Thursday, February 1, 2018

Important Health News: Vaccines DO NOT WORK! This Year's Flu "Vaccine" Effectiveness Not Significantly Different Than Zero!

It has been amazing to see the amount of people in this part of central Canada contract the latest "strain" of Influenza this year... I have seen colleague after colleague at work as well as many who I run into on a daily basis come down so hard with this very potent strain and I always ask many of them the same question... Did you go out and get the flu shot this year?  The answer is in about 60% of the cases a "Yes"... It therefore does make many people question about the 'effectiveness' of the so called "flu vaccine" that has been toted as being the one to prevent the "flu" for this season....

Well, what I came across today shows that even the Jew spew media up here in Canada cannot cover up for the obvious... That flu "vaccines" absolutely do NOT work..... And this one comes courtesy of my fellow Canadian blogger, Penny, who of course writes the excellent blog "Penny for your Thoughts" at  Penny's article is entitled: "This Year's Flu Vaccine Effectiveness Not Significantly Different Than Zero" and is a must read by everyone... I have it right here in its entirety and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Thursday, February 1, 2018

This Years Flu Vaccine Effectiveness Not Significantly Different Then Zero

I'm obviously ignoring the CBC's misleading headline
"The effectiveness of this season's flu shot has been extremely low, with the vaccine preventing only 10 to 20 per cent of infections caused by the dominant H3N2 strain affecting Canadians, researchers have found"
Let's talk about that 10 to 20 percent range. I'd think the number should be more specific and they are- a bit closer to the end of the article at CBC. Here, however, I'm giving priority to accuracy. 
"The researchers, members of the Canadian Sentinel Practitioner Surveillance Network, found the flu shot was 17 per cent effective in preventing the respiratory illness from the H3N2 virus overall, but only 10 per cent effective for working-age adults 20 to 64.
To put the figures in context, a vaccine effectiveness of 10 per cent means nine in 100 people who got the shot would still come down with the flu, compared to 10 people out of 100 who weren't vaccinated, Skowronski explained."
 Not significantly different then zero, indeed. Let's restate that: 

*A vaccine effectiveness of 10 percent means 9 out of 100 people who were vaccinated will still get the flu

* When compared to 10 out of 100 unvaccinated persons who may also get the flu.

Not significantly different then zero. Except the vaccinated persons have been injected with carcinogenic and mutagenic ingredients that are contained in vaccines, but are conveniently unmentioned. Aluminum, mercury and other toxic chemicals

flashback : Vaccines, EDC's and the Chemical Manipulation of Humanity

"Neither estimate was significantly different from zero, so we can't rule out the possibility of no protection," Skowronski said of the Canadian and Australian findings.
"Neither estimate was significantly different from zero, so we can't rule out the possibility of no protection"  
"So it's not a big reduction in risk for the H3N2 component this season."

The bottom line is the protection for the H3N2 virus is low this season, says Dr. Danuta Skowronski.
 "That means people who were vaccinated should not consider themselves invincible for this season," said lead researcher Dr. Danuta Skowronski, an infectious diseases expert at the BC Centre for Disease Control.
"The bottom line is the protection for the H3N2 virus is low this season."
The mid-season estimate for the vaccine's ability to provide protection from this particular influenza strain is in line with what Australia experienced during the southern hemisphere's flu season, which ended in late August as Canada's was about to begin.
CBC, again
Dr. Robert Strang, the province's chief medical officer of health, said this year's the flu shot is only about 10 per cent effective against what is likely to become to most prevalent strain.
For as long as I've blogged this has been the news year after year regarding the flu vaccine.
Yet, year after year the vaccine is flogged shamelessly by the state and year after year it's later admitted to be ineffective. Except for the toxic ingredients injected into your blood stream- That's for keeps. Year after year.

NTS Notes: Kudos to Penny for reporting on what I have stated for a long time.. That we have been lied to about these flu shots, period....

Earlier today when I was at work, I overheard on the local news some parts of this report coming from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and other news networks, that Canadian health "officials" has to admit that this year's seasonal flu shot absolutely did not work.... And their excuse was the usual that the "flu" had "mutated" since last year (no shock here..) and therefore the "vaccine's effectiveness has been significantly diminished".... Diminished my ass! The damn shot has not worked and never did work!  

The facts are again here for all to see... So many gullible people up here in Canada were told to go out and get the "flu shot" to stop the flu, and these numbskulls lined up at Pharmacies and other outlets like dumb ass sheep to allow these criminals to inject their poisons into their sleeves without even thinking about the consequences and how that poison would ruin their immune systems...   And now the Canadian media outlets have FINALLY admitted that the shots do not work at all!

I wonder what excuses these idiots will come up with next?   I guarantee that the dumb ass Canadians will swallow these lame excuses and come next year they will once again line up like idiots to allow the next "seasonal flu shot" to further poison their bodies.....  And I and others will once again be out there trying our best to warn them that the vaccines do not work and the "shots" do more harm than any good...

More to come



MachtNichts said...

Yes, but, but, but ... in many cases these shots are cheap or even for free and you can get them at the grocery store. Easy-peasy. How, as a conscientious Canadian, can you pass up an opportunity like that to feel good about yourself and at the same time being certain that you're not the one to spread the flu. At least according to the medical mafia.

Doesn't matter if you feel like shit after the shot, right? There are still too many people putting their lives into the hands of incompetent, pharmaceutical pushing so called doctors, imo.

Sorry, NTS, I'm being sarcastic, but the holier-than-thou vaccinators cum white coats complete with assistant staff and the vaccinated trying to lord it over us doesn't appeal to me.

Number-Cruncher Man said...

I came down with the flu a week ago today. It's the first time I've been afflicted with the flu in many years. I went home, rested, drowned myself in fluids, and took over-the-counter medication to reduce the fever and aches. Within 48 hours, my fever went away, and I was left this week with some weakness and a lingering cough, both of which improve by the day.

I never get the shot, but now I'm hearing people recommend it to me. I can only wonder whether my UNwillingness to be vaccinated was a factor in my relatively quick recovery.

Sue G said...

I believe the flu vaccines which were being given away for FREE many places have actually served to spread the virus. Great post. Really like your blog. I have a lot of success fighting viruses with the use of Oregano Oil - capsule form 8 to 10 a day, vitamin C in high doses ie 3000 mg, and hydration. No flu in my house.