Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: Latest Updates - The US Has Been LYING About Everything When It Comes To Syria!

I figured that it was time for an update on the situation in Syria.... Over the last while we have seen how the SAA has continued their advances along the south side of the Euphrates River in eastern Syria against US "ISIS" opposition... While on the north side of the Euphrates, the fraud of "ISIS" simply gives up their territory without a fight handing it over to the US-SDF criminal forces... And of course the US has been busy shuttling their "ISIS" forces out of Deir Ez-Zor province and moving them over the Hama and Idlib provinces to continue the fight against the SAA and their Russian allies... Basically the US has been playing a massive con game from the very start as they continue to falsely tell the world that they are in Syria to "fight terrorists" when the reality is THEY are the terrorists!

I came across the following report just the other day, thanks to Penny over at "Penny For Your Thoughts" at www.pennyforyourthoughts2.blogspot.com, that comes from the Sputnik News online news service, at www.sputniknews.com that shows once again that the US has indeed ALWAYS been LYING about everything that they are stating about Syria and why they are there... Here is the link to that amazing article from Sputnik News right here for everyone to read for themselves:


OK, What this Talal Silo is stating is the obvious and something that both Penny and myself have been saying about what the US has been doing in the north eastern part of Syria illegally, which is to lie their asses off to the entire world that they are in Syria to "fight terrorism" when in reality THE US IS THE TERRORISTS!....

I stated a very long time ago that I saw what was really happening in northern Syria, and especially in regards to Raqqa... The US-Kurdish thugs and murderers were out to ethnically cleanse that city of all Syrian civilians to make room for a total domination by the Kurds themselves... The US had evacuated their "ISIS fighters"  back in April of this year, months before they launched their phoney "battle for Raqqa", and moved these "terrorists" first south to fight the SAA in and around the city of Deir Ez-Zor, and after that failed, have now shuttled these frauds across SDF controlled territory to redeploy in and around the Idlib pocket in western Syria...

Penny herself has a pretty good report over at her blog that covers this important information and I want to present the link to her article right here for everyone to read:


I agree with Penny in that here we have a major whistle blower basically blowing away all the lies that the US continues to promote about Syria, and yet very few people are listening..

The reality is that the American people are of course too gullible and ignorant to see the reality of how truly criminal their own government has been in terms of their illegal invasion and destruction of the innocent nation of Syria.... And of course we have the Jew spew media liars out there still shoving the lies of this "war on terror" constantly to strike fear into the public as well..... It is indeed psychological fear propaganda at its worse....

The bottom line here is this... The US government has and is still lying their asses off when it comes to what they are doing in Syria... They are banking on the ignorance and gullibility of the majority of the American people in the hope that they can sell their "snake oil" that they are in Syria to "fight terrorists" when in reality THEY are the terrorists...

It is still my hope that enough people do wake the fuck up and see what is actually going on in Syria right now and for the American people to demand that their criminal government and the liars in the Jew spew media stop their incessant bullshit about why the US is in Syria.... The lies must end immediately..

More to come


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Penny said...

Thanks North!
I appreciate your help in getting that news out very much.
I've been able to verify the claims he is making via the over abundance of information on my blog going back as far as 2015-

He has given us some solid info on US collusion with the PKK/YPG Kurds to destabilize and balkanize Syria... and it's largely being ignored.

Remember when Snowden was the "whistle blower" du jour- the 5 eyes main stream and alt was falling all over themselves to promote him- and imo he was bogus
Here we have a disgruntled employee/former mouthpiece for the US created SDF/ on the US dole (more or less) who is whistle blowing and nothing. What's up with that?!