Monday, February 19, 2018

Florida High School False Flag Shooting: More Updates - State Of Florida Is Going To Tear Down The School To Hide The Evidence Of This Fraud!

Honestly, I was hoping by this point that more people would get with the program and realize that the recent "shooting" at that high school in Parkland Florida is indeed a massive psy-ops where more and more even I am now definitely leaning in the direction that nobody died.... There are too many pieces to this fraud that show glaring evidence that this was indeed a well planned and coordinated operation  AND that the "suspected gunman" this "Nikolas Cruz" character was indeed the patsy to take the fall for this entire fraud....

It is however so disgusting to see the Jew spew media now, over 5 days since this operation took place, still going almost 24-7 with their "reports" from Parkland, including some absolutely ridiculous "interviews" after the scam took place with paid crisis actors that basically are caught up in their own lies and fall all over themselves in their inability to stay with their "scripts".... But of course the gullible American people are absolutely lapping up this garbage and are now crying that the nation needs "gun control" which is exactly what the criminals that pull these operations want...

There are several key points that I do want to bring forward for this report... First and foremost, I do remember years back when the late William Cooper did mention on one of his radio shows (Before he was murdered by the US government back in November, 2001) that he actually wrote in one of his books, entitled: "Behold A Pale Horse" where he stated that the US government would use mass school shootings as one of their methods of obtaining the disarming the American people in their attempts to turn the entire nation into a police state...And just as proof that yes, Bill Cooper did in fact write this in his book, I have the excerpt from that book here:

For those naysayers that still think that the US government would not be this diabolical, then there you have it right there in 1991 where Bill Cooper absolutely predicted this type of mass shooting where the patsies would be drugged and hypnotized these people "to open fire on school yards and thus inflame the antigun lobby".    And we have already seen so many of these take place all the way from Columbine to the most recent event in Parkland, Florida.

And about what has happened in Parkland since this most recent "incident"?  Well, apparently just like the fraud of Sandy Hook, the state of Florida is indeed wanting to "tear down" that High School by using the excuse that it is being done to alleviate the suffering of the victims and their families... Here is the link to a report from the Sun Sentinel online that covers this action:

OK, Does anyone else have a real issue here with this action by the state of Florida?  Obviously the criminals involved are wanting to 'bury the evidence' of this fraud shooting and tearing down the school in Parkland is just like what they did in Newtown Connecticut to definitely make sure that what ever evidence there is that shows the shooting to be a fraud will be destroyed...  It does trouble me that few people are objecting to this action!

And... What I found astonishing is the blatant censorship being conducted by the Jew run "Youtube" network that is purposely deflecting any viewers away from videos produced since this fraud shooting by making sure that anyone that enters "Florida Mass Shooting Hoax" does NOT get those videos, but instead gets inundated with bullshit videos produced by the Jew spew media showing this "shooting" to somehow be real!  Yes, it is indeed blatant censorship at work....

And I figure I would close this report with the latest tidbit of information from Jim Stone, over at, that contains a most interesting link to a collage of pictures taken from this fraud...

I discovered an enormous horrible problem with the official story out of florida!!!

HA HA HA, CHECK THIS OUT Look at my search terms. It probably was a drill, and nothing happened at all. That would be a great reason to tear the building down, RIGHT? No bullet holes in anything, no evidence, you got your psy op, TEAR IT DOWN SO NO ONE FIGURES IT OUT. Perfect. Just PERFECT!!! Simply not enough there for those rather direct search terms, am I right?! I mean like what? How many kids were running around with cell phone cams and THIS IS ALL WE HAVE?? Yeah, RIGHT. And when you use single words rather than the three I chose together, it drops to even less!

I am now going to declare it a hoax, and the kids who were fooled did not know what a crisis actor is! the only way no unique cell phone pics hit Google is if this was a controlled situation from start to finish. There is no question they Mk'ed the "perpetrator" into a controlled confessio

Take a look at the pictures, and try to not only find one piece of evidence of  any bullet holes, but also find ONE PERSON drenched in blood in any of the pictures.... You will not find one, as well as zero blood splatters or blood pools anywhere... The lack of blood has already raised a massive red flag for me,  especially when common sense dictates that 17 people shot and others wounded absolutely does generate a lot of blood...

Well, there you have it.. Some more updates on this "mass shooting" in Florida... I have more that will be published over the next few days, and I do want to thank some of the great commentators who have sent me other links as well... Keep them coming...

More to come



Donald Francoeur said...

Hey! I like what you write and rant. And of course Parkland is a hoax. As you know, a hoax is fake. No one dies. A false flag is where some die and the blame is put on someone else. 9/11 was a false flag, I think, because some people may have died. Now, my point is that I don't think that they are tearing down these schools to get rid of evidence. The World Trade Center in New York had to be brought down because it was full of asbestos and practically empty of tenants. There must be a reason to tear down these schools other than destroying evidence. Hell, there are hundreds of people involved in those hoaxes. Tearing down a school is not going to hide anything! Or perhaps they just want to make it more realistic and dramatic. But I don't think that it has anything to do with evidence.

wallflower said...

Hi North,
I stumbled across this:

...and wanted your scientific input (even though I'm not scientific!). But just like the revelation of the Holocaust, the moon landings, etc (that I first found out from you when starting down this road)...I am now wondering about this.

Can this be true?

spunkysdad said...

I wouldn't doubt, that this latest shooting in Parkland, Florida was a "FALSE FLAG"!

Who knows these days! We are being lied to and kept in the dark, by the media and our government about everything!

When I think back on some of these recent events, I find that they seemeingly have something in common. They all happen either before or after a scheduled drill of some type, or that the FBI had prior knowledge or was currently involved with the suspects!

I don't know if this was a FALSE FLAG or not, but it sure is strange that these "school kids" who just witnessed there classmatess deaths, are doing alot of smiling, while being interviewed! And when asked, they all seem to be saying the exact same thing.

Sure seems strange that, the FBI once again, had prior knowledge of this shooter, and did nothing!

Sure seems ironic, that everyone at that high school jokingly said that, "If there was ever a school shooting, that this individual, would be the number one suspect!

Sounds to me to be rehearsed or maybe it was just blatenly obvioious, in which case, the FBI and the Broward County Sheriff, have a lot of explaining to do!

Cat Brown said...

It's more than a false flag, there is an Illuminati word game behind this. Here is the language of the Angel, as interpreted by me 'n Maher.

Cat Brown said...