Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day (Or Should It Be "Palestine" Day?)

Yes, today is "Valentine's Day" and a day for everyone to celebrate the true meaning of love and happiness....

I first want to express my feelings for the woman, aka my "better half" that has put up with me all these years and continues to do so.... Considering what a "radical thinker" and a "conspiracy theorist" that I have been called all these years, I wonder why she stays with a "nutcase" like me?

But of course on this Valentine's Day, I cannot forget the proud people of Palestine that are still suffering greatly at the hands of the psychotic Jewish pricks that are still hell bent on seeing them all slaughtered so that they can have Palestine all for their greedy selves.... And I caught today a most interesting image from the Desert Peace website, at, that speaks volumes for those in Palestine that are indeed suffering... Here is that image:


Or …. Happy Palestine Day

NTS Notes: A great image indeed.... I hope that everyone does share the love and that their hearts do go out for the Palestinian people... They deserve so much better than what they having to put up on a daily basis..

More to come


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