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Understanding Our Enemy: There Are Repeated Patterns In Jewish Deception That Allow You To Recognize Jewish Lies

We in the real truth movement are not deceived and know exactly who our enemy is..... I for one have not been deceived by the lies that our enemies are "Zionists" or that only a small part of the tribe is truly evil, for I can see clearly that the entire lot of the so called "chosen ones" are driven by their madness that they alone are to be masters of all mankind.... That sickness is why the world is as fucked up as it is today...

For this article, I want to turn to a most interesting article that comes from the National Vanguard website, at www.nationalvanguard.org, that is entitled "Stop Being Insane" and shows clearly how the criminal and most evil Jewish elite have indeed used the art of deception to maintain their grip over us all... And the article shows how anyone can sift through the bullshit and recognize the Jewish lies... Here is that article in its entirety here, and of course I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Stop Being Insane

The fact that millions of White people have been conditioned to identify with and assimilate in detail Jewish tales like “Moses and the burning bush,” shown here, and know almost nothing of their own history and prehistory, is a tragedy. Such deluded Whites often act against their own interests.
American Dissident Voices broadcast of November 18, 2017
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by Kevin Alfred Strom
THERE ARE repeating patterns in Jewish deception that allow you to recognize Jewish lies when you hear them, even if the talking head you are listening to is not a Jew. Watch for these characteristics:
1. The claim that Jews are an “oppressed people,”
2. The claim that the Jews are an especially holy or sacred people,
3. The claim that some biological or behavioral minority (excluding Whites, of course) is being “oppressed” by Whites, especially Whites with traditional values,
4. The promotion of cult-like or abstruse belief systems led by Jewish “intellectuals,” and
5. Attacks on the latest enemy who is being demonized and dehumanized, often a a pro-White person or institution, or a leader of a country against which the Jewish establishment wants the United States to make war.
As for “oppresssion” of the Jews, the Jewish holy book, the Talmud, and itsutterly impossible atrocity stories are an early prototype for the later atrocity stories used against Germans and other Europeans during the Second World War in an effort to get the British and Americans to slaughter their German kinsmen. The fake atrocity stories used as an excuse for the mass killings incited by Jews during that war are often quite absurd (how about a pedal-driven brain-bashing machine?); we ought to be prepared for similar heart-rending tales to be vended to us as the Jewish establishment pulls the strings to get the masses primed for another slaughter in the Middle East, this time in Syria or Iran.
The Jewish lies I cite are ridiculous and absurd — the claim that 800,000,000 Jews were killed in one small town, for example. But not all Jewish lies are so laughably preposterous. The unifying characteristic of these lies is that they are crafted to make us believe that Jews are powerless and oppressed victims in need of our help and our sympathy, despite the fact that they constitute the vast majority of the billionaire media elite and have most of the criminal politicians in their pockets.
Why do so many of our people believe their nonsense?
What makes us accept the most absurd lies of the Jews is that we are programmed from our earliest childhood to accept the premise that Jews are “chosen by God” and are the holy “people of the book,” and are a source of great morality and righteousness. Those of us who have most fully assimilated this brainwashing feel at an almost instinctual level that it would somehow be “going against God” or against morality to doubt what the Jews tell us. Any creature so programmed is totally at the mercy of the programmer. Let’s look at some of the practical aspects of this programming.
Today it is generally believed that the Jews were the originators of monotheism and that their religion has always been monotheistic. Both of these claims are lies.
The earliest known monotheist was the Egyptian king, Ikhnaton, who ruled Egypt from 1379 BC, preceding the Jews’ assumption of monotheism by more than one thousand years.
The Greek philosopher Xenophanes, born around 570 BC, was the first European to profess monotheism — and, may I add, a monotheism far more logical, more rational, more elegant, and more in harmony with Nature and science than that of the Jews — and in this he antedated the Jews by centuries.
The Jews of Elephantine left behind a number of papyri dating from the fifth century BC, and from them we learn that the god they referred to as Yahweh was merely the chief of their several gods and, in fact, they provided him with a female god to be his consort. It should be noted that the Jews at Elephantine considered themselves to be absolutely orthodox and were apparently considered to be so by the rabbis of the then recently established Jewish temple in Jerusalem.
