no reciprocity. Israel has never fought side-by-side with the United States and if Washington actually finds itself in a situation where it needs Israeli military assistance or support don’t count on it.
*(Juniper Cobra 2016. Image credit: Israel Defense Forces/ flickr)

NTS Notes: One thing that is not noted here is the fact that not only is Miliewkosky (Netanyahu) basically criminally insane, but he is facing serious allegations in the psychotic state of Israel right now for his massive corruption (no shock here..)... And sadly that maniac would indeed propel Israel into a new and very massive war in the Middle East just to prevent his indictment for his crimes....  And the American leadership will obey that lunatic's commands and definitely send American servicemen and women off to fight the war for the Jews....

It must also be noted that like clockwork, the Israelis threaten to invade Lebanon for they want the waters of the Litani River desperately for their own needs..... I have written so many articles in this blog over the years about how the Israelis have absolutely abused and failed to conserve water resources in Palestine and right now are looking for other sources of fresh water... The Litani River is some 15km over the border within Lebanon and these bastards would greatly love to seize that resource....

I honestly do not like what I am seeing happening in the Middle East... The psychos in Israel still have their crosshairs set on the innocent nation of Iran and will do almost anything now to get that war off and running...

I can see a new "false flag" happening very soon that will be blamed on Iran and I want to make sure everyone is ready for when that happens and to alert everyone that the real criminals responsible are the Israelis themselves....  Be ready, for it is coming....

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tsisageya said...

If it comforts anyone, USrael is not long for this world. They've given themselves away.


tsisageya said...

It's always good to say the truth. I have no gripe with this. Yet.

Trust is earned, though.

Unknown said...

Makes me sick everytime I see the US and israeli flag together.
What is it going to take to wake people up? It's disgusting.