Friday, February 16, 2018

Florida High School False Flag Shooting: More Updates - This Was Definitely A False Flag AND A Psy-Ops!

The "shooting" at that high school in Florida now two days ago was definitely one of THE WORST Psy-Ops and false flag operation that we have seen in the United States in recent memory...This one is so bad that it has given the fraud at Sandy Hook on December 14th, 2012 a good run for the money as being so ridiculous and so laughable... BUT even as the evidence continues to pile on about how that "shooting" at that Parkland High School was so atrociously bad and was a very poorly run operation by criminals, we have the Jew spew media still going absolutely bonkers with their continuing almost round the clock reporting on this fraud to the gullible American people.... It is so disgusting to see that we have some 95% or more of the American citizens falling for this one and actually believing it to be real...

I have been surfing around the internet these last few days watching some of the videos and observing how others in the real truth movement have been reacting to this latest fraud shooting... And at least a few have put up some very excellent articles at their own blogs, and I want to share some of those articles here for all to see for themselves and to give those other bloggers the credit they deserve for coming forward and telling the real truth about this "shooting"....

First, I want to present the link to a great article that comes from "Birth Of A New Earth" at, where the author has taken the time to put together some most interesting facts and some videos that cover this fraud shooting very nicely... Here is the link to that article here for everyone to view for themselves:

OK,  "Birth Of A New Earth" has indeed brought forward a few interesting facts that I was only made aware of myself over these last few days... One is of course the news article posts that are definitely time stamped days BEFORE the actual "event" took place!  We of course saw this several times before, including at the San Bernardino false flag attack a few years back, and especially at the fraud "Sandy Hook shooting" as well.... These time stamps do prove once again how the Jew spew media was indeed in on this fraud "shooting" like so many before it....

And of course, a great fellow truth seeker from the US, Greg Bacon, who of course writes "Goon Squad" ( wrote an article about this fraud shooting the other day, where apparently the criminals at the bullshit and totally Jew run "ADL" are doing their best to try to cover for the patsy of this latest "shooting", Nikolas Cruz, by trying to prevent the public from seeing that this 'Cruz' character himself is most probably a Jew.....And they are also trying to minimize all of the damage caused due to the initial reports that first surfaced about this "Cruz" character as being a member of a "white nationalist" organization... Here is the link to Greg's article here:

Yes, the Jewish criminals behind this latest fraud "shooting" for their gun control agenda blew it big time by selecting this "Cruz" character to take the fall for this latest fraud... They blew it big time  with this "19 year old" shooter as their choice without even realizing that "Cruz" is very much a Jewish name!

And just the other night, Charles Giuliani did his nighttime show on Renegade Broadcasting, and the first hour and a quarter of that two hour show presented some great details on this fraud as well...Here is the link to that Renegade Broadcast from their show archives here for all to listen for themselves:

And yes, that was indeed yours truly that called in after the first hour of this broadcast to give a few thoughts of my own on this fraud...  Charles Giuliani once again does a superb show and shows the facts by telling it exactly like it is with this latest fraud shooting..

Well, there you have it for the moment... There is still so much more that we are not being told about this latest fraud shooting.. But one thing that I can state as most probably fact:  Nikolas Cruz is innocent of this "shooting" and most probably was the mind controlled drugged up "patsy" to take the fall for this "shooting" ... BUT one thing that the criminals did NOT count on with this one is the fact that Cruz himself is still alive, but apparently is so doped up on psychotropic medication and other chemicals provided by the real criminals behind this "shooting" that by the time he does get into a "trial" for his "guilt", his mind will be destroyed and he will be a blithering idiot...

I for one am deeply ashamed of the American public ( and a lot of the Canadian public as well..) for falling for this one.... This was a set up from the word "go" and definitely was another piss poor operation that incorporated so many stupid 'crisis actors' that blew their lines for the liars in the media that it has now become a circus show..... And yet the people are now so brainwashed by the media lies that they fall for this one?   My, how our society has indeed fallen to the point that the monsters behind these fake shootings can get away with almost anything that they pull...

I will continue with more updates when they become available on this fraud.... There is still so much else going on elsewhere in the world, but at the moment the focus is definitely on exposing this fiasco and getting the American public to wake the fuck up before the criminals do try to impose their "gun control agenda"....

One last note... I am now definitely leaning towards the idea that nobody died at this fraud "shooting".... This one is turning out as bad as the phoney "Sandy Hook mass shooting" where NOBODY died, and there is indeed strong evidence coming out now that the "17 people that died" at this one may indeed be a massive lie and fraud as well....  I am continuing to pour over the evidence that I find before I can come to that conclusion.....As I said before, the criminals behind these pay-ops do periodically need to have some people murdered at these fakes (such as the Las Vegas shooting) part of their fear propaganda on the general public, and therefore to call ALL "mass shootings" entirely fake is absolutely wrong...

More to come


*One update, February 16th, 2018:  Another of my fellow real truth seekers, Buelahman, over at
"Buelahman's Revolt" ( calls into question the antics of the Florida "Sheriff" that of course is the head sheriff of the Florida county that this Parkland high school is located, and lo and behold his name is "Scott ISRAEL" AND is absolutely Jewish as well!  Here is the link to Buelahman's article here:

Honestly, what are the "odds" that we have a Jewish sheriff in charge of the county that this high school is located in???  And of course this man has been put in charge of the "investigation" of this "mass shooting"... I am sure that we can all rest assure and all sleep soundly knowing that what this "Scott Israel" character reports and puts up as the "official story" will be truthful,  impartial, and honest, right?


BuelahMan said...

I don't know if people dies or not, but I do know that any time a jew is so easily found in the woodpile that there are shenanigans going on. They can't help it. It is their tainted nature.

With Israel involved, I cannot trust a thing that is told us by mainstream.

Good work, NTN.

Greg Bacon said...

Confirmed that Cruz is Jew. Let's see the ADL wriggle out of this one. Just keep telling LIES, some might even be believable.

Exclusive: Group chat messages show school shooter obsessed with race, violence and guns

"I think I am going to kill people"

The bio on one of his Instagram accounts read, "annihilator."

At one point in the chat, he wrote, "I think I am going to kill people." After a member told him not to say things like that, he said he was just playing. During one of the anti-Semitic rants in the chat,Cruz spoke of his birth mother, saying, "My real mom was a Jew. I am glad I never met her."

Roger and Lynda Cruz adopted Cruz when he was a child. Roger died in 2004, and Lynda died last fall after an illness.

PTAblues said...

Just found this. What do you think?

wallflower said...

Here is another reason for so much hatred and lies concerning Putin/Russia from US MSM...and the Jew wars within US Government. Look for more of the false flag insanity especially in FL.
Russia Builds Up Its Presence in Socialist Cuba Despite Abandoning Common Values
Published on Feb 16, 2018