There are traces remaining in the “Old Testament” showing the original Jewish polytheism, such as numerous references to Elohim, which literally means “the gods,” and exhortations not to worship other gods than the Jews’ tribal deity, Yahweh, implicitly affirming that those other gods did exist. Most of those writings were amended after exposure to Persian ideas and Graeco-Roman Stoicism convinced the Jews to make the Jewish tribal deity appear to be a universal one.
The Semitic peoples of the Middle East, including the partly-Semitic Jews, typically believed that many gods existed, but each tribe worshipped a particular god that was attached to that locality or that tribe. These Semitic tribes often referred to their tribal god by the name “Lord,” which was pronounced “Baal” or “Bel” in their native tongues. (The famous contest between “Baal” and “the Lord” was therefore just a story about a contest between two “lords” of two different tribes, and the language as used today is purposely deceptive.) These tribal gods typically had a covenant or agreement with the tribe (or, more exactly, with the tribe’s priesthood) to especially favor the tribe if the dictates of the priests were followed by the people. This was a common arrangement among the teeming populations of the Middle East, and the Jews were no exception. According to their own mythology, the Jews were Yahweh‘s “chosen people.”
Quite opposed to this tradition at that time was the near-monotheism of Persian Zoroastrianism, which posited an eternal struggle between the one universal god of good and the forces of evil; and the philosophy of Stoicism developing in the West, which affirmed a life force called Providence or animus mundi, meaning mind of the universe, to account for the workings of fate.
The Jews’ brilliant coup was in hijacking the Stoic’s animus mundi and saying that the force behind the universe was really Yahweh all along. This is the Jewish lie that has befuddled our people for millennia and still deludes millions of our race today. It is the lie that facilitates our acceptance of so many others. It is a lie that must be exposed.
The real Jewish genius was in taking their old idea of a tribal god, which especially favored Jews, and making him into a universal god, the creator of the universe, the only god, and yet still retaining the god’s special favoritism for the Jews, which made the Jews, to anyone who accepted this myth, into an especially righteous “god-people,” virtual gods on earth whose statements and very beings must be regarded with a kind of awe; who are listened to in a kind of religious trance in which the most absurd lies must not be questioned because they come from a “holy” source. You can imagine the power that such a myth gave the Jews over any one or any nation that accepted their claim to special holiness.
Sadly, some two thousand years later, many White people today still accept that myth and act accordingly. It’s insane.
A creature named Malcolm Hedding, evidently — I am sorry to say — a White man, operates an evangelical outfit called the “International Christian Embassy” the entire focus of which is supporting Jews and Israel as the primary religious imperative. I’ll quote from some of Mr. Hedding’s ravings:
As we all know the Word of God calls upon us to pray for Israel and stand with her, as this process of restoration in her national life will culminate with her spiritual recovery and the coming of their Messiah. This in turn will usher in the Messianic Age of peace and glory on the earth. A time when the world will finally have rest from its wars, turmoil and violence. This is the age that we all long for since we will reign with Jesus from Jerusalem….
One does wonder just who “we” are, according to Reverend Hedding. He continues:
Christians owe Israel a debt of gratitude, for … we received the Word of the Living God from her … salvation is of the Jews!
Repeatedly quoting from Jewish writings that promise “blessings” to those that “bless” the Jews, the program of the “Christian Embassy” is to offer physical support through sending volunteers from Western nations to work for free in Israel; to urge Christians, many of them quite poor I am sure, to send money to Jews in Israel; to provide Jews with free dental care, free computer equipment, free hospital care, free playground equipment, and even free heaters and air conditioners. All this largesse is sent by mostly working-class Christians to the richest people on Earth, who are already receiving over 10 million dollars per day from the American taxpayers and huge amounts from Germany and other nations! They also sponsor a “Churches for Israel” program, from which I quote:
Your church can be a “Church for Israel”
Your church can:
  • Pray for Israel
  • Host a “Bless Israel” day or event
  • Financially bless Israel
Any church or ministry which commits to any of the above choices is a “Church for Israel”, and will receive:
  • Regular newsletter especially for churches
  • Regular audiocassette messages to pastors
  • Monthly prayer requests for Israel
  • A Church for Israel certificate
  • Assistance in setting up meetings, tours to Israel and more…..
And the “Christian Embassy” behind all these projects is just a small-time operation, a tiny fraction of the overall Christian support for the Jews and their murderous state given by the likes of Pat Robertson, Liberty University, John Hagee, and their ilk!
