Sunday, December 10, 2017

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, December 10th, 2017

Sunday once again, and after one of the tumultuous weeks ever for myself and others in the real truth movement, it is time once again for my usual weekly rant..

OK, WHAT else can be said about that disgusting Jew dick sucking and swallowing freaking fool that occupies the American White House, Donald Drumpf?    Honestly, I am sick and tired of still seeing a few idiots out there, especially some who are in the alternative media, continue to try to portray this poor excuse for a human being as being their "hero".... I have already gone through all of the bullshit coming out from that ass clown, Alex Jones, and his entourage over at Infowhores, and I am still surprised that anyone actually listens to that bellicose buffoon any more.... The man is a sick freak that even after Drumpf basically sold out all of what remains of his "morals" to the Jewish freaks, he goes off on a rant that he supports this handover to these foreign alien invaders that have NO rights to either Jerusalem or Palestine?   It is enough to make anyone vomit..

And yes, I did take the time to go over that US so called "President"'s speech last week, and I felt ill from seeing all of the audacious lies that this fool spewed in trying to justify his decision to sell the Palestinians and the Arab world out and show his true allegiance and his deep throating of his Jewish masters in full view for the world to see.... It was indeed vomiting...

BUT... Lets face reality here... Did anyone actually still believe that the US was a "fair broker" when it came to any chances of "peace" in the Middle East?  Come on now and give your heads a shake people... The Jews have been in control of America now for well over a century, and every US President has always had to pledge his undying support to those mentally deficient and psychotic bunch.... Heck, we must also face the reality here that Drumpf was always the Jews' choice for the 45th President and they had every plan to have Drumpf hand over Jerusalem to them soon after he was sworn in in January of this year... And must I remind everyone that Drumpf himself said as one of his campaign promises that he would indeed respect Israel's desires to officially call Jerusalem their "capital" and that he was going to move the US embassy there to show the US's servitude to their Jewish masters as well.....

OK, Israel now controls Jerusalem and the Jewish pricks that occupy that land illegally are now one step even closer to having the entire region for themselves.... But this is exactly what I have said for years now in these rants.. These foreign Khazar freaks of nature have long said that Palestine is theirs as part of their "twisted" mental sickness that their "God" Yahweh, which is actually Satan, gave the land to them.... And they want it all and want to give the rightful people of the region, the Palestinians, NO hope at all of ever having any part of Palestine for themselves... Therefore the so called "Peace Process" is and always has been a farce, for the reality is that it is indeed a "process" where by the Jewish freaks continue to grab as much land as possible in the "process" of gobbling up all of Palestine leaving the Palestinians with NOTHING..... The reality is that with the psychosis of the Israelis running the insane asylum called Israel, there is NO hope at all for a Palestinian nation as the freaks want to see the Palestinians forced into permanent exile with no chances of ever returning, or to see the Palestinians ALL DEAD.... THAT is the reality of what is happening in Palestine and it leaves, as I have been saying all along, the Palestinians with NO alternative than to fight for their existence..If the Palestinians do not fight, then they have NO future... Basically given the choices to either fight or die, even I would choose the former in a heartbeat....

Yes, Drumpf sold out and has finally revealed his true Jew dick sucking ways... The one thing that has me really annoyed over the last few days is watching and listening once in a while to the Jew spew and dick sucking media try to "justify" what Drumpf has done... And yes, they have brought out their "experts" on the Middle East and other sickening Jew freaks and Jew supporters to try to sway the American people into  the false belief that Drumpf did the right thing in handing over Jerusalem to the freaks... I have watched some of their lies on the Talmudvision, and all I heard was absolute garbage and lies, especially the ones that claim that Drumpf is correcting an "historical injustice", which in itself is also a lie since the fraud of Judaism has no "historical claims" to Jerusalem as well!

Well, I am glad I got all that off my chest... And while Drumpf sold out to Israel, we still have the other concerns happening in the Middle East, especially in the war in Syria that both the US and Israel have basically all but lost.... It is so amazing though to read and see reports everywhere that the US has been busy aiding their fraud "ISIS terrorists" escape the clutches of the advancing SAA forces and their Russian allies... It has therefore become one big disgusting joke to continue to see the Jew spew media and the liars in the US government continue to proclaim that they are in Syria to "fight terrorists" when THEY are doing nothing of the sort and have openly now been in full support of their fraud "terrorists" and helping them to survive to continue the fight against the Syrian forces...

