Wednesday, December 13, 2017

US President Drumpf Calls For New Space Initiative To "Return To The Moon" And To Get To Mars - Good Luck To That!

* I took another of those "me days" yesterday, and went out and about to get some Christmas shopping done.. And of course that leaves me having to play catch up again here at this blog on some recent happenings...

Ever since the criminal US President went and "sold his soul" to the Jewish devils last week with his horrendous announcement that he would give the US government's stamp of approval to giving those bastards the city of Jerusalem and eventually moving the US embassy to that city, I was wondering what he would do to distract the American people and to turn their limited attention spans elsewhere... And apparently we did not have long to wait at all...

I saw on the Jew spew media on Monday a most interesting report where Drumpf came out in a news conference calling for the US to have a new "Space Policy Directive" where the criminals and liars behind NASA would endeavor to "return to the moon" and to plan for manned missions to Mars as well....And someone asked me via email for me to take a shot at this "announcement" with a new article here at this blog... I felt that since I know that NASA is a bunch of liars, I would put in my own two cents worth here..

Ok, for starters, for those who have not been up to speed on this latest announcement from the US President, here is the link to a full report form the USA Today website for everyone to see for themselves here:

And  I figure that I would also present here a video of the US President's announcement of this "Space Policy Directive" here as well:

OK, Where to begin.... Where have we seen this type of announcement before?  People so quickly forget about how that ass clown and idiot US President George W Bush made this same type of announcement back in 2004 calling for NASA then to also "return to the moon" and to strive for manned missions to Mars as well.... And what has happened since that 2004 announcement?  ALMOST ZERO.....

When Drumpf made the call for a "New Space Policy Directive" the other day, I honestly did not know whether to laugh or to cry.... The facts are again simple, in that NASA still does not have the technology or the know-how to get humans beyond low Earth orbit, which means flights only as high as around 250 miles..... Getting beyond that altitude is still impossible due to the high radiation levels of not only the VA belts, but interstellar space itself....

And... I came across this interesting tidbit from my fellow Canadian truth seeker who of course hails from the wild nether regions of British Columbia, Greencrow, who has her own take on this "announcement" from Drumpf as part of her recent "Caw Rant #58" that was released the other day... Here is the link to Greencrow's report, and the part about Drumpf's announcement of "returning to the moon" is at the end of this article:

I agree with Greencrow's assessment, for I have long known that mankind has NEVER walked on the Moon in 1969-1972, and still does not have the means nor the technology to even get there today.....

I also want anyone that still is not up to speed on the fakery of the manned missions to the moon to look at the link here to a fabulous series that was put out by the late great Dave McGowan that is called "Wagging the Moondoggie".... It is worth your time:

NTS Notes:  Well, there you have it.. .President Drumpf is now following in the footsteps of his predecessors in once again calling for a new "directive" for US space travel that is nothing more than more distractions and fluff to cloud the American public and keep them from looking at the criminality of their own government and its criminal actions across the planet...

And now with this new "directive" there will be US tax dollars flowing once again into NASA for their sham "space missions" that will be as phoney as "Project Apollo" and of course their sham Mars missions as well... The last sham of "Project Apollo" cost the US taxpayers some 40 BILLION dollars in 1960's dollars, and I can predict that if the US actually pushes ahead with this lastest fiasco, the cost will easily be in the TRILLIONS of dollars and be just as phoney as the last scam!

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  1. Did someone forget to tell this "Business Wonderboy" that they are 20 TRILLION dollars in debt!

  2. 2 or 3 years ago the US government published a document which laid out what steps would be taken in the event of economic collapse....

    NASA was listed as a priority for funding!

  3. Here we go again. How many times over the past ... well 50 years really, have we heard that we are going back to the Moon, or we're off to Mars. When I was a kid, I loved space stuff. I watched the original Cosmos with that cop-out Carl Sagan. Watched it again a few years ago, and regardless of my antipathy towards Sagan, it was pretty good. Haven't watched the new one with whats-his-face because ... I probably couldn't stomach it.

    When I was a kid, I thought about being all sorts of things. But two things I wanted to be were: an astronaut, and an astrophysicist (whatever that was ... had no idea, but it sounded cool). I actually went to university to become an astrophysicist. Unfortunately, I was hobbled by autism, an anxiety disorder and depression (yes, the trifecta!!). I didn't get any help whatsoever, but still ended up with a (crappy) degree at the end of it. Never became an astrophysicist though, thank god.

    But anyhow coming from an entirely scientific standpoint, I grew up watching the space program, watching all sorts of sci-fi programmes and documentaries ... but boy oh boy did I grow cynical over that 50 year period. Wow, we have so much tech but we haven't been back to the Moon except for the odd Clementine mission, and doubtful missions by people like the Chinese? Get out of town ...

    Nope, I've come to see now that we didn't get to the moon, and that's just from seeing that guy fall over on the moon, and get pulled back up ... nope doesn't work like that guys! We just didn't have the technology so a lot of the money just went on some terrible Moon footage, and the rest went into someone's back pocket. And the cycle continues ever onwards and onwards.

    The entire space program has been such a let-down to someone like me, coming from a scientific background, and I continue to see nonsense put out like the Higgs Boson, the cold fusion debacle ... and it goes on and on and on ...

    (Side note: I do think, however, there is an international space station up there. They do fake some footage. Probably in one of those underwater tanks, plus a vomit comet, and wires. But they mix it all up so that we can't quite pin down the fakery because in the end they just don't want us to know what they are doing. God I could go on and on. What a sad state of affairs ...)

  4. Good post and we have to wonder what is really going on with the space program. There is the UFO/disclosure crowd claiming that the USA has bases on the Moon and Mars, because they are in business with aliens. Trump may be just freeing up more money for the black programs.

    Remember the crab on Mars? It's on earth, all the mars rover official jpeg images are being taken in places like Devon Island,up in northern Canada.