Monday, December 4, 2017

The Ever Changing War In Yemen: It Was Too Good To Be True, For Apparently Former President Saleh Has Been Assassinated Placing The Whole Situation In Even More Turmoil!

I had a hunch that it was too good to be true... Just a few days ago, my fellow Canadian truth seeker, Greencrow ( that hails from the wilds of British Columbia, posted a truly amazing article that mirrored the original article coming from the Moon of Alabama website, at, stating that the war in Yemen was 'almost over' with supposedly the former President of Yemen, Saleh, returning to the capitol city of S'ana to bring the conflict to an end....  We all hoped that this was so true, just for the sake of the Yemen people that have indeed suffered so much thanks to the wrath of the Saudis and the criminal Americans..

Well, it did turn out to be wishful thinking, for apparently just this morning came the news that Saleh has been 'assassinated' in the capitol city of S'ana... And apparently the original reports are stating that it was the Houthis that did the deed!

First, I do want to present the link to Greencrow's follow up report on the situation in Yemen, and especially the breaking news that Saleh has indeed been killed in S'ana, and thus destroying the hope that the war was coming to an end... Here is that link for all to see for themselves here:

OK,  I personally will not be hard on Greencrow for putting so much faith in the Moon of Alabama article.. We all have been caught in seeing some material that has been "too good to be true" including yours truly from time to time.... It does call into question though as to WHY Moon of Alabama was so quick to post up that original article saying that the war was over and the Russians were the big winners in the conflict....

And of course another of my fellow Canadian truth seekers, Penny, ( has also posted up an article this morning covering the assassination of Saleh...  I do want to present the link to her article here for all to see for themselves:

Yes, Penny does present some interesting aspects of the ever changing situation in Yemen... And I too do NOT like what I am seeing with the alliance that has been fighting the Saudis and the Americans rather successfully over the last few years is now in tatters and has fractured...

I too was wondering what the hell was going on here, especially all the reports that Saleh himself was apparently now a "traitor" to the Houthi cause by his wanting to get into direct talks with the Saudis... Considering the fact that the Saudis have been slaughtering the civilians in Yemen wholesale, I was wondering what in the hell was Saleh actually thinking?  IF Saleh was indeed becoming a traitor to the Yemen people then it is no wonder the Houthis wanted him dead!

The news in Yemen has indeed been getting wilder by the minute with first reports coming out everywhere that the Houthis had seized the capitol city of S'ana, only now to be in pitched battles with other groups for the city itself... And again all of this internal strife is not helping Yemen at all, for it is absolutely playing right into the hands of the Saudis who can now sit back and have their opposition weakened and destroyed by its own internal infighting... Once the opposition is weakened enough, it will only help the Saudis in their efforts to conquer the entire country...

And of course all of this stupid infighting is NOT helping the impoverished civilians in Yemen that are presently starving to death or dying thanks to the biological warfare being done by the Saudis... All this means is even MORE death and destruction and the war not ending any time soon...

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