And as I have predicted, the push for war against the isolated nation of North Korea seems to be falling by the wayside as the Jew spew media turns their attention elsewhere..... And it only backs up what I have long claimed, in that this "rush to war" against North Korea is a fraud and nothing more than pure propaganda and fear mongering to turn Americans away from what they should be paying attention to, including the failing US economic situation... There was no way in hell the US was going to attack North Korea, especially with the fact that Kim Jong-un now has a viable nuclear deterrent against such a belligerent action..... The sabre rattling against North Korea is nothing more than "fear porn" to drive the nations in that region of Asia into buying more American made weapons... And again I will repeat that business for the military industrial complex, thanks to this fear propaganda being generated by North Korea, has been outstanding for those criminals....

I saw the amazing reports and some videos just in the last two days about how it is presently snowing, and snowing a lot in the southern US..... And yes, I knew this was going to happen, as weather patterns are now definitely showing that all of us living here in North America are heading to wards one heck of a cold winter, where temperatures will be well BELOW normal.... .It does make me laugh at those who still stupidly believe in the "Global Warming" crap, and these early snow falls and rapidly changing temperatures should be an eye opener to these idiots.....The reality is of course that there  is NO "Global Warming"as Climate Change is and always has been driven by the cycles of our Yellow Dwarf star, Sol, and presently Sol is starting a "solar minimum" that will cause large scale cooling right across our planets.. It is indeed going to get colder for this winter, but in subsequent years to follow in regards to cold temperatures you have not seen anything yet!

Well, I have received a lot of positive fallout and a lot of Kudos from last Thursday's show with Charles Giuliani over at Renegade Broadcasting... Some people actually came out and said that I should have my own show, and I had to reply to them that at one time I did in collaboration with my former colleague Whitewraithe out of Tennessee..... And on another positive note, Charles himself sent me an email to congratulate me on a superb job, and even asked me to come back soon as his guest.... However, I did get some flack from some of those who go over to Renegade Broadcasting and fill their "chat room" with their gibberish.... I tend to ignore the naysayers though as I put it to them straight that if they do not like my being on some of the shows, then why don't they themselves get out from behind their computers and come on the air live for two hours and see how they do!   It is not easy to try to talk for two hours, and I would really like to see the critics quit their complaining and try it themselves...

The only thing I always find when I am on the air is how sometimes I do sound a bit "nasally"... I must remind everyone that I have been a long sufferer of very bad sinuses and when I talk it does sometimes make my voice sound a bit 'squeaky'.... I have finally passed my physical examination and am ready for an operation on my nose and sinuses to primarily fix the "deviated septum" problem that I have suffered from for decades, but that operation will not happen for at least another 5 months (Yes, Canadian medical system works at a snail's pace...).....  Once that operation is done, and I have recovered, I do wonder what my voice will sound like then... Until then, I am stuck with my "nasally" voice at times....

Someone also asked me why I never touched on one of the other subjects that I cover so well at this blog, and that is the trouble with vaccines and vaccinations... Honestly, I let Charles decide on the subjects that he and I wanted to discuss, and the fraud of vaccines never came up at the time... I probably will take up that issue in a future broadcast if I am invited back as a guest... In the meantime I have hundreds of articles here at this blog covering the facts and hard evidence that VACCINES DO NOT WORK, and everyone can check the archives to read them here.....