These deranged White men have been programmed by a 2,000-year-old psyopto work against their own best interests and use their money and energy to help Jews, when there are poor White children in this country who will never reach their potential for lack of money, and honorable White grandmothers who eat out of dumpsters or go hungry.
Why do these fools care so much about Israel? According to the magazine Christianity Today,
Many evangelicals have vivid memories of sitting in Sunday school rooms, staring at maps of Bible Lands and listening to Bible stories week after week. Through such experiences, evangelicals came to view the Bible’s story as their own and the land of the Bible as a kind of home away from home.
They may not know where their own people were 2,000 years ago, what they lived and died for, what they believed, how their ancestors struggled so that they might live and have the blessings of civilization — but they sure know, or think they know, all about the Jews; they view Jewish history as their own and call the Middle East the “Holy Land”; and identify with the Jews as a kind of superior and more godly version of themselves. They see images of our Germanic or Classical ancestors and there is not the slightest sign of recognition in their dull eyes. But show them a picture of a Jew in the desert near a burning bush and they identify with it instantly. How bizarre this is — and how infinitely tragic.
No doubt these “Christian Zionists,” as they sometimes call themselves, sincerely believe the Jewish verse they constantly quote again and again: “To the Jew first!” To the Jew first, indeed!
Can’t you see how insane this is? The Jews support their own institutions, their own state, their own people, as any rational nation would do. But millions of the men and women of our European civilization, White men and women, heirs of the greatest culture the world has ever known, do not support their own people. With the words written by an alien race — “to the Jew first!” — upon their lips, they ignore the basic needs for the survival of their own race, their own nation, and ignore even the cries and suffering of their own poor and destitute, and give their all for the Jews. They justify and support genocide and brutal occupation (if done by Jews), and gladly tax themselves and sacrifice the lives of their children to make it possible. All based on a preposterous hoax that Jews are somehow holy and sacred and intimately connected to God.
What fantastic power to control the minds of their hosts the Jews attained when they hit upon the brilliant idea of taking over monotheism and remaking it in the image of their tribal, ethnocentric god Yahweh.
Not only will this misplaced loyalty and religious perversion be fatal to us and lead to our extinction in the long run if it is allowed to continue, but it is extremely dangerous in the short term as well.
These “Christian Zionists” profess a belief that history is following a divinely preordained pattern, centered on Israel, which can be discerned if one reads ancient Jewish texts with the proper reverence. They believe that Israel’s aggression against her neighbors and the driving out of the Palestinians are in accord with a “divine plan” that will culminate in a great battle called Armageddon that will usher in the events of the “end times” and a literal kingdom of God on Earth. Let me emphasize this — the Christian Zionists want these events to take place to fulfill their interpretation of Jewish scriptures. They want Israel to conquer its Middle Eastern neighbors; they want American treasure and American blood to be used to the maximum extent possible to make that happen; and they want the new world war that this will bring in order for the Jewish “prophecies” to come true.
The Jews, of course, must have a hard time preventing themselves from snickering at the Christian Zionists’ beliefs, which they certainly do not share. But they exploit their foolish allies to the hilt.
Crazy Pat Robertson asks his flock, almost every night, to support Israel with money and through local and national pressure. And they do exactly that. From their tenderest years they are programmed to accept Jewish lies as “ultimate truth,” and to excoriate as “totally evil” anyone who would question the righteousness of the self-chosen people.
Such is the power and fanaticism of these zealots who have accepted without reservation or ratiocination one of the most deadly Jewish lies of all — the lie that Jews are holy, Jews are “chosen,” Jews are uniquely “righteous.” We must break free of this lie if we are to survive. And we must make sure that our children are not tricked by this lie into surrendering their birthright and their lives on the altar of Jewish supremacism.
Am I a radical extremist for wanting my people to stop being insane? — to stop acting in a way that will destroy our children’s future? I ask all of you, whatever your tradition or faith, to use your reason and see these special Jewish claims for what they are: a means to enslave, exploit and use you and your loved ones; a means to divert your love and your energies away from your own people and your own children and toward supporting the Jews; a means of parasitizing our society that will ultimately be fatal if we allow it to continue.

