Thursday, November 23, 2017

Updated! The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: Victory? Updates On Situation, And Where Does Syria Go From Here

I always seem to be doing a lot of "catching up" lately.... BUT one thing that I am absolutely proud and happy to see is the embattled Syrian government under Bashar al-Assad FINALLY wipe out most of what remains of the US created, funded, and operated "ISIS" fraud "terrorists" in eastern Syria..... With the fall of the last "ISIS" outposts along the southern bank of the Euphrates River over the last few days, "ISIS" has basically been destroyed in that entire region... All that is left now is for some "mopping up" operations for the SAA and their Russian and Arabic allies...

Right now, I want to present the following link to a report from my fellow Canadian real truth seeker, Greencrow, who of course hails from the wild nether region of British Columbia... Greencrow has some great information here about the fact that thanks to the Syrian victory over the criminal US/Israel/NATO cabal, the US itself has lost all credibility in the entire region outside of the evil nations of Israel and Saudi Arabia... Here that link to Greencrow's report here:

OK,  I have to be honest here... I have been reading so many alternative news reports everywhere over the last few days that call the fall of "ISIS" in eastern Syria a "victory", but I personally would hold off on any real celebrations of victory just yet..... And I will explain here..

Yes, the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal received a major beating in the Deir Ez-Zor region of eastern Syria,BUT at the same time the US finally revealed its real plans for that area as they were allowed to seize the major Petroleum assets on the northern side of the Euphrates and prevent the Syrian people from regaining those assets for themselves... At the same time, the US has openly now shown its full support of the Kurds in their want to split the north eastern part of Syria off from the entire nation and create a fraud "independent" Kurdistan that would be nothing more than a puppet regime of US and Israeli interests!   AND we cannot forget the fact that the US presently has some 9 ILLEGAL bases established in the Kurdish controlled northeastern part of Syria, which is nothing more than an illegal outright invasion of Syria itself...

Therefore in spite of the meetings in Sochi Russia a few days ago and even with Vladimir Putin spending hours in a telephone conversation with US President Donald Drumpf just the other day, the US has absolutely NO intentions of ever leaving Syria any time soon, if not ever!

AND we still have the issue beyond the Kurdish problem of the US and their ILLEGAL base at the Al Tanf site in southern Syria itself...In fact, in spite of the ridiculous and precarious position of that ILLEGAL base which again is nothing more than the US once again invading the sovereign nation of Syria, the US has NO intentions of ever leaving that "base" and it does make one wonder if the US is potentially wanting to still use that southern Syrian position as a jump off point for an invasion of Syria itself in the near future?  It is surprising to myself that Bashar al-Assad and of course Putin have not DEMANDED that the US immediately vacate that "base"......

Of course, now that "ISIS" has been soundly defeated in eastern Syria, they should be out of Syria entirely, right?  WRONG.. For strangely over these last few days, some mysterious and out of the blue "ISIS cells" suddenly have appeared in Hama province and have been apparently attacking the other US backed "Rebels" that are in that area as well as nearby Idlib province.... Here is a link to a report about this sudden "ISIS" appearance that appears to be aimed at the other fraudulent "rebels" in that area and NOT the Syrian army:

I was originally puzzled by this sudden reappearance of "ISIS" in that region, but after a bit of researching and some critical thinking, it makes sense for the twisted and sick goals of the US government and I will explain here:

People need to understand that these fraud "Rebels" that are still holed up in the Idlib Province and Hama Province as well are nothing more than US controlled puppets, and lo and behold but so are these fraud "ISIS" forces as well... Therefore these "ISIS forces" that have suddenly "popped out of nowhere" in that area are not as they seem... What they really are of course are a sudden 'rebranding" of several regiments of the same "rebel" forces that they are supposedly "attacking"..... It is all part of the sick and twisted US and Israeli game of selling the idea to the world that "ISIS" has not been eliminated in Syria and therefore they will continue to have their sick and twisted excuses to remain in Syria!   AND the US can now claim that "ISIS" is "attacking" their fraudulent "moderate rebels" and they will use THAT excuse to claim that they must continue to send "aid" to these fraud "moderates" as well.....

Yes, the US and Israel are still working their twisted ways to continue to try to wreck havoc in Syria....Their aims are now, as they have always been, to "federalize" Syria by having the entire nation broken up into smaller nations... They will therefore continue to have their fraud "ISIS" pop out "out of nowhere" everywhere they can across that country to achieve that aim....

The war in Syria continues... Bashar al-Assad has indeed achieved a great victory, but the nation is still torn apart with areas continuing to be subjected to American control.. .The war therefore cannot end until these areas are returned to the people of Syria and the Americans are forced to exit and give up their support of fraud "rebel" and "terrorist" groups..

More to come


*Update:  Apparently the good people over at Russia Today are also into the US sick game they are playing in Syria... Here is the link to a report from Russia Today online that definitely shows some interesting reasons as to exactly WHY the US plans to stay in Syria illegally for the near future:

Honestly, this does not surprise me at all, and it does mean that very soon in the near future we may indeed see the SAA/Russians having to fight the scumbag Americans to get them out of Syria!

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greencrow said...

Thanks for linking my post on this topic, NTS. Here is another link...from Stephen Lendman which makes the same point as you did...that the Syrian War is far from over...with strategic Ziofascist bases run by the US military remaining in Syria

My feelings are that these bases will be a huge drain on the coffers of the US. Putin and Assad will surround them with military installations of their own and thus isolate them from any contact with Syria proper. They will likely "die on the vine"...being thus starved from any military meaning or purpose. As Lendman says...the stolen Syrian land is being held in order to use as a bargaining chip in the Peace negotiations.

How this all will play out is going to be VERY interesting...a closely fought chess game....and we all know who the grand chessmaster is.