Well, I guess that is enough for today's rant.... I have been suffering the last few days with one of those dismal sinus infections again that turns my nose red and gives me some freakish sinus headaches...I am going to go and take some more sinus medicine shortly and try to clear my head.. In the meantime, here comes my usual closing "last minute tidbits" for those subjects that I may have missed for this week......... Yes, I have read some of the reports that the US government is finally "ready" to formally indict that psychotic murderous freak, Killary Clinton, for her horrible crimes against the American people and to all of humanity.  That creature is as guilty as sin, and I am indeed crossing my fingers that they throw the book at her and have her put in a jail cell for the rest of her miserable life...... The Russians are NOT going to the upcoming Winter Olympics in South Korea due to "doping" allegations, and I again must ask: WHAT ABOUT THE AMERICANS?  The US Olympic team has for decades been cheating and getting away with it, so why are they not investigated for "doping" and also barred from the Olympics as well?  To me, this was nothing more than more "Russia bashing".........I saw another interesting report this week concerning that fraud called "Facebook" and how some medical experts are now saying that more people are now suffering from depression due to that sick "social network".  I would say they are right, and again I must ask why in the fuck would anyone in their right mind ever have an account in any of these sick "social networks"?  AND honestly, people have to ask why I do not have a "social network" for this blog?  I hope you have your answer........Wildfires are still burning out of control just north of the city of Los Angeles, and I am still not yet sold on these being "artificial", simply because many of the Jewish "elite" that live in that region are watching their own homes being burned to the ground.  There may be a sinister reasoning, and I am still looking for one........ And speaking of the Jewish freaks in southern California,  it is still so amazing that the vast majority of those who have now been exposed for their sick sexual deviancy in that cesspool called "Hollywood" (Jewlywood) are indeed part of this "tribe".  Again, why are there so few out there that refuse to see the connection between the sick fraud of Judaism and such deplorable sexual deviancy?........Sears Canada is officially closed as of this coming week, and again because the Canadian economy is so dismal, I wonder which major retailer here is next?........ I was again out and about in the local mall, wishing everyone a "Merry Chirstmas" and I got some most interesting stares and some downright sick responses from time to time.  I will not bow down to any phoney Political Correctness, and will continue to celebrate this time as Christmas, no matter what the Jew freaks try to do to stop it.......Now that the Houthi and other rebel forces are in disarray thanks to the collapse of their unified resistance against the Saudis, the Saudis and their American allies have been launching new attacks into Yemen and have been openly bombing Yemen civilian sites with no opposition.  It has gone from bad to worse now in Yemen, and I indeed can see millions of innocent people dying while the world turns a blind eye.... I see that Arsenal is playing the Southampton Saints this morning while I type this report.  But again, even with a victory, the Gunners have a long way to go and the best they can hope for this year is a Champions League berth..... I have been reading the reports about the possible demise of the NFL and the facts that the "league" has had a horrific time this year in filling their stadiums with fans.  But lets face the facts in that the players have pissed off the fans enough with their "national anthem" bullshit, and the game itself has become a brutal farce due to the increasing injuries and concussions that the league has failed to properly address.  I used to be a big fan of the NFL, but not any more, for I find it nearly impossible to watch what they pass off as "games"..........And finally, I have still been looking for a replacement for the Kardashian bashing, but other than Taylor Swift, there has been very little out there that touches these skanks' notoriety.   And right on cue, but apparently skank Kim has now "reignited" her feud with psycho Swift herself.  Yes, while America is going to heck and the economy is imploding, the paparazzi are all gaga over this "spat" and most Americans absolutely gobble up this horse shit, and I do not know whether at times to laugh or cry.  Well such is another week in the twisted world of these sorry excuses for humanity, and I guess I will close this rant now before I vomit...

More to come



  1. So, will anyone join my decade long argument that we will never find any solutions within the R & D system?

    Seriously. When will Americans understand that believing the liars within these corrupt, jew-owned parties will NEVER bring about any goals of the white man?

    I have been begging for YEARS that people simply do not vote for an R or D ever again.

    My mantra has been:

    Never an R or D Again!

    I can't tell you how many times I've written that sentence, yet the masses still find some reason to believe the liars. People that frequent my site or see my comments still argue with me, no matter how many of my predictions of the total jewish slavish nature of Trump is blindingly evident.

    They hold on to hope long after the hope should have vanished in their minds.

    It's not enough for me to tell people I was right and they were wrong. Now, people need to understand how wrong they are/were and STOP doing the same shit over and over again.

    It really is that simple.

    Maybe people could start spreading my pitiful meme.

    Of course, that will rub people the wrong way because what in the world would they do if they couldn't vote for their two prescribed, tainted choices?

  2. Well, I liked Taylor Swift's "Wildest Dreams", not because of the controversy it caused by having such a "white" cast in "Africa", nor for Swift's popularity with some "Alt-right" for being white, nor for criticism of her by some "Antifa" for the same reason, but because in the video she flies in a Fisher replica of a classic Tiger Moth biplane, and I like airplanes, and especially classic biplanes. Other than that, I really know nothing about Swift.

    It was actually a link from Fisher Flying Products, the Canadian producer of kits for building your own replica biplane in your garage, that clued me in to Swift's video.