Monday, December 18, 2017

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: Latest Update - The US Is Creating A Brand New "Rebel Group" To Try Once Again To Overthrow Assad!

The war in Syria is now reaching a tipping point.. The US/Israel/NATO criminal and most evil cabal has basically lost the ground war, and with the defeat of their "terrorist group" called "ISIS", the SAA and their Russian allies are on their way to actually freeing the entire nation from these scoundrels... Apparently, the Syrian people are about to have their country freed of foreign invaders and they may actually have their chance to rebuild their country and taste real freedom... Or so it seems...

But just the other day, I came across the following article that comes from the Iranian FARS news agency, and I found the findings in this article at to be down right criminal... For according to the following report, apparently the US is trying to "double down" and is now working to create a brand new "terrorist group" in southern Syria to try once again to overthrow the legitimate Assad government.... Here is that report for everyone to read for themselves... I have more to follow:

Sat Dec 16, 2017 12:35
US Creating New Army of Militants to Confront Syrian Gov't
US Creating New Army of Militants to Confront Syrian Gov't
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria reported that the US is creating a new army from the remaining pockets of the ISIL and Al-Nusra Front (Tahrir al-Sham Hay'at or the Levant Liberation Board) terrorists in Southern Syria in yet another last ditch effort to topple the government in Damascus.
The Russian center said that the US has continued cooperation with the remaining pockets of terrorists despite claims that it is committed to the annihilation of the ISIL in Syria.

The Russian center went on to say that the US military trainer, affiliated to the Elite Forces, has embarked on setting up new units known as New Syrian Army from defected members of the terrorist groups near a refugee camp near the town of Hasaka in Northeastern Syria.

In the meantime, eye-witnesses quoted the US army men as saying that units of the New Syrian Army will be deployed in Southern Syria to fight against the government forces after the newly-recruited fighters accomplish their training in Hasaka.

Relevant reports said on Friday that Syrian Foreign Ministry censured the US-led coalition purportedly fighting the ISIL terrorist group, saying the military alliance was indeed targeting civilian facilities and providing the terrorists with cover.

In two separate letters addressed to United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres and the rotating president of the UN Security Council, Koro Bessho, on Thursday, the ministry stated that the US-led coalition was pretending to fight ISIL, but it had, in fact, been transporting the terrorists from one part of Syria to another and securing them.

The letters further noted that ISIL terrorists were purged from most regions in Syria only through counter-terrorism operations conducted by government troops and allied fighters from popular defense groups.

They also criticized the so-called advocates of human rights and rule of law for turning a blind eye to the atrocities the US-led coalition is perpetrating in Raqqa and Deir Ezzur provinces.
Syria’s official news agency, SANA, reported on Thursday that US-led air raids had claimed the lives of at least 23 civilians, mostly children and women, in the al-Jurze Sharqi village of Deir Ezzur province.

WHY am I not in the least bit surprised by the findings in that article?   I have long said that the US and Israelis are bound and determined, even at the risk of escalation into a full blown global conflict, to have Syria subdued and/or destroyed.. And they have always had the aim of overthrowing Assad, no matter what kind of crap they are now lying about in the Jew spew media these days that they will allow Assad to stay in power...

Yes, what we have here is even more evidence that the US is absolutely NOT about to give up and admit their defeat in Syria... On the contrary, for they are indeed about to escalate the fighting further by this new "military force" that is nothing more than a further "rebranding" of their fraud terrorists... This will mean further destruction in Syria along with the deaths of tens of thousands more civilians as well....

Well, the news otherwise in Syria continues to change by the day.... And I have still been wondering what eventually will Assad be doing about the "Kurds" and the US illegally operating in northeastern Syria... Well, just the other day, President Assad had his answer about the "Kurds" and I want to present his comment here, courtesy of an article from Penny over at, for all to see for themselves right here:

Monday, December 18, 2017

Bashar Assad : Kurds That Work With Americans... Traitors

Well, I for one am glad that fact has been clarified. YPG/PKK/PYD, work alongside the Americans and they are traitors to Syria. They were NEVER the best or fiercest fighters against ISIS!


"In response to a question about the actions of Kurds in the eastern area and their cooperation with the Americans, President al-Assad said that it’s not right to say that a Syrian group – whether ethnic or religious – has a uniform characteristic, because this makes no sense since all groups are diverse, and the various groups in Syria have the good and the bad, so talking about “Kurds” is imprecise as there are various groups in the eastern region working with foreign sides, specifically the Americans.

“This isn’t me saying that; they declare that they work under cover of the American warplanes and in coordination with them. They marketed and published photos and videos about this issue. All those who work under the command of any foreign country in their own country and against their army and people are traitors, quite simply, regardless of their names, and that is our evaluation of the groups that work for the Americans in Syria,” the President said."

I agree with President Assad... The Kurds are working with the criminal US forces that are illegally operating in Syria, and he is correct in calling them all traitors to the national cause of Syria itself.... Cooperating with the enemy does indeed make anyone a traitor!

And one other thing before I close this article... I have been asked again and again to show the proof that the entire "civil war" is the fault of the US and the cabal.... And to show the origins of the entire conflict, I want to present a most interesting video that answers the questions as to where and how the entire Syrian conflict began... Here is that video:

OK, I may not fully agree with one or two aspects of this video, especially that the demise of Syria is all part of the sick "Greater Israel project" that the narrator and author of this video overlooks....But it shows clearly that the US instigated this "conflict" back in 2011 by their actions in the southern city of Daraa..... And since that time some 1/2 million innocent Syrian civilians have paid the price for the US once again wanting to overthrow a legitimate government in the Middle East.....  Hopefully that answers the questions for those that ask "Why Syria?"....

Yes, the battle for Syria to be free continues... As I said in my last weekend rant, the SAA and their Russian and Arabic allies are now concentrating on both reducing and eventually eliminating the Idlib pocket.... If they are successful, then the Syrian people will be once step closer to actually be free... We can only hope...

More to come


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