Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Florida High School False Flag Shooting: Caught On Camera! Alleged "Survivor" Caught Rehearsing His Lines For An Interview!

Yes, there is so much going on elsewhere across the planet... But for the moment, I want to continue with some interesting new evidence that absolutely shows that the "mass shooting" that occurred last Wednesday in Parkland Florida is indeed a set up.... And what I found today should have even more people asking hard questions about this fraud and others going "Hmmmmm..."

I want to present the following article that comes from Mike Adams over at the Natural News website, at www.naturalnews.com, that absolutely shows that the Jew spew media has been using scripted "crisis actors" to sell this "shooting" to the general public.... This article is entitled: "It's All THEATER: Florida High School Shooting Survivor Caught On Video Rehearsing Scripted Lines, Coached By Cameraman" and is an absolute must see by everyone... .I have the link to that article right here for everyone to see for themselves here:


OK, I also found the video in question....  It is in fact only about a minute long, but I want people to listen carefully as the cameraman coaches this fool into what to say and how to speak:

Important Note: The criminals behind Youtube have taken this video "out" of their site.. Honestly.. Got something to hide here "Youtube"?

And of course we have the alarming report that this "David Hogg" is NOT as he seems.. He is in fact the son of an FBI agent... Honestly what are the odds that the criminals at the Criminal News Network aka JewNN would have this particular person interviewed as a "survivor"?

Yes, the more we investigate this "shooting" the more this thing does stink to high heaven.... I am indeed hoping by now that everyone has spread the news about this latest fraud around to try to get people to realize that they have been had..

There will be more updates coming about this fraud, and I will present them here when they do become available.... Stay tuned..

More to come



Anonymous said...

Honestly, after the number of people that have died in the US due to the current gun laws, I don't care that people will lose the right to bare automatic weapons or whatever they can get from Walmart, or wherever, and so therefore, I don't really care any more that these are false flags. The deaths have gone too far.

The insanity that there is for guns in the US is just that ... insane.

No other country in the world has as many gun deaths as the US. No other country allows its people to go into a store and buy a machine gun. None. Zip. Nil. Nada.

The whole carrying weapons to save the country from a dodgy government is a dead argument now. The nefarious powers that be, even if they exist have systems to take down anyone with a gun now. Microwave weapons can be used to stop people dead in their tracks with or without a gun.

Get rid of the guns, and you'll get rid of the 10s of thousands of deaths you get in the US. It is now beyond ridiculous to belief the lies of the NRA and other gun lobbying organisations.

If you think it is sane to be able to buy an automatic weapon, anywhere, you clearly need more medication.

RickB said...

Automatic weapons are not bought and sold in the US. They are outlawed.

The fact that the deep state is working so hard to disarm the Americans displays the fact that their being armed is a hindrance to complete autocratic control of Americans.

PTAblues said...

YouTube Removes Video Claiming School Shooting Survivor Is a 'Crisis Actor' After It Trends at No. 1