Friday, December 22, 2017

War Against North Korea? Not Going To Happen, And The Real Reasons We Are Seeing All Of This Fear Propaganda!

Over the last 6 or so weekend rants, I have been emphasizing again and again that there will absolutely be NO war against the isolated nation of North Korea.... I have come under fire from several commentators who have said that I do not have a clue as to what I am talking about... I figured I would clear the air and explain in this article as to why we will NOT be going to war against North Korea...

First, I really have to ask the big question here... Who has North Korea attacked since the Korean War of 1950-1953?   As a student of real history, I have taken a look at the real history of that region and especially the conflicts on the Korean Peninsula, and I found NO attacks at all by the North Korean military against anyone..... Yes, check it out for yourselves, for the truth is right there that this "terrible dictatorship" that is portrayed in the Jew spew media has never once launched an act of aggression against anyone... Apparently, this backs up the fact that this isolated nation just wants to be left alone...

Second, we have the North Koreans becoming a nuclear power, and testing over the last 10 years a multitude of different nuclear devices in several underground facilities... .Yes, at present North Korea has about 10-12 nuclear weapons of yields of approximately 50 kilotons or better.... But again, is North Korea going to suddenly become an aggressor and use these weapons offensively against their neighbours?  Kim Jong-un is not that stupid, for he and his leadership in Pyongyang know that if ONE of their nuclear weapons is used in an act of aggression against its neighbours, the United States as part of their alliance with almost every single country nearby North Korea (other than China, Mongolia, and of course the Russian Federation) will retaliate with a few dozen nuclear weapons launched from an assortment of platforms and basically turn the entire nation of North Korea into molten glass.... And such a retaliatory strike will kill every one of the 30 million or so North Korean citizens.... Kim Jong-un may be pictured by the Jew spew media as a "mad man" but is he really this insane?

Third, about those missile tests conducted by the North Koreans?   Under international law, the nation of North Korea is fully allowed to test its missiles as long as they do NOT cross over into neighbouring countries' territorial air space that extends upwards to about 60 miles... That is why the North Korean missile launches were indeed aimed in such a manner that they went into that suborbital trajectory and well above Japanese territory before falling back to Earth well into the international waters of the North Pacific Ocean.... And yes, each subsequent missile test has been much improved in terms of range and accuracy... However, these missile tests are most definitely for defensive purposes, as the North Korean government can clearly see that the US and its allies are the real aggressors in the region and need these missiles as well as their nuclear bombs as a 'deterrent' against American aggression.....

Fourth, and this is important as well... Does anyone else notice that the US has been shipping a massive amount of military ordinance, equipment, and men, into the nations around North Korea?  Apparently we see this as evidence that it is NOT North Korea that has been taking a more aggressive posture over the last 1/2 year alone, but the US and its "allies"!   Of course the North Korean government sees this as a threat against their sovereignty, and who would blame them?  US President Donald Drumpf has already gone on record for months now calling North Korea a threat, and even threatening that nation with annihilation!   If I was sitting there in Pyongyang right now and hearing all this posturing for war by the US, as well as the belligerency being shown by the US and its allies with their ever increasing build up of military forces as well as seemingly never ending war games, I too would be wanting to prepare and to make sure that I did have a viable deterrence to an attack!

Fifth, and probably the most important reason for no war at all... China is still allied with North Korea and has repeated again and again to the war mongers in America that any attack against their ally would result in a war between the US and China... If we consider the fact that America right now is an economic basket case and can not support a long duration war against China with its massive military, I seriously doubt that the lunatics in the Pentagram (Pentagon) are willing to launch an attack on North Korea knowing that they would be facing a far greater and deadlier adversary in the People's Republic of China....

OK, Now for some real reasons for all of this hype and "build up" for a war against North Korea.. The reality is that the US has been flooding a massive amount of weapons into the region for one simple reason... To threaten China..... I did recall a few months back that at least ONE other writer came to the same conclusions that I have had all along.. In that this posturing against North Korea is not about a war against that isolated nation, but actually aimed at building up weapons and forces by the US to try to isolate and subdue the ever increasing power of China in that region... In fact here is the link to that article from October for everyone to see here:

I have never been fooled by all of this fear propaganda that the gullible people are being subjected to about this non-existent "North Korean threat"....  I have been saying for the longest time that the whole exercise of this war propaganda is for the massive sale of weapons to nations around North Korea itself.... And we constantly see more and more reports coming out almost daily about the massive flood and influx of American made weapons being sold throughout the region...Here are some links to a few examples, starting here:

Yes, South Korea to buy more American made F-35's to be used against North Korea... That is one example, but here is another example of what this fear mongering has done to Japan:

Again, the "fear porn" has driven the Japanese government to increase their already substantial 'defence budget' to further buy a large range of American made military hardware!

AND I must point out that in one previous article, I made the assertion that any "defensive weapons" being introduced into the region because of this "North Korean threat" has not been for defence against North Korea at all, but is absolutely aimed at China!  Heck, here is the link to a previous article that showed how the US THAAD "missile defence" system which does not work was being sold and installed into South Korea to have its sophisticated radar installations to be used against China:

Look, I can understand how many people can be so 'fearful' of this non-existent 'threat' by North Korea... The Jew spew media is constantly driving that threat through their propaganda, and the US Government is busy driving that threat through their bombastic statements!   But those who see the reality can easily ascertain that North Korea is a threat to no one, and only wants to be left alone...

The bottom line is this... There is NO threat from North Korea.. It is pure propaganda and is absolutely using the psychology of fear to scare people and especially the nations that border that impoverished nation to buy a multitude of American made weapons for "defence" against the same nonexistent threat.... This propaganda has been an absolute windfall for the US military industrial complex that has pocketed BILLIONS from the sale of weapons... Yes, fear of war alone does drive weapons sales, and business for those criminals is very good indeed....

Lets all get over this bullshit rhetoric about this "evil nation" of North Korea and understand the sick game of fear propaganda being played on gullible minds..... I for one am not fooled, and will continue to bring forward articles stating the real reasons for this build up for war in that region..

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BuelahMan said...

I think there is one very good reason that you left off:

If all these people from our government, including the heralded Trump, begin touting war and "threats" from this nation, you can bet your ass they are lying. Lying is what they do. One can list a myriad of reasons for their lies, but the thing is that they must lie.

So, I generally take everything they begin pushing (unless there is an indisputable natural disaster they can't control, etc) and look 180 degrees the other way to find something more akin to the truth.

We must understand that they ALWAYS lie.

It makes it easier to narrow down the truth.

RickB said...

Intentional distraction from the real problem: Israel.