Friday, November 24, 2017

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: The US Will Finally Admit That It Has (At Least) 2000 Combat Troops ILLEGALLY In Syria!

Regular readers of this blog will recall how 3 weekend rants ago, on November 5th, I put into my last minute tidbits section the interesting revelation made by the criminal US State Department that they did indeed have some "4000 combat troops" ILLEGALLY in the sovereign nation of Syria... And of course shortly after that startling revelation was made, it was dismissed by other members of the US Government and did not even make it to the Jew spew media at all (No shock here at all)...

Well, now several weeks after that most interesting revelation, the truth has come out that the US does indeed have to finally admit that they have placed US combat troops ILLEGALLY in the sovereign nation of Syria.... And I want to thank my fellow Canadian truth seeker, Penny over at "Penny For Your Thoughts" for bringing forward this information at her blog... In fact, I want to present right now the link here to Penny's article for all to see for themselves how the US government has indeed been LYING THEIR ASSES OFF and has indeed invaded Syria:

I do want to thank Penny for bringing this information forward, and I absolutely agree with her statements that the US has absolutely been working with the Kurds to "ethnically cleanse" the northeastern part of that sovereign nation, much like what they have already done in the city of al-Raqqa!

Now, here is the link to the original article from Reuters out of the UK that again claims that there are some '2000' US combat troops right now operating illegally in Syria:

NTS Notes:  I definitely called this one weeks ago... But should it not be obvious to anyone with some real critical thinking skills?  Of course the US has their forces illegally operating in Syria... My suggestion is that this "2000" number is absolutely a low ball figure and the REAL figure is probably greater than "5000"!

Yes, the US has most definitely invaded Syria and will indeed be trying everything possible to keep their forces there... Their plan since they created the "Syrian Civil War" some 6 years ago has always been for the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad and the dismemberment of the Syrian nation into smaller fiefdoms controlled by US and Israeli interests.... That plan is still very much alive today and the US will keep their forces illegally operating in Syria for that goal...

Well, the truth does eventually come out... Now I wonder what in the hell the American public has to say about this most interesting revelation and the fact that their own government has illegally and without the full support of the American citizens and the federal government, invaded another sovereign nation.... And yes, they are going to stay there even if it risks a global conflict against the Russian Federation!

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greencrow said...

The US HAD to invade Syria...even if surreptitiously. Otherwise, they would have been roundly punished by Israel and the Zionists. Yes, I use the word "Zionists" because I do not want to fall into their trap...of generalizing an entire group (in this case a religion). There are several decent Jews who should not be included in a generalized denigration called "the Jews". Witness Norman Finklestein and the cello player...can't think of his name right now...and Stephen Lendman, amongst an (albeit) very few others.

I believe the US did not have a choice but to invade Syria. It is being blackmailed to the hilt. Until the blackmail cycle is broken...this is the kind of geopolitical scenario we will continue to be faced with.

greencrow said...

Sorry NTS...the Jewish musician/activist I referred to in the above comment is

They are few and far between...but they do stand out like diamonds in a pile of horse manure.

Unknown said...
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Penny said...

Hey NTS!

Thanks for the link to. Can I just leave a few updates you and your readers will find interesting and definitely related
Last night I posted the news article that the PKK/YPG aka SDF have admitted there are 4,000 coalition troops actively fighting alongside them and minimally 10 US bases in annexed Syria

Today the same Uk/Usrael kurds are saying they will join the Syrian Army if they get their state. However this won't happen under Assad so the contention is the US will get Assad out, run Syria and their thugs will terrorize all of Syria to the benefit of Israel

Unknown said...

Botched CIA Murder Operation in Russia; CSIS Murdering Ring of Citizens; World-Changing Physics