Thursday, December 14, 2017

Five Years Ago Today, America Was Subjected To The Most Ridiculous, Laughable, And Ludicrous "False Flag" Attack In Its History Of "False Flags" - The Sandy Hook Fiasco

Today marks the 5th anniversary of one of the most ridiculous "false flag" attacks in the sordid history of America's "false flag" attacks.... I am of course talking about the ridiculous and ludicrous "school shooting" that the LIARS in the US Government and of course the Jew spew media still continue to promote as being real, at the fraudulent "Sandy Hook Elementary School" in Newtown Connecticut.... 

I have already put up so many reports at this blog discussing the fraud of Sandy Hook that the liars continue to claim took the lives of some "26 students and teachers" as well as a more and more apparently non-existent "shooter" named Adam Lanza......  I therefore will NOT go into any detail here concerning the hows and whys as to this fraud, and only ask readers (and those who are still sitting on the fence) to take their time in looking over my material and videos and see for themselves the fraud in its entirety.....  

The Sandy Hook fraud also exposed Americans to the usage of "crisis actors" in these fake shootings, and since the Sandy Hook fiasco, we have seen "crisis actors" used in every single fraud event, including the Pulse Night Club fraud, the Boston Bombing fraud, the San Bernardino fraud, etc, etc... And what is so ridiculous to me is how the criminals behind these frauds continue to blatantly call for and even put out advertisements for people to sign up to be their "crisis actors" for these events!  Honestly, when I see the ads and how many people actually sign up for these events, I wonder how Americans can still be that gullible to ever fall for them!

Well, again I do not want to go into any detail about the fraud of Sandy Hook.. But for this article, I will present a most amazing interview conducted between Jeff Rense and of course one of the best investigators of the Sandy Hook fiasco, Professor James Fetzer, that happened on Jeff Rense's radio show a few years back... Jeff and James do discuss the fraud in great detail and I have that interview here in the following video for readers to listen to:

Yes, this is only ONE of many of Jeff's interviews with James Fetzer... And even though Jeff Rense does NOT have Professor James Fetzer no longer on his shows due to their differences on the Las Vegas event, the evidence that James Fetzer has gathered over the years on Sandy Hook is factual and very eye opening...

I will state it clearly that on the day of the "Sandy Hook shooting" on December 14th, 2012, I thought that it was the real thing.. But very quickly and within hours, I applied my own critical thinking skills and said "Hey wait a minute.. Some things just do not add up"..... It was then that I looked at more of the facts and especially the unusual reactions by the "crisis actors" used for this event and realized that it was a FRAUD..... 

AND I must add that the Sandy Hook fraud shooting finally did one thing for the "truth movement"... It EXPOSED some of the agents that have been promoting their lies and falsehoods for everyone to see.... Those clowns and idiots have now been fully exposed, and even though several of them are still out there promoting their garbage (including the midget man behind the "TUT" website..) they are now seen for the liars and scoundrels they really are....  Sandy Hook then did us all a favour and exposed the liars and real agents of disinformation in the alternative media....

And in closing, the one thing that still astounds me to this day is how the majority of the gullible Americans out there still think that THIS event was real and that people actually "died" that day!  I do wonder if it will take another 5 years before people actually wake the fuck up in America and realize that their own government is using these frauds to take away their rights and freedoms....

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  1. And five years on, the lil truth huckster keeps on going:

    Tonight’s special program–

    On this, the 5th anniversary of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary school, we are joined by author and broadcaster Deanna Spingola to discuss what took place in the aftermath of this terrible tragedy–The Sandy Hook Hoax Fiasco–a very sophisticated operation in psychological warfare aimed at discrediting the alternative media and ‘9/11 Truth Movement’. Deanna goes into the various characters making up the main pistons of this psychological operation, including James Fetzer, Wolfgang Halbig, James Tracey and others who–wittingly or not–played their own respective roles as pushers of this highly-narcotic/highly-addictive/highly-dangerous substance known as ‘Hoaxerism’ that has all but destroyed the thought processes of large numbers of activists within ‘the movement’ and which has reduced the credibility of the alternative media to null.

    As usual, not for the faint of heart or hopelessly closed-minded, so listen only at the risk of getting a heaping, healthy dose of the ugly truth.

    The lil truth huckster proves arrogance leads to blindness. Will the lil truth huckster take his "Hoaxerism" on the road?... maybe t Las Vegas?... or any of the other many scenarios of government operations?

  2. Arggh ... here we go again. Yes, Sandy Hook was a "false flag" like "9/11" and the Boston Bombing ... but please for the love of god, NTS, don't link to Rense and Fetzer. If you have been around the "truth movement" for long enough, you know that they are both dodgy as can be, and there has to be someone better out there to illustrate your points and opinions.

    Rense has been muddying the waters for YEARS. He publishes good stuff on his website, and then throws in all sorts of nonsense involving aliens which poisons the water. I've been in the ufo community off and off for donkey's years, so I know there is something going on, and have seen something in the sky above my head, myself. I lived in a place in the 70s where there was a documented UFO flap and I know what is crap, and what isn't. Rense publishes a lot of crap. He was publicising Andrew Basiago, when Basiago started out, for gods sake, and that is just one of the fakes that he has pushed in the past.

    Fetzer, is another piece of work. In my opinion, he decimated the 9/11 truth movement along with Steven E. Jones in 2007/8. He is a blowhard that talks over the top of people, and goes into all the nitty-gritty details so you get stuck, paralysed in how things were done rather than talking about who was behind it all. I've come to understand that he now talks about Zionism and the 9/11 false flag (I avoid him like the plague) but it must have taken him years to get to that point when those who have their eyes truly open could see it in a few moments of investigation. He is a barrier to real debate and should be shunned from the JFK, 9/11, Sandy Hook etc truth movements.

    So ... please NTS don't muddy your work by linking to people who really should be avoided. It doesn't make you look good, and it muddies the water for other people yet to come into these important fields of study.