Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Important Health News: Cell Phone Radiation Dangers - EMF Fields Do Damage Our DNA, And Why Telecom Companies Are Able To Put Up Cell Towers Where Ever They Want!

Readers to this blog do remember some two years ago now where I was involved in a local fight here in central Canada against one of the Canadian telecommunications giants wanting to put up a cell tower right in the middle of a residential area.... In fact I wrote several scathing articles showing definitive proof that Cell Phone towers and their associated Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation absolutely does make people sick..  Here in fact is the link to one of those articles here:

Luckily, I do want to inform readers that the Telecom company decided to NOT put up the "cell tower" in the middle of the residential area, but has instead decided to put it up at a business site a few kilometres away.... Thankfully the area residents did win this battle, at least for now... But it does call into question once again the facts about how these towers and cell phones as a whole are indeed making people very sick.... And luckily at least one other blogger in the real truth movement just released a most important article that I want to share with readers here...

I want to present the link to a most important article from the Birth Of A New Earth website, at, that shows that not only cell phone radiation, but the radiation associated with WIFI and other EMF generating devices also causes irreparable damage to our cells and can cause permanent genetic damage in children as well... Here is the link to that article, and I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: WHY am I not in the least bit surprised by the findings shown in this article?   I have known for decades that EMF field radiation is an absolute detriment to human health, and it is only going to get  a lot worse as more and more areas are saturated with WIFI signal radiation!

But one real nagging question has always been on my mind... HOW can our governments be this ignorant and allow their citizens to be poisoned by these dangerous EMF fields?    Do these idiots not even consider the consequences by their actions?

Well, to help understand how our crooked governments have allowed most of our citizens to be subjected to this dangerous EMF radiation, I want to turn to the following link to a report from the Activist Post website, at, where the facts are clear that our "elected" officials are bought off by the Telecommunications companies to allow these criminals to put up these cell phone towers where ever the hell they want... Here is the link here:

Again, WHY am I not in the least bit surprised by this?   Again, I want to remind readers how local residents here in central Canada had to fight "tooth and nail" against local government "officials" to try to prevent a cell tower from being built smack dab in the middle of their community... And I do remember talking to some of the people who protested against ''officials" in town hall sessions, where they felt that these "officials" did not give a damn about their health concerns... Now we know why, for I can guarantee that every one of those "officials" were bought off by the telecom company to be in favour of the tower being built!

The bottom line is this... If anyone finds out that a telecom company is wanting to put up a cell tower in the middle of their communities, absolutely protest and get petitions going as soon as you can to prevent these dangerous monstrosities from being built.. Your health is more important than getting better 'WIFI' service any day!

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