NTS Notes: Yes, this entire article does have a lot of religious undertones, but it does point out how these monsters have indeed been deceiving everyone for centuries...

I for one am sick and tired of these "Christian Zionists" that have been nothing more than brainwashed knuckleheads and morons and are basically too stupid for their own good.... They have indeed drank the "kool-aid" and are nothing more than cannon fodder for the Jewish criminals....

I will continue to publish articles such as this one for the simple fact that I am absolutely sick and tired of the Jewish lies and deception..... I can no longer tolerate these monsters and their evil parasitic ways and will continue to make sure that everyone who reads this blog sees the bitter truth no matter how sick it is.... People need to understand our real enemy and to make sure that they pass the message onto everyone else as well..

More to come



Unknown said...

National Vanguard is an excellent source of information. I
depend on them as much as I depend on you. Kudos!

RickB said...

I recently gave up on and pointedly unfriended/disassociated myself from a Christian Zionist acquaintance. I'd been trying to lead him to see who our/mankind's enemy is, as I do with all acquaintances, to no success.

Last time I spoke to him, after time after time giving him information and sources to check out to no avail, I told him carrying water for Israel and jews will be the end of us as a nation, and we must stop it. His smug, response was that we (Americans) are hard wired never to do that.

My response to that was indicative of what was wrong with America and why it is beyond hope of saying. I told him he was hard wired to be stupid and that I didn't want to waste any more time speaking to him... that my tolerance for stupid is past the breaking point.

RickB said...

Correction: My response to him was that he was indicative of what was wrong with America and why it is beyond hope of saving.

Can't wait said...

I dropped many of my family members, immediate and extended, as I became to tired and frustrated over their moronic devotion to the jew and their stupidity of trying to associate the jew to true Christianity. The older I get, the less patience I have in dealing with sheeple who are either self-deceived or extremely foolish. In either case, my life is becoming too short to waste time and breath on these ziobots.
If you want to associate with me the JP will be asked and must be answered correctly otherwise go waste someone else's time.

Michael Mann said...

NTS, thanks for this excellent article. For most of my life I was enslaved by Christianity.
The carrot of “heaven” and the big stick called “hell” kept me tithing, trying to see all of mankind “created in the image of god,” “turning the other cheek,” not judging, and forgiving things that are truly unforgivable. Being born with sin is absurd and how can you love and worship someone that gives you the choice between doing just that or going to an eternal torture chamber after you die. There’s no better example of compulsory love. Equally absurd is the commandment to forgive, love and do good to your enemies and to see it a sin that may land you in hell if you rebel against a government, all of them allegedly “ordained by god.”

There are also the thought crimes that can wind you up in hell, e.g., “anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart,” and “anyone who “hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him.,” and “You shall not covet your neighbor's house (. . .) or anything that belongs to your neighbor." Just take a look at the ridiculous lists in the New Testament of “those who will not inherit the kingdom of god.”

I find that one of the worst passages in the Bible is “Salvation is of the Jews.” As pointed out in the article you provided, it keeps people fearful of even thinking anything negative about these eternal enemies of ours and it also moves them to give of their hard-earned dollars to the most wretched and shameless of parasites this earth has ever seen.

I’ve read many books and watched many videos on the absurdity of religions in general, but especially on Christianity. Some of the books go into great detail, not just on who wrote the books of the Bible, but who is being served by it. Here are just a few of my recommendations, especially for Christians:

“Godless: How an Evangelical Preacher Became One of America’s Leading Atheists,” by Dan Barker; “Deconverted: A Journey from Religion to Reason,” by Seth Andrews; and “50 Simple Questions for Every Christian,” by Guy Harrison and the best book I’ve ever read on the subject: “Is It God's Word? An Exposition of the Fables and Mythology of the Bible And The Fallacies Of Theology,” by Joseph Wheless.

I also recommend Joseph Wheless’ Forgery in Christianity; Revilo P. Oliver’s “The Jews Love Christianity” and his “The Jewish Strategy”; Joseph McCabe’s “History’s Greatest Liars,” and “Why I am an Agnostic,” by Robert G. Ingersoll. If the Christian can’t bring himself to spend money on something that challenges his faith maybe he can at least listen to Revilo P. Oliver’s or William Luther Pierce’s speeches on the subject of religion on YouTube videos.

He can learn why Revilo Oliver sees Christianity as “a spiritual syphilis" that "has rotted the minds of our race and induced paralysis of our will to live" and that “Christianity was a Jewish invention, devised for the specific purpose of enfeebling and paralyzing the civilized people of the world.”

The truth (about Christianity) will set you free.

And to help soften some of the sobering realities contained in these books and videos I highly recommend watching the videos of a YouTuber who goes by the name nonstampcollector.

Anonymous said...

An image (or a few of them) is worth a thousand words: